Hannibal 2.2: Sakizuke


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it's a circle of deaaaaaaath, he resin-coats us aaaaaaaalllllll

it’s a circle of deaaaaaaath, he resin-coats us aaaaaaaalllllll

Our startlingly beautiful man tears his own flesh off (dang, good thing that resin we saw landing directly on his eyes and eyelashes was a less resin-y formula or whatever!) as he separates his (sewn-together) legs and pulls his (also sewn) hand off of his face. He almost gets up, but he’s sewed on his back to another man’s titty meat, and is forced to rip off that chunk of flesh, too, screaming the whole time. He frees himself and, with a strength that doesn’t seem appropriate for someone who’s just survived a lethal dose of heroin and physically mutilated and traumatized his own body, bashes through the padlocked silo door. He runs dick-naked into the road, directly in view of a truck’s headlights. He’s smart and emphatically DOES NOT flag the truck down (for it is obviously driven by the very man who’d sewn him to another man’s titty meat), just runs into the maze of stolen cars off to the side and tries to hide/escape.

He accidentally knocks his back wound against a car, and the rifle-wielding killer comes after him. He scoots through the backseat of a car and goes into the cornfield on the other side. GUYS. A heavily-corned cornfield is the BEST place to be if you’re being chased! Go straight until you hear your pursuer also enter the cornfield, and then get low, hook a hard right, go like 20 feet, and make another right to head back out the way you came. Alternately, if you’re in whatever heroin overdose survival+adrenaline-based superstrength mode this dude’s in, duck around until you’re behind your pursuer and then punch his heart out of his body and onto the dirt.

Our dude does none of these things, and is chased out of the cornfield and fired at as he runs through the woods beyond. He comes to the edge of a cliff, sees the killer coming for him, is like FUCK THAT I’M NOT GOING BACK IN YOUR CIRCLE, and jumps. It’s dangerous, but if you can get enough horizontal momentum to propel you away from the cliff face/sharp rocks below, it’s survivable. I mean, unless you smash spine-first into a ledge on the way down. Farewell, startlingly beautiful man. We’ll always have the subway. :(


Hannibal and Alana stand outside Will’s shark dive cage.

“I am the unreliable narrator of my own story.” Will says.

“You have an incomplete self.” Alana answers, eyes wide and tone encouraging. I want her to be my psychiatrist. “There are pieces of you you can’t see.”

“That I’m afraid to see.” Will corrects. “I don’t know who I am anymore. And I’m afraid.”

“Without remembering, you’re seized by something imagined.”

Will answers that he doesn’t know which is worse, the idea that he did it or the idea that Hannibal did it and put him in that shark cage.

Alana assures Will that neither of them are to blame, but that they need to help Will figure his shit out ASAP. Will keeps his attention on Hannibal–our first clue that his constant glistening unshed tears are of the crocodile variety, because he has to ignore Alana and focus on Hannibal if he wants to keep Hannibal focusing on him.

Will, slowly crumbling, tells Hannibal that he felt betrayed by him, that the betrayal was the only thing that felt real to him. “I trusted you. And I needed to trust you.”

“And you can trust me.” Hannibal fibs.

“I’m very confused.” Will stammers out.

“Of course you are.” Alana says.

“Will. Let us help you. Let me help you.” Hannibal says.

Will’s face scrunches up and he starts breathing in hard through his nose and NOOOOO HE LETS THE TEARS DROP HE’S CRYING SO HARD HE CAN’T EVEN TALK RIGHT. He says “I need your help.”



Alana looks like she wants to rip the door off the cage and tuck him inside her dress and smuggle him to an IHOP for some pancakes and a shared 24-can case of whatever beer they grab at Circle K on the way. I’m sure we can all relate.

Hannibal, of course, looks like he wants to eat him (but not in the literal way, oddly. Like devour his soul and life essence and what little light he’s got left in him).

but a little bit the other way too.

but a little bit the other way too.

