Hannibal 1.12: Relevés


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i can’t do this anymore

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The next recap is just going to be a photo of me going into the polar bear enclosure at the zoo wearing a meat crown and crying a lot because I have nothing left. NOTHING.


BATHROBE WILL VISITS SWEET GEORGIA MADCHEN IN HER CYLINDER. She looks really cute because Ellen Muth is really cute. Will tells her as much.

“You look better.”

Georgia scoffs a little, smiling. “Do I look alive?”

“You look pretty.” Will says, very serious.



“Must be all the oxygen.” Georgia says. “They say what’s wrong with you?” I like that this isn’t their first talk.

“Just the fever. They’re trying to find out what else.”

Georgia says that they won’t find out–they’ll keep running tests and giving meds that don’t work, but they’ll never have an answer for him. Will looks heartbroken, but also kinda like he knew that already. Will. WILLIAM. Sutcliffe tried to do a midnight brain scan on you himself–brain scans don’t happen at night and doctors don’t actually prep you for them! FOLLOW UP ON THAT. I KNOW YOU’RE NOT LIKE AN FBI INVESTIGATOR OR ANYTHING.

“I hope you have good insurance.” Georgia tells him.

“I do too.” Will answers.

“They’re going to give me shock treatment. Electroconvulsive therapy is what it’s called. Shock treatment sounds nicer.”

“People who have what you have can recover with shock treatment.” Will assures her. Georgia is skeptical. But I’m a little confused that it took so long for Georgia to get an actual diagnosis. The Cotard delusion is super rare but also not completely unheard of in pop culture. Like, probably a lot of people have come into contact with it at some point. Not in real life, but just from watching one of the 840 medical shows that were popular from the past ten years.

“They said I might remember what I did. But I don’t want to remember.” Georgia says.

“You know what you did, Georgia.”

“But I don’t remember it. It feels more like a horrible dream where I killed my friend.”

Will, gravely: “You dream about killing anybody else?”

Georgia dreams that Will killed Sutcliffe, but she couldn’t see his face.


Will wakes up, focusing in on Hannibal, who is puttering around at the foot of his bed and setting up two Tupperware bowls on a table.

“Smells delicious.” Will says groggily.

“Silkie chicken in a broth.” Hannibal answers. “A black-boned bird, prized in China for its medicinal value since the seventh century. Wolfberries, ginseng, ginger, red dates, and star anise.”

“You made me chicken soup?” Will asks.

“…yes.” Hannibal answers snottily.

will you goddamn pleb bitch UGH

will graham you are a god dang pleb and i am ashamed of you

I know that tone. I know that look. It’s how I react to people who like their steak cooked any more than medium-rare. What is the point of a steak if it’s not leaking myoglobin into your mouth. God, I’m hungry.


Maybe not for this soup though, because it looks delicious and probably also smells delicious, but that’s a lot of flavors that I don’t know necessarily mesh well with each other. BUT I TRUST JANICE POON WITH MY LIFE SO THERE’S THAT. I kind of want to use the hiatus time to try and make all the recipes from the show she’s provided to us. But I’m gonna make mine with dudes, like a real fan.

“The nurses tell me you’ve been wandering, Will.” Hannibal says, faux-concerned

Will tells him that he’s been “wandering with purpose, and good intentions.”

“Visiting that unfortunate young woman, suffering from delusions?”

Will says Georgia is his support group, and Hannibal answers that he hopes Will is also hers, because “nothing is more isolating than mental illness.” Except maybe when some douchebag tries to convince you you have a mental illness in order to isolate you from anyone who might help you not fall into the terrible pit that is your whole deal, Hannibal Lecter.

Will puts his spoon down and sits back. “The hallucinations, the loss of time, the sleepwalking–could that have all just been the fever?” he asks tentatively.

“Fevers can be a symptom of dementia.” Hannibal answers. Will nods and smiles sadly and avoids eye contact. “Dementia can be a symptom of many things happening in your body or mind that can no longer be ignored, Will.”

“Does Jack know?” Will asks.

“That this could be more than a fever? No. I haven’t told him.”

“Sh–shouldn’t you?” Will asks in disbelief.

Hannibal’s like “Yeah, probably LOL.” He says they need to continue to support and monitor Will’s recovery. Hannibal changes the subject, asking about Georgia’s recovery. Will tells him that Georgia’s afraid to remember what she did.

