Sleepy Hollow 1.08 – Necromancer

SLEEPY HOLLOW BANNER 01 HDJMPreviously on Sleepy Hollow: Paul Revere rode, Freemasontastic lanterns were invented, Captain Irving got up close and personal with Death, and Abbie and Ichabod deciphered a code and took the Horseman on a skull chase.  Also, hey there, loose-necked Dead Officer Andy! 

Everyone, please stand to observe the traditional Sleepy Hollow EXPOSITIONARAMA!  Maybe we’ll lose this wordy droning bit of over-explanation in season 2?  One can hope.

After Ichabod closes the Hobbit door on the Headless Horseman straining in chains, Abbie introduces him to the Fist Bump.  D’aww, he’s so excited!  They join Captain Irving to watch the HH behind glass; with the sort-of two-way mirror and the gothic chains, it’s already like an interrogation room blend of ye olde and new.

Since they haven’t been able to kill the Horseman, though they’ve tried “a thousand ways to Sunday,” they’ll keep him trapped here with fancy freemason candles, U.V. lights, and a supernatural hex that Katrina and her coven oh-so-helpfully provided to Thomas Jefferson’s demon cell.  “A product no doubt of his years trying to reason with the French,” Ichabod observes about Jefferson’s intuition of demons, smirking like an enormous dork.

“I don’t think he’s gonna talk,” the Captain deadpans when Ichabod suggests interrogating the Horseman.  Maybe Dead Officer Andy can help?  “Rules on that status have gotten a little bendy,” Abbie notes (channeling her Buffy very much) when Irving asks about, you know, Andy being dead.  “He’s unhappily resurrected,” Ichabod explains, mentioning Andy still “holds unrequited feelings for Miss Mills” (when did that happen?).

DOA could help our gang with access to Moloch, “the demon on the top of the org chart.”  By the way, let’s bring Jenny Mills in on this, as she’s conveniently been sprung from Tarrytown Psychiatric.  “A dead guy, a mental patient, and a time traveler from the Revolution,” Captain Irving says.  “That’s our team,” says Abbie.

In the woods, deer hunters run into Demon Horse, who is wandering listlessly in search of his owner.  HE IS A SAD DEMON HORISE, N’AWWW!  “Something’s happened to the rider; we need to gather Team Three” says one of the hunters in German.  Yay, the crazy HESSIANS are back!  He shoots his nosy friend and shares a “we know what’s up!” look with the Demon Horse.

And they nodded knowingly.

And they nodded knowingly.

Jenny Mills looks ready to throw down because Captain Irving dragged her in for questioning away from the café where she was enjoying a soy latte and free wifi.  Jeez, she couldn’t get a to-go cup?   “I don’t need another shoulder [to cry on],” Jenny snaps.  “You don’t like authority; I get it,” Captain Irving gripes.  Oh my god, hang on.  They should hook up. *_____*

Get a little closer!  Don't be shy!

Get a little closer! Don’t be shy!

Though Abbie wanted her called in, “so far you haven’t given me any confidence,” Irving scolds.  Whoops, there’s a situation at Adams’ Antiques.  Jenny knows the place on account of how she sued to steal stuff for the owner.  “You can go it alone, or you can help us,” he advises when she tries to follow him.  “But I need to know: are you in or out?”  “In,” Jenny says.  “Then let’s take a ride.”  OH MY GOD, JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY!

Ichabod and Abbie shamelessly go through Dead Officer Andy’s stuff.

Yeah, Dead Officer Andy's living in the tunnels and reading sad works of literature.

Yeah, Dead Officer Andy’s living in the tunnels and reading sad works of literature.

“There’s some good American literature in the last twenty years,” Abbie observes when in Andy’s books Ichabod uncovers Metamorphosis.  Too bad Kafka isn’t American and didn’t write within the last twenty years.  But let’s pause for what’s actually a lovely little reference slipped in, because how sad is it that poor creepy-transformed DOA has been reading Gregor Samsa’s insect-y plight in his lonely tunnel?