They watch him cry until he’s taken back to his cell by orderlies. He sits on his bed, and when they’re gone, lifts his totally UNCRYING and SUPER DETERMINED and EXTREMELY HOT face to glare into the camera.

i got excited and kicked my feet but my dog had snuck in and was napping at the foot of my bed and LONG STORY SHORT, she's no longer at the foot of my bed and i feel like will's glare is now focused on me personally, re: my failings as a dog friend.

i got excited and kicked my feet but my dog had snuck in and was napping at the foot of my bed and LONG STORY SHORT, she’s no longer at the foot of my bed and i feel like will’s glare is now focused on me, re: my failings as a dog friend.



Hannibal lets an expressionless Bedelia into his office. “What a pleasant surprise. Please, sit down.” he says, going to his desk to shuffle through papers, probably drawings of Will crying. Bedelia doesn’t sit. Hannibal says he’s curious about what couldn’t wait until their next session.

“We don’t have a next session.” Bedelia says coldly. Hannibal looks up at the eerie musical cue, zeroes in on her with his dead eyes, and watches her. D: This is some hardcore nature documentary leopard vs gazelle on the Serengeti shit.

“I’m no longer your therapist.” Bedelia continues.

“May I ask why?” Hannibal asks, after staring for too long.

Bedelia says she’s reached the end of her “efficacy” with him, that she doesn’t believe she can help him.

“Are you giving me a referral?” Hannibal asks.

"Yeah, I'm referring you to THE DEVIL because you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL."

“Yeah, I’m referring you to DR. THE DEVIL and you can go STRAIGHT TO HELL.”

Bedelia says no, she’s just ending the patient/psychiatrist relationship.

Hannibal comes around the desk, and reminds her that she tried to end it before. She thanks him for his “persistence” in engaging her after her attack, but voices her concerns that, in light of what she’s observed of Hannibal in the Will Graham situation (how much did she know?), she’s now questioning the exact nature of the attack and Hannibal’s involvement in it. Hannibal has come around the desk and noted that she’s taken a step back, and stops, observing her.

Hooooly shit, I love that the show draws a direct comparison between her situation and Will’s, and shows that it’s always going to end like this. Every person that Hannibal tries to force out of their natural selves and mold into his perfect friend is going to turn on him, because that is not how you make friends. (That is how you make future mortal enemies, though.) He falls in love with who they are and then tries to change that into something more like him, and it’s never going to work. If he ever managed to complete the transformation–he couldn’t do it with Bedelia because she (for lack of a better word–her feelings seem complex, but we don’t know much about her, so we have to fill in the blanks) hates him, has hated him since the first season, since before she consciously knew that he probably was responsible for the attack on her; he’s not going to succeed with Will because Will finally sees him for what he is and hates it, too–he’d have to kill the creature he made, because the person would no longer be what he wanted to have in the first place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever: Hannibal’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

Bedelia assures Hannibal she hasn’t told Jack anything she suspects, and that she won’t be telling him anything, since Hannibal orchestrated whatever happened to her in such a way that she’d look as guilty as he is. He continues advancing on her, and she continues to step back, not any faster than he’s moving. She’s terrified but resolute. I hope she also has a gun in her bag and or an bull shark-grade taser or some polar bear mace because oh my god this is scary, he’s so scary.

She tells him that she’s seen past the stitching in his person suit and found something dangerous underneath.

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” Hannibal intones.

“Please don’t come to my home again.” she says, sliding away from him and heading for the door. “I will see myself out.”

“I’m resuming Will Graham’s therapy.” Hannibal says before she can leave.

She stops at the door. “To what end? Besides your own?” she asks, frustrated.

“He asked for my help.”

“Then maybe you deserve each other.”

Hannibal’s like “thank u that is very kind.”

Bedelia leaves, hopefully to go meet Alana at IHOP for an eat-your-feelings pancake lunch.


Our startlingly handsome man was named Roland Umber. Price says he matched the kidnapping and murder profile of all the other victims. Jack observes that he was ripped off his moorings instead of unlaced.

“Whatever his imperfection, it was enough to aggravate the killer into tearing him down.” Hannibal remarks.

Jack’s subconscious is like serial killer say what and Hannibal’s like what.