“Can’t say I blame her.” Hannibal says.


Georgia, in her cylinder, awakens at a sound. She sees a mysterious comb has appeared beside her, and decides to comb her hair out. It ends up looking beautiful, so when Will comes back for their next conversation, he remarks on how shiny and healthy it is and how her arm skin is looking very attached. She thanks him, says some more sad things about their psychological parallels, and then Will produces one of the dogs he has smuggled in beneath his old man bathrobe and squishes its face against the glass so Georgia can pretend she is petting it. Georgia laughs. A custodian comes in and shakes her head, smiling. Will offers to Windex the dog nose smudge off of the glass, and they all have a wonderful fun-filled afternoon where nothing bad happens and absolutely nobody fucking burns to death alone inside a hyperbaric chamber after a brief, unfortunate life of misery and horror all because Hannibal is too much of a little bitch to potentially face the consequences of his actions.

Oh no wait the comb causes a spark in Georgia’s hair and Georgia Madchen fucking burns to death alone inside a hyperbaric chamber after a brief, unfortunate life of misery and horror, all because Hannibal is too much of a little bitch to potentially face the consequences of his actions.

Hoo boy. This is, honestly, maybe the second scene in the show I haven’t been able to completely handle (the other one was the mushroom people). It nailed me right in my “trapped in small enclosed spaces” thing, my “hospitals” thing, and my “ouch, fire” thing.

On my first watchthrough, my subconscious clearly understood what was gonna happen better than me, so as soon as this scene began it was like “Hey bitch you want some Skittles right now.” and I went into the kitchen and got some Skittles. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long enough to stuff a bunch of them in my mouth, because I came back like Troy Barnes returning with pizza to see everything I loved on fire and screaming.

Farewell, Georgia. I hope there’s a heaven, and that you end up there, and that Hannibal ends up there briefly before going to hell (where he will be eternally surrounded by very rude militant evangelical vegans he cannot eat), and that when you see him you pull off your arm skin and slap him across the face with it like you are challenging him to a gentleman’s duel.

But again, like so many things in this show, this could have been avoided if the FBI did their jobs and didn’t leave people who were under investigation unattended in precarious situations.



Will walks in with his IV stand and his robe and looks so heartbroken. So heartbroken. Georgia’s crispy body is slid out of the machine while Will and Jack look on. “The hospital speculates that it was a short circuit that started the fire.” Jack tells Will.

“The unit looks well-maintained. No exposed wiring.” Price says, snapping photos.

“Horrible way to die.” Will says quietly, almost ready to cry.

“There was a kid in Italy who was in one of these things,” Price informs them. “A spark of static electricity from his pajamas set it off. Two cubic yards of oxygen suddenly became two cubic yards of fire.” This actually happened in Florida (though the victims were from Italy). The link has no pictures, but the full story is pretty gruesome.

Jack asks if she could have started the fire herself, and Zeller holds up the remains of her grounding bracelet, saying that she wasn’t wearing it when the chamber caught fire. Will is immediately dismissive of suicide, and admits to Jack that he’d been to see her.

Jack is like jesus christ will she tried to kill you there’s an investigation against her that you are putting in jeopardy and Will’s like well i guess that doesn’t matter now and will never matter again because life is unfair and the universe is cruel in its immensity and its chaos

"YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD"  "Actually I probably am. I got a lot of play when I was 14."

“Actually I probably am. I got a lot of play when I was 14.”


Abigail paces around the room while Freddie lays out files on Garrett Jacob Hobbs’s victims on the table and lays out her plan for the book–the chapter headings will be drawn from Freddie’s own articles on each of the murders, and Abigail will tell her story in the chapters, including what she was thinking as all of the girls “just like her” were going missing.

Abigail asks what Freddie’s planning on calling it. I love that Kacey Rohl is playing her like an actual super young person would be, kind of uncomfortable and snappy when she’s not sad or scared. Freddie says she thought about calling it The Last Victim, but there’s already a serial killer book by that name.

“Was it a bestseller?”

“Absolutely. Especially after the guy who wrote it killed himself.”

Abigail looks mildly perturbed by that, but gets over it. “Just as well. I wasn’t really my dad’s last victim, was I?”

“Who was?”