Andy attacks Ichabod for messing with his stuff!  But ha, the “Egyptian hieroglyphs” with his things prove he’s the Horseman’s Necromancer.  “Then this is your chance at redemption,” Ichabod says briskly, totally ignoring DOA’s repeated pleas to Abbie not to make him do this.  Confronting death is “a darkness that’ll haunt you forever”; “this is not going to end well,” Andy insists.  Then they pretend to get lost briefly in the tunnels that we ALL KNOW is like one tiny tunnel set redressed to look like an endless catacomb.

“Hey, hands in the open,” Irving tells Jenny over the smashed cases at Adams’ store, reminding her he knows she’s totally a criminal.  *kissy noises*  Agreeing the scene looks faked, Jenny turns a bust on a bookshelf to reveal a secret room trick.  They find Adams, shot and frantic over the Tharacian Phiale the Hessians (“they spoke German!”) took.

“Sixteenth century druidic scripture,” Jenny breathes as she opens the empty box (omg, I’m going to make that my ringtone).  But what’s the Tharacian Phiale, you say?  Why, it’s an “ancient relict allegedly protected by warlocks after Cromwell’s conquest of Britain.”  *blinks rapidly*  The Hessians will try to use it for breaking the hex spell.  “They’ll take out the power grid next,” Jenny deduces when Irving tells her how the U.V. lights are keeping the Horseman in place.

Dead Officer Andy takes a seat with his crazy neck skins and implores the Headless Horseman to let him be his voice.  He goes all black-eyed to show he’s properly demonically possessed.  “Feeling less than robust?” Ichabod taunts when the Horseman strains weakly at his chains.  Pfft, where’s your Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse schtick now, Death?

Ichabod vows to learn the Horseman’s secrets and keep him “for eternity, a failure.”  At that, an object falls from Death; DOA’s head snaps back, his face a rictus of pain.  “Katrina’s necklace,” Ichabod realizes.  “You took my head, but Death will not be silenced,” the Horseman speaks through DOA.  Creepysauce!

Abbie calls a distraught Ichabod out of the chamber so he can have a flashback about his former best friend, who used to be engaged to Katrina (whoops) and gave her the necklace (hmm).  In Ye Olden Dayes, Ichabod discourages his pal Abraham from choosing a glitzy number and picks out the single-jewel necklace we’ve just seen.  “It embodies her elegance, simplicity, beauty, and restraint,” Ichabod swoons, and somehow Abraham completely fails at noticing his pal’s in love with his fiancée.  Also, isn’t Katrina supposed to be a Quaker-Witch or something?  Does she really want anything shiny around her neck?

At a Revolutionary-era party, someone plays a Glass Armonica (a version invented by Ben Franklin, so you know this is a pro-America shindig).  Abraham gives fancy-dressed Katrina the necklace.  “I’m breaking off the engagement,” Katrina tells Ichabod later.  She’s in love with him.  Ichabod frets about her turning down such an awesome arranged marriage; Katrina refuses to be bogged down by the old country’s social conventions.

Let's slip away while everyone else is delighting in the sounds of the Glass Armonica!

Let’s slip away while everyone else is delighting in the sounds of the Glass Armonica!

“Wow, you got some game,” Abbie observes in the present day.  Ichabod’s distracted by the chance to learn why Moloch holds Katrina captive.  “We need to stay on point.  We’re looking for his weakness; don’t let him find yours,” Abbie warns.

Captain Irving, is it even worth the breath to tell Jenny to “wait here”?  We all know she’s going to follow you and pull TWO guns on the Hessian thugs who plan to short-circuit the town.  “I’d do exactly as she says,” he advises the baddies when Jenny tells them to stand down.  “Two against four?” one villain smirks.  “Check your math, Adolf,” Irving says before calling in the full SWAT squad.  Hee, Jenny’s little smile at the end!  Their relationship will be one of sass and badassery, mark my words.

