Walking Dead 4.3 – Isolated

Best Wolverine Impression in an apocalypse goes to: Sheriff Rick Grimes!

They keep pulling me back in!

Last week we ended with Karen and David as charred kebobs, much to Tyreese’s dismay. We pick up with Glenn digging graves next to where Patrick has already been laid to rest, given the spectacles and handgun hanging off a makeshift cross. Glenn makes cow eyes at Maggie a few graves over, and that’s the height of romance in the apocalypse, and make no mistake about it. (Which is good, because the graveyard is growing. Plenty of opportunities for flirting and courting for the young folk.) 

Inside, Doc Hershel and Dr. S (one of the newbs) are checking over patients sick with this new virulent flu (or bacteria, more on that in a bit). Old One Arm with the Rattle Breath gets a forlorn head shake from Dr. S, which sends Doc Hershel onto the next patient while Dr. S takes care of his current patient equine-style.

horse hospital

Tyreese is still heavy breathing in his shock over Karen’s burned body as Rick tries to get all the information. Tyreese went to visit his honey when the piquant scent of Long Pig hit his olfactories, and he come out to find this horrible luau. He screams, “They killed them and set them on fire!” It’s a horrible thing, to be sure. (I still say the sheer volume of blood indicates that they were too far gone to be saved, though.)

Tyreese is beyond sanity at this point, demanding justice, not letting himself be touched to the point of shoving Daryl into the gate as Rick tries to explain that he really understands the anger and revulsion at finding your dead woman’s body – really. But Tyreese doesn’t want to hear it, he wants to be present in his rage and takes a hard swing at Rick, who swings back. And then gets Tyreese on the ground and beats the shit out of him while Carol stares on in horror.

Two things: you’re trying to tell me that a man of Tyreese’s size and clear physical prowess is going to be taken down by ol’ skinny Sheriff? (Whom I love! Understand that I love me some Sheriff Grimes.) And are we to understand that Rick’s losing his cool was in relation to the event? Like Lori PTSD? I can buy that, actually.

Rick, shocked and unhappy with himself, is seen to by Doc Hershel. Perfect time for him to dispense not only first aid, but some good ol’ country wisdom. (Can we talk about the open sores on Rick’s hand in a building where there is a virulent bug ricocheting off all the inhabitants?) Doc reckons it’s time for Rick to let go and let God, take responsibility for himself and others, and join the council. Rick’s too busy eyeing his six shooter and being overcome with how not proud of himself he is to want to bother with any council. His mind’s too full of stuff and thangs to worry about anything else.

Moment of brilliance: Doc says “Something new’s out there,” to which Rick responds, “No. It’s always there.” Humans have always been their own worst enemy.

Tyreese digs the angriest grave in existence when Army Medic Red Shirt comes to see about his wounds. (Ty’s eye is about busted shut.) Tyreese won’t do anything until he gets Karen and David in the ground. To his credit, Army Medic Bob grabs a shovel and gets to work.

Glenn finds his father in law and asks if they’re going to be okay. Sure, they’ll lick this good! Which is when Sasha comes staggering out, coughing and looking like hell. Go on and lick that, Hershel. (And nooooo!! Why are all the Women of Color getting sick?) She’s looking for Dr. S; they let her to it.

(Why were there elephant ears in the prison garden? Those are purely decoration and are horrifically invasive in wetlands. The leaves actually have a potent irritant that numb and itch your lips and throat if you eat it, and not in the fun Novocaine way. I guess the set designers couldn’t get their hands on taro – in the colocasia family along with elephant ears – for the production. YEAH, I’M BRAGGING ABOUT MY PLANT KNOWLEDGE. This is why I’m awesome to have on your Zombie Apocalypse Team.)

Sasha shambles her way to the hospital wing where she hears other people moaning, coughing, and dying in general. One patient has already died and has turned, in fact, but is safely behind bars. Finally the doctor appears looking as bad as she does. “We have to tell them. It’s starting.” Epidemic #2! Errbody getting’ the eye bleeds, y’all.