Freddie reminds her that Marissa, and Cassie Boyle, were both killed by the copycat. It doesn’t matter–Abigail still blames her dad.

“Blame him for Nick Boyle’s death?” Freddie asks, probing.

“I blame Nick Boyle for Nick Boyle’s death.” Abigail answers, totally falling into it. “He killed Marissa. He got what he deserved.”

Freddie says that Nick Boyle didn’t kill Marissa, he was just some random idiot–and the biggest question is who killed him. Freddie’s interviewed enough killers to know one when she sees one.



“What gives them away?”

“A very specific brand of hostility. I see it every time I look at Will Graham.”

Abigail’s like “Yeah, he did shoot my dad about 400 times.”

“As far as I’m concerned, he murdered Nick Boyle. Him and Jack Crawford. They told everyone he was the copycat, and then someone murdered him for it.”

“You really don’t think he did it.” Abigail says, looking ill.

“Whoever killed Nicholas Boyle killed an innocent man.”



It’s 2:13 AM and all the dogs are awake. Go to sleep, you little fartknockers.

Will wakes up to see Georgia, pre-hospitalization, doing that jittery horror movie stop-motion walk thing toward his front door. He follows her out onto the porch, and stares at her as she stands in the yard.

“See? See?” she asks, and is impaled from behind through the chest by two antlers. She goes up in flames again, and turns into the dream deer. It shakes its flaming antlers until Will wakes up again.

This happens when you either smoke in bed or eat cheese after 11pm.

This happens when you either smoke in bed or eat cheese after 11pm.

Will wakes up in the hospital again.


Will walks in and Jack is like “GO BACK TO THE HOSPITAL ASSHOLE.”

Will says his fever broke, and that Georgia Madchen definitely didn’t commit suicide. Jack says “I’m gonna have Z come down here and stick a thermometer in you, and if you’ve got a temperature higher than–” before Will cuts him off. Somewhere, FUCKIN ZELLER feels a nigh-imperceptible sense of loss.

“She was murdered, Jack.”

“By who?”

“By whoever killed Dr. Sutcliffe.”

Jack fairly points out that there was evidence all over Georgia and Sutcliffe, but Will maintains that there was someone else there, she just couldn’t see their face.

“There WAS somebody else there. It was Dr. Sutcliffe. She couldn’t see his face because she had cut it in half.”

“Jack.” Will says, exasperated.

Jack tells Will he gets Will’s need for an explanation “that makes all of this okay.” Will flips out, assuring Jack loudly that this is not the case.

“For all the doctors she saw, for all the help she received, she was fighting that wrong alone. All her adult life, this woman was misunderstood. And what I can do, is make sure her death is not misunderstood. She didn’t kill herself. This wasn’t an accident.”

jaaaaaack look at my face jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

jaaaaaack look at my face jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

oh for fuck's sake

oh for fuck’s sake


TIME FOR THE PRICE AND ZELLER POWER HOUR. Will paces around while they discuss their further investigation of the hyperbaric chamber. They found the remains of the comb, and the mass spectrometer said it was celluloid plastic. “They don’t use plastic in those things.” Price says.

“Right, right, it generates static electricity.” Will adds.

“Her hair is melted right in there. Preserved, like it was in amber.” Zeller says. Haha, Hannibal’s such an awful person, he probably just got mad that Will called her pretty and engineered something ironic BUT THAT ONLY HE COULD APPRECIATE IT. This is historically a thing he likes to do.

Will thinks about Georgia touching her hair, and asks if it could have been a comb. Price says yeah, that the static charge of a comb on hair would have combusted anything combustible in the chamber. “You’re holding the murder weapon.” Will says firmly.

“Or whatever she used to kill herself.” Jack says.

Will, frustrated, drags Sutcliffe’s body out of its cubby hole. Price and Zeller are like DUDE NO but Jack’s all “Just let it go.”

They've been practicing their Will Graham Faces in the mirror.

They’ve been practicing their Will Graham Faces in the mirror.

“Whoever killed Sutcliffe wanted to kill him how Georgia Madchen killed her victim, but not exactly how. Correct?”

“Georgia Madchen carved up her victim’s face. Sutcliffe was nearly decapitated at the jaw.” Zeller explains.

“So she went further the second time. Serial killers often do that.” Jack says.