After Katz mentions that the body was found hundreds of miles from any tributary that feeds into the dam where the others popped up, Hannibal remarks that it’s like “dandelion seeds,” that the killer is scattering the bodies in every direction but his own. Hannibal then gets in the way and awkwardly dances around Zeller, who laughs it off, and then he backs up into Katz. Katz says “Excuse me.” Hannibal did it on purpose, obviously, but I can’t tell if it was just to disrespect her or to test out her patience levels, because as Marissa from season one proved, Hannibal will use any tiny instance of momentary irritation to justify a horrifying murder.

“There may be trace evidence preserved in the craquelure.” Hannibal says as he goes to stand by Jack. Price is like SPEAK AMERICAN and Hannibal explains that cracks in the resin might have some clues. Katz is on board with the idea. Jack still wants to know what connects the victims.

Katz suggests that it’s not what makes them the same, but what makes them different. She brings up Will’s color palette theory, carefully not mentioning that she got it from Will. Hannibal and Jack both totally know, though.

Hannibal: “The color of our skin is so often politicized. It will almost be refreshing to see someone revel in the aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake, if it weren’t so horiffic.”

That’s what a murderer says, Hannibal.

Hannibal continues. “We’re supposed to see color, Jack. That may be all this killer has ever seen in his fellow man. Which is why it is so easy for him to do what he does to his victims.”

Unlike Hannibal, who only ever sees people as giant hamburgers, like when someone is hungry in an episode of Looney Toons.

Katz says that’s exactly why there are going to be way more bodies on the color palette. “Fascinating insight, Ms. Katz. It’s as if Will Graham himself were here in the room.” Hannibal tells her saucily.

“Yes, it is.” Jack adds, less saucily.

Katz is like, gulp.


“How’s Will Graham?” Jack asks slowly. Katz goes to answer, but Jack points at her. “Shut your mouth.” UNNECESSARY, CRAWFORD.

Katz explains that she went to see Will without permission because she knew Jack would say no, but would also not do it on his own even though he wanted to, and it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. Not that she was going to do that either, haha.

Jack is upset, not really at Katz but because he’s getting psych eval’d and his judgement is being called into question, all because he trusted someone who, by popular vote, is either delusional or a psychopath. Katz cuts through the bullshit and accuses Jack of knowing in his heart of hearts that Will’s innocent.

Katz says that whatever Jack tells her to do, she’ll do. Jack calms down, and tells her that since their conversation never happened, it’s up to her to do what she feels it’s her job to do. JACK. JACK. THIS DIDN’T WORK OUT TOO WELL WITH MIRIAM LASS. Will’s not going to kill Katz, obviously, but Jack doesn’t know that, and we as the audience know this is going to tangle her up in the puppet strings Hannibal and Will are dangling over each other. I’M AFRAID FOR KATZ’S SAFETY AND IT’S MAKING ME ANGRY.


With Fuckin’ Zeller literally 4 feet away, Hannibal turns on a light over Roland Umber’s body, kneels down, and gives it a good, solid sniff. Little baby corns grow up out of the resin cracks. Hannibal and the body and morgue table are transported to the middle of a cornfield, then back into the lab. Zeller hasn’t noticed. Or he did, because Hannibal might have been sniffing for like fifteen minutes, and felt too awkward to say anything.


Hannibal steps around his chair, facing Will’s shark cage, carefully not crossing a black line on the floor. “I’ve been advised to stay on this side of the line.” he says.

“Select patients have taken to urinating on the therapists.” Will says, mildly disgusted.

“I would argue drawing a line might encourage a pissing contest.” Hannibal answers.

“I’m not interested in a pissing contest with you, Dr. Lecter.” Will assures him. “Please, pull up your chair.”

Hannibal does.

HAHA sike u just got pissbitch'd THAT'S HOW WE DO IT IN THE CRAZY PRISON

haha sike u just got pissbitch’d THAT’S HOW WE DO IT IN THE CRAZY PRISON

“You said the light from friendship wouldn’t reach us for a million years, that’s how far away we are.” Hannibal begins. I LAUGHED SO HARD. Second-place contender for most hilarious line delivery of the season goes to Mads Mikkelsen. So whiny. So pretending to not be whiny. “I hope our friendship feels closer today.”