The council meets: Carol, Daryl, Doc Hershel, Glenn and Michonne. It’s clear that everyone in Cell Block D has been exposed, and the need for isolation is real and imminent. They’ll be moved to Cell Block A while the “most vulnerable” will be kept in quarantine safely away from the outbreak in the admin building. Very smart, I approve. And we see Glenn with the sweats and labored breathing, and I SWEAR TO GOD, STOP KILLING THE POCs, SHOW.

I refuse to believe Glenn will die, though. Je refuse!

Me too, angry cat. Me, too.

Me too, angry cat. Me, too.

Doc Hershel says that antibiotics will work, like those up at the Veterinarian College 50 miles away. Michonne and Daryl are on it, but I want to ask this: why the hell are they using antibiotics for a virus? Which means that it’s not a virus. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Eye Bleeds is caused by a bacteriophage (hosted in soil, can be carried in the intestines of animals like, say, a pig) which is why antibiotics are the answer. Because it’s a virus hosted in a bacteria. (I get up at arms when people have the flu and want antibiotics. NOPE. Not gonna work, and you’re just making bugs stronger.)

Hershel wants to go with Daryl and Michonne, but has to admit when Daryl gently points out that they’ll eventually have to run. [pointed look at Doc’s fake leg] Let’s give Daryl Dixon some credit for being softer and gentler since the angry young man of Season One.

A really clever bike-driven pump is set up outside to work fresh water, but it seems that the hose end is clogged. Carol wants to go out – where they would be at the mercy of their own wits among the Walkers – and fix it ASAP, because you know: water. Rick thinks it can wait a day. (But what if Carol and Rick don’t make it through the day? Eye Bleeds moves really fast, Rick.)

Rick sets her straight (eye roll) and heads over to pay his respects where Tyreese is finishing burying Karen. Ty isn’t interested in the Sheriff’s pretty talk. He wants justice, and either Rick is going to deliver it, or Ty will. Murder is not okay, and murder this was. Rick tries to say that maybe the person was trying to do the right thing for everyone, you know the whole “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” but Ty is pissed off. He guesses he’ll just handle this then. (And he somehow knows that Sasha has the Eye Bleeds coming on.)

Carl is being counted among the “most vulnerable,” which pisses him off, because he shot and killed a man just for snoring too loud! He’s a real man! He’s just waiting for his nuts to drop alongside his voice, mebbe a few chest hairs to sprout, and then they’ll see! They’ll all see! He packs his gun and tells his dad, “You know I might need to use this, don’t you?” And Rick grudgingly nods because yeah. Zombie Apocalypse. Carl just might.

Daryl preps for the trip, Michonne makes sure they have everything, and Daryl says how glad he is that she’s finally joining back in and not running off again. Oh HALE no, son, you did not just hint that Michonne was a coward. No, no! He just… Ahem. He just meant that she needs to move past her death wish for the Gov, because that trail went cold. Time to focus on the here and now, okay? Okay. And what does she think about rounding out their search party to four? (Tyreese, yes!)

The offer is presented to Tyreese, but he’s going to stand guard over Sasha, because he’ll be damned if his sister meets the same fate as Karen.  It’s just Pancho and Lefty, then. And Cheap Wine Gives Me The Shakes Bob.

A sign hangs in the admin offices: “Smooth seas do not make good sailors.” If that was true, then our original band of survivors should all be promoted to Admiral. Doc sighs at it and realizes that babysitting the healthy kids isn’t the best use of his talents. Carl catches him sneaking off and states clearly that he has to go with him to make sure things are okay. And Carl is right, too. Hershel is the only healthy doctor at the prison currently, and that’s a hot commodity.