Will says that Georgia was “copied,” and ties in the copycat murders of Cassie Boyle and Marissa Shore. Jack tries to remind him that Nick Boyle was the copycat killer, and that Nick Boyle is also dead. Will’s like “Then he’s not the killer, obvs.”


Jack tells Hannibal that Will is now connecting murders that had no previous connections.

“So you’re wondering if the lines are blurring or if he’s onto something.” Hannibal says.

“I’m wondering all sorts of things.” Jack admits. Uggghhh Jack Crawford I love you. He could so easily dismiss Will outright–because it’s crazy, the whole idea is crazy, but he knows Will and trusts Will to the extent that he’s willing to consider the possibility that it’s not just the fever talking. But he’s also considering the possibility that it IS just the fever talking, because he is capable of seeing multiple sides of an issue, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Jack asks what Will’s relationship to Abigail is. Hannibal clears his throat, sits forward uncomfortably, and says “You think he’s protecting her.”

“He has been ever since he shot her father. I just don’t know from what.”

“I can’t imagine he would hide anything criminal from you. I’ve only ever known Will as a man striving to be his best self.”

“You haven’t known him that long.” Jack says distantly. Oooh, I want more about that at some point. “But we both know him well enough to know he hasn’t been himself.”

Hannibal says that Will needs their support, whether or not mental illness is involved.”

“Mental illness. Is it really mental illness, doctor, or is it just that his mind works so differently from most people’s that we don’t know what else to call it.”

“There are days when even Will doesn’t understand his own thinking.”

I am slowly coming to the realization that you, Hannibal Lecter, are kind of a shady bitch.

I am slowly coming to the realization that you, Hannibal Lecter, are kind of a shady bitch.


Man, this episode is just a lot of “Jack goes somewhere and talks to someone.” I apologize for how boring the recap is–the episode is good, but there’s only so many ways to describe conversations before they start to sound like a script. :(

Bedelia’s kitchen is like Hannibal’s dining room, with the plants on the walls. It’s nice and I love it. Bedelia asks if Jack has a court order, and Jack is like nope, just my winning smile. He didn’t want to get a court order because he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s reputation, namely Hannibal’s.

gonna need waaay more wine for this

gonna need waaay more wine for this

“It’s not that I think Dr. Lecter is dangerous–I don’t. I am concerned about a relationship he has with one of his patients, a man named Will Graham.”


Bedelia says again that she can’t talk about Hannibal without a court order or consent. Jack says if they can’t talk about Hannibal, they can talk about her.

“You were attacked by a patient not too long ago. I read the report. I know there was a statement given by Dr. Lecter.”

“The patient who attacked me was a former patient of Dr. Lecter.” Bedelia says. Haha, I have zero doubt at this point that Hannibal sent that patient to her, knowing she’d get attacked, so he could either kill the patient for her or help her cover it up when she killed him, thus cementing her to him forever. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND AT THIS POINT. This is what Hannibal does.

“This patient almost killed you.” Jack says.

“He swallowed his tongue while he was attacking me. It’s the only thing that saved my life.”

“Thank god for small favors.” Jack says.

“Yes. Thank god.” Bedelia answers, fully ironic, pushing her hair back. HA. She is amazing.

Jack wants to know how far she thinks Hannibal would go when treating a patient. Bedelia says that Hannibal thinks of Will more as a friend, so Jack amends “patient” to “friend.” Bedelia says Hannibal doesn’t have many of those, so he would be loyal. She knows that he’s concerned, and she knows that Hannibal wants to help him.

Jack says he also considers Will a friend. Bedelia smiles slightly. “It seems to me Will Graham would do well to have more friends like Dr. Lecter.”

that was admittedly a sick burn

that was admittedly a sick burn

would you like some ointment /raises both middle fingers

would you like some ointment /raises both middle fingers

Let us take a moment to appreciate how extremely attractive Laurence Fishburne and Gillian Anderson are.


“Will Graham theorized that the copycat killer and Garrett Jacob Hobbs are somehow connected.” Jack says. “That he had insight into Hobbs’s personal life, that they may have met, known each other, maybe even killed together.”

“See, I would call that less of a theory and more of a hypothesis.” Zeller pedants. Price agrees, because theories require evidence.

Jack glares across the table containing Sutcliffe’s body–um, shouldn’t you put that shit away, it’s been like 4 hours–and says “Let’s play Jeopardy, shall we?” Price and Zeller perk up hilariously. “The answer is that these people were killed by the copycat, who was connected to Garrett Jacob Hobbs. You tell me how.”