“Friends have a symmetrical relationship. Psychiatrist and patient, that’s…unbalanced.” Will reminds him.

“There is a power differential between psychiatrist and patient. One that I’m well aware of, particularly with my own therapist.”

“But we’re just having conversations?” Will asks.

Hannibal carefully doesn’t answer that. “You threatened me with a reckoning.” he says instead.

Will, pretending to be sheepish: “I can’t claim unconsciousness on that one.”

Hannibal says Will was searching for something in his head to incriminate him, but didn’t find anything. Will answers that there’s not much of his mental landscape he can recognize.

Hannibal warns him that anything he thinks of will be distorted and thus totally not real at all.

“Beverly Katz came to see you.” Hannibal says.


“Wouldn’t want Alana Bloom to worry about you dwelling on anything morbid in what’s supposed to be a time of recovery.” Will tells him that the “structure of understanding the violence” Katz is bringing to him in the form of the details of this investigation are the only thing he can really hold onto.

Hannibal warns him to be careful, in case he ends up replacing the missing pieces of himself with the deets of the case. When he asks what Will sees, Will says that the killer isn’t stringing the victims up, but lacing them together, like a human mural (“each body is a brushstroke”).

“Why does he do it?” Hannibal asks, enraptured.

“He’s missing pieces, too.”


Will and Katz haggle over Will’s price for his continued helping on the case. He wants her to ignore all previous evidence against him, and work on finding new evidence against him or exonerating him. At this point, it’s an issue of Will’s goodness vs. Will’s survival drive (he needs as much leverage as he can get to stack the deck against Hannibal here, and Katz–earning her faith in his innocence, her intelligence, and her relentless pursuit of any truth she’s asked to find–is crucial), and while I think Will’s goodness would have won out in the end and he’d have helped whether Katz agreed or not, nobody could fault him for the survival drive being stronger in this situation. Also, Katz is mistrustful and hurt and angry with him, but I think she also really wants him to be innocent, even if she sees no way he can be. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

Will takes the file from her, and asks for some privacy. Katz is like “No.” and sits in front of the cell to watch Will dip down into his mind palace. He brings her with him, which is awesome because it sort of hearkens back to the very first episode, where she interrupted him in Elise Nichols’s bedroom and threw off his whole groove.

Token weird hot line, re: Roland Umber’s well-preserved body: “Why would I throw you away?”

Will asks Katz (IN THE MIND PALACE) if Umber had priors for substance abuse, particularly heroin. Katz confirms that he was in an outpatient program. It explains why he survived the overdose. Will continues, deducing that Umber tore himself free and ran, and had to have jumped, since the killer would have remuraled him if he caught him.

Will, out of the mind palace, tells Katz that the killer would need someplace secluded, and mentions a farm upstream from where the body was found, and near water.

Katz takes the file back and thanks him. As she starts to walk away, Will calls after her: “I’m curious. What did Hannibal Lecter have to say about Mr. Umber?”

“He thinks the killer tore him down, dumped his body like the others.”

“That may be what he said. It’s not necessarily what he thinks.”


Hannibal, in his clear plastic killin’ suit, crunches over gravel and climbs up the container silo, peering down into the top at the circle of bodies. The music crescendos as we see that it’s meant to be an eye when it’s reflected in his. The music calms its tits as the killer steps in with his resin coater.



glad i made these things with a liquid-tight seal, ya creep

glad i made these things with a liquid-tight seal, ya creep


The place is crawling with police when Katz and Hannibal arrive.

“However did you find this place?” Hannibal LIES LIES LIES.

“You and Will Graham are a good team. He gave us the what we were looking for, and you gave us the where. Corn dust on the craquelure.”

Hannibal’s like, goddammit. “Yes. Will and I do make a good team.”

Jack greets them, giving Hannibal some gloves and telling him to prepare himself. “You’ve never seen anything like this.”