Carol leads a few more people into isolation; one woman cries out, “It’s just allergies!” Woman, there are no allergies in the Zombie Apocalypse! [And from Patrick’s grave a choked and muffled “Glavin!” can be heard.] Lizzy pulls Carol up short. Lizzy isn’t doing too good, and can Carol go tuck her in? Um, Carol isn’t going to expose herself any more than she already has, okay? But Glenn is inside and he can tuck her in! You know, if he’s still alive? (HE BETTER BE. Oh, whew, he is!) Carol gives her one last hug, pulls the door shut tight, and tries not to break down.

Maggie talks through the door with Beth because Glenn is sick, she’s sick about it, and what are they going to do? Beth had her emotions surgically removed because it won’t do to care in the End Times, guys. “We got jobs to do,” she says with wisdom beyond her teen years. “Ain’t nobody got time to be upset! Focus on your job. We’ll deal with whatever happens. We have to.”

I really love Beth a lot, guys. I’m as shocked as anyone. (Because she was just a background character.)

Doc is picking leaves and berries in the woods with Carl on point. He’s going to make Elderberry tea, a natural remedy for the flu, which is a VIRUS for which ANTIBIOTICS WON’T WORK. (PICK WHAT THE EYE BLEEDS ARE, I BEG YOU, WRITERS.) Doc praises Carl for no longer being a trigger happy shitheel, all growed up and responsible now. Yeah, that’s nice, but Carl sees a ripped up tent yonder.

They go investigate and we see two of (what I think are) the best Walkers in the show yet. One woman has literally grown into the tree, her torso and much of her face gone, wee ferns growing on her rotten skin, yet she still has The Hunger. A clicking metallic noise to Carl’s 3 reveals another woman Walker with a bear trap embedded in her leg. So. Freaking. Awesome. Carl smartly wants to shoot them, but Doc just wants a nice peaceful day.

Protip: If you have the chance to take out a Walker for good, TAKE IT. One less chance for someone to be bitten. One less body pressing on the fence, guys. Come on.

One of the coolest Walkers yet. That's the angriest Dryad ever.

One of the coolest Walkers yet. That’s the angriest Dryad ever.

Tyreese goes to speak through a window to Sasha. She tries to be brave, but it’s hard knowing what this thing can do. He wants her to stay positive, and tells her about the trip Michonne and Daryl are making. That does the trick – real medicine would work, and she might could hang on until they get back. 50 miles isn’t much, after all. This did more to get Tyreese on board with Daryl than anything anyone else could have said. YAY. Sasha, live!!

Army Medic Bob asks Daryl if he’s sure they want him coming along, seeing as the last time ended up with Zack getting killed and stuff. Well… Seeing as he’s the only one who can pronounce the medicines on Doc Hershel’s list, yeah, Daryl’s pretty sure. Tyreese shows up ready to come, too. Hooray! I really love how Daryl has stepped up to be such an effective leader. He knows how to talk to people so they’ll listen, or keep them busy in a way that’s helpful to them. Good job, Dixon.

Carol is at the water tanks (nice 50 gallon industrial tubs! I hope y’all are also using rain barrels, seeing as where you’re all living it’s plentiful) but they’re just about dry. If only someone had been able to get out and fix the pumps, Rick. Tyreese comes past her on his way to grab his gear for the road. He asks her to look after Sasha – he knows how caring she is, after all. He leaves, and Carol goes a little bananas. RED FLAG, FOLKS.

Maggie catches her dad sneaking into Cell Block A, out of quarantine. She’s livid that he’s putting himself in danger like that. Well, you know what? Every day is the day any one of them could die, and he’d rather die helping people make it until the next day, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. “I can do something, so I have to.” Maggie thinks about what Beth told her and with a heavy heart, lets her father go administer to the sick. Poor Maggie. I love that actress, let me just say. She goes to tell Beth what’s happening, but Beth already guessed. “We all got jobs to do,” she says again, and this time, we see she’s crying. It’s hard being responsible, and her only seventeen.