“You mean, beyond the application of supposition and unexplained leaps.” Zeller smartasses.

Jack puts Zeller’s head inside Sutcliffe’s mouth as punishment. “Yes.” he says tiredly.

“I’ve been yearning for a return to the fundamentals of investigation!” Price says excitedly. Zeller agrees. I can’t stop laughing this is wonderful YES EVEN YOU ZELLER.

“Where is Beverly?” Jack asks. It’s a question but it’s also a prayer.

“Jury duty.” Price answers.

“She’s deposed in court.” Zeller adds. I guess she had to be in court, because if she wasn’t, this episode would have been over in 11 minutes and Hannibal would have been in jail by the end of it.

“Get her out of court. Then here’s what we’re gonna do.” They’re gonna get phone, train, plane, and travel records, find out everywhere Hobbs went and who he went with. Price makes up some bullshit about getting a couple of RNI clerks to help them with the research while Zeller pocket-texts Katz like help jack needs stuff do you know it and Katz is all yes and slowly slides down in her seat until she subtly disappears from view, then sniper-crawls out of the courtroom and back to Quantico. Everyone in the courtroom feels the loss like a hole in their hearts.


Will and Abigail sit together near the window, discussing how it actually feels kinda rad to kill people.

And Kacey Rohl looks like a goddamn Kewpie doll.

And Kacey Rohl looks like a goddamn Kewpie doll.

“I thought I got away from him.” Abigail says.

“No. I don’t think either of us have gotten away from your father.” Will answers.

“I wish I’d killed him. For killing my mom. For killing all those girls, for making me…” Abigail says savagely.

“Making you what, Abigail?”

“Part of it.” she finishes. “Part of any of it. This wasn’t supposed to be my life. It feels like my dad’s still out there.”

“In a way he is.”

“You mean the copycat?”

“I think I can catch him.” Will says. He reaches forward, grabbing her hands in both of his. Abigail looks down at it, briefly startled, but she doesn’t pull away. “But I’m gonna need your help.” She nods.

I am 100% pro-hand touching at all times, but I love that Abigail is still so uncomfortable around Will and his feelings.

I am 100% pro-hand touching at all times, but I love that Abigail is still so uncomfortable around Will and his feelings. Of course she would be. We know Will better than she does, so we can love him unreservedly. He killed her dad and is now trying to create a relationship with her that she never actually asked for and is based entirely around his guilt, not what she needs.


Hannibal is waiting for her in the office part. The spatial dynamics in this scene are, as always, muy importante, but they have been detailed here way better than I could put into writing.

Bedelia tells him that Jack came by for a chat about Will, and lays it out for him: “Whatever you’re doing with Will Graham, stop.”

Hannibal’s like “I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Bedelia, sensing an impending tantrum, changes the subject to how Jack also asked about her attack. Hannibal immediately flips his person-veil back and gets terrifying. Mads Mikkelsen is so good at developing a physicality for Lecter that, even basically silhouetted (we can’t really make out his face due to all the light behind him), with no significant musical cues, he can still shift into serious threat mode with just the simple gesture of taking his hand out of his pocket and touching a chair.

Hannibal asks what she told Jack. “Half-truths.” she answers. She says she didn’t tell Jack why or how the patient swallowed his tongue, or who was responsible. Hannibal relaxes slightly.

“You protect your patient from Jack Crawford, but I can’t protect mine.” Hannibal says.

Bedelia warns him again about boundaries, and that every psychiatrist has limits.

“When the boundaries of my personal and professional relationships with Will become too great, I assure you, I will find a way to relieve them.” Hannibal says curtly, taking a seat.

You're pretty fucking annoying sometimes, you know that, Hannibal?

You’re pretty fucking annoying sometimes, you know that, Hannibal?


Another session of Will and Hannibal’s Grim and Dour Power Hour is afoot. Will has had a whole bunch of realizations even aside from the huge one that the three copycat murders and Georgia’s murder are all the work of the same copycat. He also realizes that Sutcliffe’s murder was only pinned on Georgia by happenstance–he was the person who was actually supposed to be framed. Hannibal listens to all of this with the most beautiful unrestrained annoyance. When Will says that the murders would have been committed by someone with access to all the cases, Hannibal’s all “You mean someone like you?” And Will’s like NO BUT GOOD GUESS.