“I’m sure I haven’t.” Hannibal LIES LIES LIES AGAIN, following Jack to the silo.

this cap is not super relevant. hettienne park is pretty though and i haven't capped beverly enough.

this cap is not super relevant. hettienne park is pretty though and i haven’t capped beverly enough.

Katz sees two victims’ arms stitched together on the ground.


“How could a human being go so bad?” Jack asks as he and Hannibal step into the silo. Um, you saw a bunch of diabetics get turned into mushroom guys like two months ago, this is not that terrible.

Hannibal doesn’t believe in nature or nurture. “We’re built from a DNA blueprint, born into a world of scenario and circumstance we don’t control.”

Praise the mutilated world, huh.” Jack says.

Hannibal asks what it looked like from above, and Jack shows him on an ipad. Probably Hannibal’s ipad. (wtf where did u get this pic jack asks, hannibal’s answers tattlecrime? maybe?? as he slowly backwards somersaults out of the silo)

“Ritual human sacrifice.” Jack says.

“I’m not sure if it’s an offering, but it’s surely a gesture.” Hannibal answers, then talks about looking at god.

Hannibal shuts down Jack’s existential crisis theory, saying if that was the case, there probably wouldn’t be a reflection in the “eye” at all.

Jack asks if the killer who could do something like this would do it again, and Hannibal basically shrugs and goes “eh? maybe. could be a beginning. could be an end. who knows.” Good to see his criminal profiling approach is the exact same method as his therapeutic approach.

Jack reminds Hannibal that he said the killer only sees people as raw materials, and Hannibal says that to the killer, humans are just a “means to an end,” to be used to do what the killer is “driven to do.”


“Will Graham was a means to an end. I used him to do what I was driven to do, to save lives at the expense of his.” Jack echoes to the psychiatrist who’s evaluating him. They psychiatrist looks like he’d rather be golfing, but not really in a dismissive way–like he just doesn’t think Jack should be having an evaluation at all. “I thought whatever I could put him through, he would be strong enough to fight his way back to himself, and I was wrong.”

“Maybe he’s still fighting?” Dr. Disinterested offers.

“Maybe he’s not.” Jack argues.

wtf do u want me to say dude

wtf do u want me to say then dude

Jack says seeing Will’s descent into murder has made the world darker for him. He also refers to Will as his friend, which I like, even though it’s hard to tell if Will would or not. Will kept the relationship as professional as possible all through season one, but one instance of unprofessionalism (I’m not sure of another word to use that doesn’t sound so negative) happened: as soon as Will realized the situation with Bella, he went to Jack on a really personal level that had to have extended him way out of his comfort zone, but he did it without any expectation or prompting. And IIRC, this was after Jack had been a dick to him in that barn. So maybe not friends, but this is a complicated, layered relationship. Or, it was. Now it’s confusing and sad.

Jack is explicitly a huge ball of guilt and unhappiness, and I’m glad they’re letting him be that. I don’t believe he should blame himself to this extent, but it’s great for the character that he gets this kind of insight about himself instead of just marching on like nothing’s wrong, or trying to deflect onto other people. Jack blames himself completely, and it hurts him. There’s no greater good here. He’s not pointing out the lives that were saved before everything went to shit, he’s not trying to get the psychiatrist on his side, nothing.

“I pushed him. When I was warned to back off, I kept pushing him.”

“You miscalculated.”

“I failed.”

“We all fail, Jack.”

Jack shakes his head. “I look at my friend and I see a killer. I’m failing to reconcile those two things.”


The killer’s body is among the many that are crowding the lab. “47 bodies. We’ve identified 19 of them, but not this one.” Katz says.

“No record of fingerprints, he was never arrested, no type of job that required security clearance or a background check.” Price adds.

“Hopefully he’s been to a dentist.” Zeller finishes.


Katz explains that the stitching pattern from Roland Umber’s body matches that of the unknown body/the killer’s body.

“What happened to his leg?” Price asks.