Rick goes to CSI that crime scene. The blood’s been all mopped up and the bodies moved, but Rick sees a bloody handprint on the door down low. I say that’s from Karen or David while they were being dragged out there, like they tried to grab the door. Which means they hadn’t turned, doesn’t it? Eesh.

Carol has the apocalypse-version of a deer knocker to keep the Walkers occupied as she goes to fix the water pump. (I heard them call it the “Birdie?” Love it. It’s a bunch of bike wheels clanging and banging against each other. Walkers is so stupid.)

We can see a Walker coming up behind her in the distance, but she’s aware of her 6. She’s shaking out the mud from the filter end and bangs it hard against the bridge to loosen a plug. Well, that catches the attention of a birdie-Walker, who starts for her. She’s trying to screw the filter back on and isn’t aware that more Walkers are at her 6 and 12 now. Rick happens to be outside, sees all of this, and races to help. It’s intense as she tries to finish the job (may as well die doing her job, right?) when she gets it on, Rick gets the Walker closest to her, and she skull-stabs another. Problem is that her knife won’t come free and there’s another at her side. Shit! Rick shoots it (I like that he missed at first, because no one is 100% accurate) and they make it to safety.

“A piece of cake,” Carol says, bent over while catching her breath. Ha!

The recon team is on the road. Daryl switches the radio on, asking Michonne to find a Fall Out Boy CD when they hear a voice come through on the radio. What says what now? They’re so blown away by that, that Daryl doesn’t realize he’s driven right into a massive herd of Walkers. To the tune of about seven thousand.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Daryl throws it in reverse, backs over so many bodies that the wheels spin out. They are freaking high-centered on Walkers, this is amazing and the gore-hound in me is cackling with glee.

AHHHHHH ha ha ha ha!!  So gross and awesome.

AHHHHHH ha ha ha ha!! So gross and awesome.

They have to make a break for it, because Daryl doesn’t know how to rock the car back and forth from R to D2, I guess? Hurr. R2D2. They all brace themselves, pick a spot to run to, and make their break for it. All but Tyreese, who is just sitting there like a petulant dummy. Well, Medic Bob can’t seem to remember how to make his seat belt work, and finally gets out of there, yelling for Tyreese to come on. Ty finally sighs heavily, gets out, and swings his mighty hammer into every head nearby. Which is like, all of them. TYREESE WHAT ARE YOU DOING KAREN HADN’T EVEN PUT OUT WHAT ON EARTH YOU WERE NOT THAT IN LOVE.

Our last image of him has him being overrun by Walkers. GOD DAMMIT.

Michonne, Daryl and Bob make their way into the woods, taking out a few here and there until they can catch their breath. Daryl hears something ahead – a Walker. Before he can get off a shot, its head goes kersplooey from Ty’s hammer. Yay, he made it! And he’s all covered in monster shit, guh-ross.

Doc pours out his Elderberry tea for Dr. S, who thanks him by coughing blood onto the Doc’s kerchief-covered face. Well, thanks for nothing. Hershel wipes his face with the handkerchief and tosses it to the ground. Well, he’s fucked. He moves on to Glenn, who assures the good doctor that he’s fine. (He’s not coughing up blood at least.) Doc pulls out more of his Christian Country Wisdom and gets Glenn to buck up with a passage about Job and his two inch boils. (Not really, but he should have.)

Carol brings buckets of water to the tanks when Rick quietly and gently tells her that it was stupid to go out there alone. Also, she’d do anything for the group, right? Right. Like, say, drag two dying humans through the hallways, douse them with precious gasoline and set them on fire before they were fully dead? Put a crowbar through their charcoaled brains, maybe?

Carol: Yes.

Rick: [crickets]


So! Daryl! You gonna put a bolt in her head when you find out who did it like you promised? Tyreese: you gonna be rational and think about how she was saving more lives than just her own? Shit just got HARD, y’all. Correction: HARDER.

YEP. Harder: the next ep 4.4, Indifference right here.