But I mean, there aren’t that many people in the suspect pool if it requires an intimate knowledge of all the cases. I can narrow it down:

Jack Crawford: no
Katz, Price, and/or Zeller: shut up
Will: nope
Alana: ???????? probably not
Hannibal: the one outlier who has the necessary access, knowledge, freedom of movement (everyone else is at the FBI; Hannibal comes and goes as he pleases and isn’t actually connected to the Bureau except through Will and Jack)

come on.

“There will be evidence. I found a pattern, and now I’m gonna reconstruct his thinking.” Will says.

“And how do you intend to do that?” Hannibal asks.

“By taking Abigail back to Minnesota. Start where the copycat started, when he made the phone call to Garrett Jacob Hobbs.”

Hannibal says he won’t let Will drag Abigail into his delusion.

“This isn’t a delusion. I’m not hallucinating, I haven’t lost time. I am awake, and this is real.” Will snaps.

Hannibal shuts his eyes, like lord grant me patience not to turn this fool into chili.


Price and Zeller have found out that Hobbs bought two tickets on the train that Elise Nichols was on when she was abducted, and that Abigail was registered for an orientation at every single school where a girl was taken. “She was with him when he was choosing these girls.” Zeller says.

“She was the bait.” Jack says. “She was helping him choose these girls.” Goddammit Jack YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE THAT LEAP IMMEDIATELY.

Zeller says that the connection between the copycat and Hobbs might be family. The way Jack sees it, Cassie Boyle was meant to impress Hobbs, Marissa was killed in memoriam, and Nicholas Boyle was killed to cover her tracks. Sutcliffe and Georgia were because she’s got a taste for it. “Or she wants to impress someone new.”


Freddie is packing up her stuff when Jack and two agents stroll in.

“You look like you came here to arrest somebody. Is it Abigail Hobbs or Will Graham?” Freddie asks.

“Will Graham was here?” Jack asks.

“Oh, then it was Abigail Hobbs.”

Jack asks where she is, and Freddie says that one of the other girls saw Will sneaking her out. “I don’t know why he would feel the need to be sneaky, he is registered as one of her guardians. The irony.”

Jack sends the other agents out and sits down. “How’s the book coming?” he asks.

“There’s plot holes.” Freddie admits carefully.

“How are you filling them in?”

Freddie asks point-blank if Abigail killed Nick Boyle. Jack asks why she would think that.

Freddie says “Abigail Hobbs is one of those very smart girls who hasn’t quite figured out that very smart girls grow up and know all the moves they make when they’re trying to hide something. What is Will Graham trying to hide?”


“Sorry to barge in on you, doctor, but I couldn’t wait.” Jack says, barging in. “You wanna tell me what the hell is going on between Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs?”

you guys, i'm no expert on body language, but i think hannibal is subconsciously answering that question with "my penis."

you guys, i’m no expert on body language, but i think hannibal is subconsciously answering that question with “my penis.”

“Will has been a victim to many an unusual and irrational thought.”

“Has he acted on these thoughts?”

“Not that I’m aware of. Or that he’s aware of, for that matter.”

Hannibal deflects Jack’s anger about not being informed of all of this by saying he couldn’t be sure if it was trauma or mental illness that were causing the episodes. Then he lies and throws Will directly under the bus, claiming that Will’s blackouts and lost time are the result of dissociative episodes that might mean he’s actually the copycat killer, as “proven” by a recording Hannibal has of Will saying he felt guilty about Marissa’s death, and also Hannibal’s lie about Will not being in his motel room on the night of her murder (also also the unfortunate truths that Will was in Sutcliffe’s office when he died, and that Will was the last person to visit Georgia before she died).

Hannibal sits down, and tells Jack that the dissociative state that Will goes into is basically Hobbs.

“And now he has Hobbs’s daughter.” Jack says.

“Who Hobbs intended to kill.” Hannibal hams. He closes his eyes and says “I’m so sorry, Jack.”

Jack is having a difficult time. Hannibal watches him leave, then drops the mask and is like LOL good job Lecter you deserve a snack.

I'm thinkin' Arby's.

I’m thinkin’ Arby’s.