“Maybe the killer had to cut off his leg just so it’d fit.” Zeller answers. THAT’S WRONG, ZELLER. YOU’RE WRONG.



also, nice hands, hannibal. cook me like one of your french girls. WAIT.

also, nice hands, hannibal. cook me like one of your french girls. WAIT.

He eats it alone like a nerd.

(joke’s on me i ate pizza rolls for dinner over the sink alone tonight)

The lab and Lecter’s food prep (including hacking up the leg with a buzzsaw and adorably dropping the foot into the sink) weave together as Jack determines that the killer’s having an existential crisis, but can’t figure out why. Probably because he’s dead, which is like the ultimate existential crisis, if you think about it.


Jack greets Bedelia, and they sit down briefly to talk. Bedelia tells Jack that she has no more insight to offer the FBI about Hannibal, and will not ever have anymore, because he is no longer her patient. Jack’s confused but accepts it. When Bedelia mentions that her decision is mainly based on the fact that Hannibal’s being traumatized by a patient is making her feel emotionally insecure with regards to her own traumatic experience with a patient, Jack kindly tells her that she should try working through it with Hannibal. “He’s very good.” Jack adds.

Bedelia’s like “………………………………………………….never.”

Bedelia says goodbye, and tells Jack that while she knows she has no control over whether the FBI contacts her, she’ll tell him what she told Hannibal: “I’d prefer that you don’t.”


Katz and Hannibal are standing in front of Will. Imagine how much they could accomplish together if Hannibal wasn’t such a dickhead!

“Now you’re just taking advantage. You’re going to burn me out before my trial. Then where will I be?” Will says.

Katz unsubtly reminds Will that she’s working so hard on the mural that it’ll be difficult to get anything else she has to do done, like proving Hannibal is the killer, William. Will’s like SHHHHHHHHHH and takes the file from her, while Hannibal talks about the myth that the last image a person ever saw was recorded on their eyeball after they died. I’m okay with whatever, as long as it isn’t like a clown or a mannequin or a ventriloquist dummy, or any of those things in naked form.

“What would be the last image fixed on this dying eye?” Hannibal asks, as Will slips into his mind palace. He’s standing in the middle of the bodies, looking at the photo.

I made you pliable. Molded you, set, and sealed you where you lay. This is my design. A dead eye of vision and consciousness. I am fixed and unseeing. Unless…someone else sees me. One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong.

Will looks closely at the killer.

Who are you? Why are you so different from everyone else? I didn’t put you here. You are not my design.

Will hears clanking noises, and looks up to see good ol’ Antlerface peeking down into the silo.



Will is suddenly naked and in the killer’s position in the mural. Hugh Dancy was probably disappointed that he didn’t get to wear a comfy jumpsuit and just hang out in a cage all season.

Hannibal is calmly lacing Will’s flesh, repeating his line from season one: “Killing must feel good to god too. He does it all the time. And are we not made in his image?”

Will comes out of his mind palace abruptly, and tells them that the killer is in his own mural, and whoever sewed him in took the missing leg as a trophy.

it me

it me

“He must have had a friend.” Hannibal says.

Will glares at him all “Yeah, and I bet that friend is a real fuckin’ annoying pain in the dick, and smells like a grandpa, and I’m just spitballing here, but he’s PROBABLY an awful psychiatrist, too.”


Hannibal has convinced the killer to get naked and hop into the middle of the jumble of bodies, talking about placing himself into his own art. The killer IS having an existential crisis, but he forgets about it pretty fast once the heroin Hannibal has shot into him takes hold. Hannibal talks about god and seeing/being seen by god and strokes the killer’s face and–haha, holy shit, the killer’s probably like “I’VE FOUND GOD FINALLY, HE’S GOT WEIRD HAIR AND A PLASTIC SUIT. WHO KNEW. WHO KNEEEEWWWW.”

Hannibal smiles kindly at the totally dying killer. “If god is looking down at you, don’t you want to be looking back at him?”

The killer’s just like “I am so horsed up right now.”