“You must use a puppet to speak, and now you are caged like a beast, because I took your head,” Ichabod jeers at the Horseman.  But hey, the HH knows allll about Katrina, and he totally killed those Freemasons.  “This has become very personal,” Ichabod decides.  Seems Death lingered past his Moloch-sanctioned mission to hunt Ichabod.  “You were my mission, then and now,” the Horseman corrects him eerie-speaking through Dead Officer Andy.

108 horseman interrogation times

Dead Officer Andy helps Ichabod brow-beat a brow-less Horseman.

“Does the other witness know you betrayed and killed your former partner?” the Horseman asks.  Well.  Back at the power plant, Jenny finds an empty bag, hand-waving Captain Irving’s protests she doesn’t listen so she can turn up evidence of explosives his team missed.  BOOM, there goes the power plant!  HOCRAP, the lights go out around town and the U.V. demon-trapping lights are blown.  “I told you this wouldn’t end well,” Dead Officer Andy reminds us all.

“Two hours until the power goes back on,” Abbie tells Ichabod, catching him up on the artifact-stealing power-plant-blowing-up thing.  “Every minute he grows stronger,” Crane argues, insisting he continue to interrogate the Horseman.  Abbie refuses, trying to calm him.  “I believe you,” she agrees when he protests he didn’t kill Abraham.  “But I need to know what he’s talking about.”

Flashback encore!  Ichabod and Abraham set out on a “crucial errand fraught with danger,” taking the Declaration Resolves (precursor to the Declaration of Independence) to the first Congressional Congress.  Abraham’s depressed and distracted; Katrina dumped him despite his money and connections.  Hey, Ichabod decides, you know what this is a swell time for?  To tell Abraham Katrina is in love with Ichabod!  They teach those crap social skills over at the Freemasons lodge, Ichabod?

“This is hard for us all,” Ichabod says, and wow, emotionally tone deaf.  He wants Abraham’s blessing; Abraham wants to kill him dead in a duel.  He taunts an unwilling Ichabod into accepting, and wow, it is nutso to watch men fighting over a woman sword fighting.  “Who’s unworthy now?” Abraham yells when he’s got Ichabod under the sword, but someone shoots Abraham.  HESSIANS IN MASKS RIDE IN!  Ichabod runs like crazy off with the Declaration.

Is there such a thing as a good Hessian?  Let's hope there's a wacky subset of SH fandom devoted to explaining how the Hessians were really just misunderstood demon worshippers.

Is there such a thing as a good Hessian? Let’s hope there’s a wacky subset of SH fandom devoted to explaining how the Hessians were really just misunderstood demon worshippers.

“The Hessians killed him, not me,” Ichabod explains to Abbie.  “You don’t face your adversary when you’re raw,” Abbie tells Ichabod, telling him no way can he question the Horseman again right now.  “That’s how you lose control.”  “I am in control!” Ichabod shouts.  Whoa.

I actually really, really like seeing Ichabod making stupid human emotional errors and handling the thing with his pal and Katrina badly.  And I like seeing him fly off the handle, because he’s been too remarkably sanguine about this entire displaced in time situation.

Irving and Jenny burst in, to Abbie’s consternation.  “I said tell her about it, not introduce them!” she rails at Captain Irving.  “You understand it’s her first day out!”  “Do I,” deadpans Irving.  Uh, nothing Jenny has done is crazy; it’s all just been badassery.  While the officers and deputies search Hessian homes (all Hessians are evil! Probably!), Irving proposes they bring in more help.  “We already know one dirty cop,” Abbie says, refusing.  “This is a secret war,” Ichabod agrees.  QUICK, EVERYONE PINKY SWEAR AND COME UP WITH A SECRET HANDSHAKE!