Will is popping some pills. “You look a little pasty.” Abigail says. “Maybe you shouldn’t have checked yourself out of the hospital.”

“I feel fine.” Will lies.

After a brief silence, Abigail says “It would have been my mom’s birthday next week. We were gonna climb Eagle Mountain to celebrate. Highest point in Minnesota, but…it’s not really that high. Less than three hours to summit. You can see Lake Superior from there.”

Will says, awkwardly and sadly “I could take you there, if you wanna go.” CAN YOU IMAGINE WILL GRAHAM CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN. He sees a deer, screams, loses his grip because he is so sweaty, and tumbles back down to the bottom. Hannibal is like yessss, the beef is tenderized.

Abigail shuts him down, saying it would be too sad. “Some places are stained now. Some people, too.”

It's not my fault, Abigail. I think the stewardess dropped my Dr. Pepper before she gave it to me. :(


“I know I am.” she adds.


A teary Abigail and a sweaty Will go up into the antleroom.

Abigail asks if Will ever hunts. “I fish.” Will answers.

“It’s the same thing, isn’t it? One you stalk, the other you lure.”

Will stops, and asks which one she is. She says her dad taught her how to hunt.

“No, that’s not what I’m asking.” Will says dangerously, stalking toward her. “All those girls your dad killed…did you fish, or did you hunt, Abigail.”

“I was the lure.” Abigail admits. “Did Hannibal tell you?”

“No, he didn’t.” Will says, about to cry.

“He said you’d protect me, that you’d keep it a secret.” Abigail says desperately. Will, eyes wet, grabs her and plants her onto the set of antlers behind her. When he snaps out of it, she’s behind him, telling him there’s something wrong with him and she thinks he’s still sick.

“Jack Crawford was right about you. He knew! You killed Nick Boyle, and you helped your father kill all those girls.”

“I didn’t kill anybody!”

“You lured them. You killed them. How many other people have you killed?”

“You think I’m the copycat? You think I killed Marissa?”

“If you didn’t kill them, Abigail, then somebody you know did.”

“Did you ever think that somebody could be you? You were there, you saw Marissa, and you knew about this place, and there is something wrong with you.

Will freaks out some more, totally nonverbal with his hands on his face until the noise in the background becomes deafening. He wakes up back on the


where someone is vacuuming and a flight attendant wakes him up and tells him he needs to get his ass off the plane because everyone else is gone.

He asks where he is–“Dulles International Virginia”–and if there was a young woman traveling with him. “All the other passengers have disembarked. It’s just you, sir.”

Ruh roh.


Abigail goes into her family’s house and finds Hannibal there.

yes, this is how we hug the teen girls

yes, this is how we hug the teen girls

She asks what he’s doing there, and he’s just like “I was so worried about you!” He said Will told him he was planning on coming to Minnesota and that he advised against it. Abigail slipped him at the cabin and came to the house because she didn’t feel safe with him. Hannibal can barely restrain himself from laughing diabolically.

“He knows everything.” Abigail says.

“So does Jack Crawford.” Hannibal tells her.

“If I run, they’ll catch me, won’t they?” she asks. “You can’t protect me anymore.”

“They’ll arrest you when they find you, yes. And Will.”

Abigail stares at him, teary. “Did he kill Marissa?”

“They will believe he did. They will believe he killed others, too.”

Abigail finally twigs to how terrible things are for her at this moment in time. She takes a step backward, out of his grasp. “Will always said whoever called the house that morning was a serial killer.” she says carefully. “Why did you really call?”

“I wanted to warn your father that Will Graham was coming for him.”


“IDK, I just fuck with shit sometimes to see what happens.” Hannibal answers. “Same deal with Marissa. I kinda suck, LOL.”

“You wanted me to kill Nick Boyle.”

“I was hoping. I wanted to see how much like your father you were.”

“How many people have you killed?” Abigail asks eventually.

Hannibal steps forward and takes her hand, putting his own on her face. “Many more than your father.” he answers. “MY PENIS IS WAY BIGGER ALSO.” he does not say.

I've made a huge mistake.

I’ve made a huge mistake.

Hannibal strokes her face. “Are you going to kill me?” she asks.

“I’m so sorry, Abigail. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you in this life.”


I mean, obviously he’s going to fake her death and send her off to live somewhere cool so that he can fully ruin Will forever. But still! I was almost tense for a second!