Kade Purnell comes down to talk to Will. She lets him know that Alana’s focused on building a workable insanity defense for him. I HOPE SHE HIRED THE BEST LAWYER EVER, AND THE ONLY ONE WILL GRAHAM CAN TRUST.

 was UR BABY BORN WITH DEFECTS? +heartbeat problem?? +asthmas?!?! +UGLY??????? call the law offices of ME!! we get you class action lawsuit for ur ugly baby. then u can buy a new baby. (CONSIDER A HUSKY????)

+heartbeat problem??
call the law offices of ME!! we get you class action lawsuit for ur ugly baby. then u can buy a new baby.

Basically, the whole FBI hates Alana because she’s essentially trying to say that the FBI made Will crazy. Kade says she thinks that Will was a murderer even before the FBI, that he “conspired with your neurologist to create an illness that would later become your alibi.”

Will’s like “yeah, then I totally just killed him afterward to cover my tracks, lol.”

And Kade’s like “Not lol. IRL. That’s all anyone in the courtroom will hear, no matter what you say.”

“What’s to be done about that?” Will grumbles. Maybe start with not grumbling vaguely threatening asides to yourself, dove.

Purnell says “Let’s discuss it. If you plead guilty, you’ll spare us all a trial, and I’ll personally see to it that you’re comfortable here.”

“I’m pleading innocent.”

“You very publicly lost your mind–some might argue theatrically. The prosecution certainly will.” Purnell argues.

“It’s all part of the performance. It’s just not my performance you’re watching.”

“You’ll be found guilty, and given the federal death penalty. I’m trying to save your life.”

“I guess I’ll have to save my own life.” Will answers, a little shakily. I SURE HOPE SO, BOO, BECAUSE NOBODY FUCKING ELSE HAS MANAGED IT SO FAR.


Will flyfishes serenely in the river while a bunch of bodies float creepily past him under the surface of the water. I guess his happy place is in Florida.


Will is pulled out of his happy place by a buzzer signaling the arrival of Bedelia.

Will’s greeting to her is “I don’t know you.”

She introduces herself by name, and Will supplies the “You’re Hannibal Lecter’s therapist.” He pauses. Then, with all the sardonically judgemental bitchery that being systematically broken down by a psychopath and then put in the crazy jail will do to you, he says “What’s that like?” HUGH DANCY HUH.

Bedelia’s face is like lol ikr. She says she’s heard so much about him, that she almost feels like she knows him. Will is quick to tell her she doesn’t, and she agrees–but she “understand[s] him better than [she] thought.” She wants to meet him before she withdraws from all her social ties, specifically one social tie, which is definitely a paisley tie.

She tells Will that it’s a “small comfort,” but she believes Hannibal has done all this to Will because he thinks it’s for the best. Will says it’s not a small comfort, and in fact, “That would be no comfort.”

Bedelia lets him have that. “The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive. You will survive this happening to you.”

Will’s face scrunches up. “Happening to me?”

Bedelia steps slowly over the white line and up to the bars of the cell. The guards start calling for her to move back, but she waits until Will approaches the bars and their faces are inches apart.

I believe you.” she whispers to him as the guards literally drag her away from Will, leaving him shaking and short of breath and alone.


Hannibal goes into her house, wearing his plastic murder suit. YOU SON OF A WHOLE BITCH. The house is dark and empty. All of Bedelia’s furniture is covered with sheets, and Hannibal’s like “…oh wait duh I was telegraphing my planning of her murder pretty hard back there, LOL.”

He finds a perfume bottle and smells it. I like one specific theory about this, that it’s not a farewell, or some kind of token to remember her by–it’s a big flashing neon FUCK YOU to Hannibal. Well, maybe not flashing neon, but still pretty obvious.

She’d likely know about his hyperosmia (he’d have to talk to a therapist just based on that alone–how many SICK farts do you think he smells every day?) (probably like 5000), and her being both a survivor and seriously smart would have her analyzing and utilizing every advantage she could possibly drag out of the situation. She would do everything she could to keep away from him, and changing the perfume he associates with her would be an important step. He will literally not be able to sniff her out once she’s gone, and she wants to make sure he knows that.