Irving needs Jenny and Abbie to help him fetch more artillery to keep the Horseman at bay as he grows stronger.  Abbie’s reluctant to leave Ichabod behind.  “Just don’t lose your cool,” she tells him, so we can hear Ichabod say “cool,” sardonically.  “If Brooks gives you any flack, take his head too,” she tells him of Dead Officer Andy.  Aww, poor DOA!  On second thought, what’s that metal thing he’s taking out of his squishy guts (and watching John Cho dig around in his innards is hella creepy)?  No one feel bad for DOA; he’s about to unleash demons or something!

“Minions of Moloch, rise,” DOA incants as he holds the Phiale he just yanked out of his belly.  Minions drop down from the tunnels, skittering around behind Irving, whispering and then bursting into demon bits near Abbie and Jenny.

“What is your unfinished business with me?” Ichabod demands of the Horseman.  DOA goes black-eyed again; his summoning helps the Horseman break his bonds.  “It wasn’t my decision,” DOA says when Ichabod demands what he’s done.  “Now, Ichabod, you shall learn,” the Horseman bites out, throwing Ichabod against a wall.

Ever the gentleman apparently, Death slides a sword Ichabod’s way, and they’re soon dueling.  Back-and-forths of the duel between Abraham and Ichabod are interspliced with the current fight, and if none of us have guessed by this point that the Horseman is Abraham, well, tah-day, IT’S ABRAHAM!  Crazycakes!

“You watched Abraham die,” the Horseman intones as we see the Hessians drag dying Abraham off.  “Then he came to me.”  Eep, Moloch time!  The Hessians shave Abraham’s head, put him into a redcoat and slap a face mask onto him.  When he opens his eyes, they’re entirely white.  He’s branded with the telltale cross insignia Ichabod was told to look for in battle.

“You made a deal with the devil,” Ichabod realizes.  “He’s given me what I’ve always wanted,” the Horseman replies.  Not revenge, which Ichabod assumes, but Katrina.  “She’s held captive for you,” Ichabod says, stunned.  “Her soul will be mine once more,” the Horseman gloats.

“Shadows of darkness, enter the chamber, secure the Horseman,” Dead Officer Andy chants.  Wait, so was he sort of helping Ichabod and the others in a way?  Inadvertently, I think, because he’s serving Moloch’s wishes that Ichabod cannot be killed  yet:  “The Mater forbids it.”  He turns to Ichabod saying, “Tell Abbie I’m sorry,” before he and the Horseman disappear in black clouds of demon bits.

It’s not Ichabod’s fault his best friend was dumped by the woman he loved and then became one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Abbie soothes him.  “I violated his honor,” Ichabod says heavily.  “That is so 18th century!”  No, Ichabod protests, he was so blinded by love for Katrina that he created his own nemesis.  “That’s your arrogance talking,” Abbie says.  I love Abbie being the straight dope women in this episode.

Listen to Abbie Mills, for she is teensy and badass and wise in the ways of the world.

Listen to Abbie Mills, for she is teensy and badass and wise in the ways of the world.

Ichabod always found Abraham arrogant: “Perhaps he was just a mirror to myself,” he reflects.  MORE OF THIS MIRRORING THING PLEASE.

The lights snap back on. But why did Moloch spare Ichabod from the Horseman?  And what about Katrina?  “Perhaps she’s being held until he rides with the other Horseman,” Ichabod theorizes, which Abbie says is “beyond beyond” their control.  At least now they’ve found the Horseman’s weakness.  “My wife,” Ichabod says heavily.   “That’s the key, lieutenant.  Now, more than ever, we need Katrina.”

Guys, I never thought Death AKA the HH was an actual person!  Fascinating little twist, and a cool gesture back to Washington Irving’s “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.  I really really hope we see more exploration of how Abraham/Death and Ichabod mirror and act as doubles for each other.  But say, who was Death before Abraham?  And did no one on earth kick it while Death was in the Freemasons Thomas Jefferson Demon Torture Chamber?  And why don’t we learn to play that effed up looking eerie sounding Glass Armonica in grade school instead of those plastic whiny recorders?  Join me in comments to discuss!