The Bridge 2.06 – Harvest of Souls

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Previously on The Bridge, oh my god, my David Tate’s eye(s)! Marco got a stab at revenge, Daniel Frye received info from a government source, and Eva gave  some damning evidence.

Jack Dobbs digs shirtless, because of Sexy Mysterious Reasons That Are Extremely Relevant To My Interests, under a water tower. He’s apparently used his murdering brother’s seemingly juvenile drawings to locate a hidden message. What’s that he just hit with his shovel, treasure? Only if by treasure you mean a buried skeleton/probably one of Jim Dobb’s murder victims.  Yay? 

“They’re just trying to scare me,” claims Abelardo the Earnest Prosecutor to Marco and Sonya, speaking about the cops who tried to drag him into their vehicle. Yeah, Sonya’s not buying that; only her presence stopped them. “Rescued by the gringa,” Marco mutters as Sonya grills Marco about why he wasn’t on the scene.

Okay, it kind of hurts me that Marco lied using his family as an excuse, saying he was speaking to Alma about their youngest (when in reality he was in prison re-gouging David Tate’s eye but not offing him as planned). I really want to know about Marco’s grieving for his kids and wife, and this ends up not only a cover to fool Sonya but a tease to us about the reactions we’re not seeing from Marco. Abelardo points out when he files Eva’s affidavit, the impact will be immediate, “like a bomb,” at the Juarez police station.

The lies just keep piling up when Jack Dobbs gets back to Sonya’s and claims he was hiking instead of digging up the desiccated stiffs of his brother’s victims. “How about we toss it?” he offers quietly as she stares at Jim Dobbs’s ashes and wonders why on earth she took them.

They head to the dumpster as I sigh in relief; I thought Sonya would want to do some weird sacred treatment of those ashes of the man who killed her sister.   Oh, she made him a key to her place? But he’s not her boyfriend, she assures him. Sure, that’s a-ok with him. By the way, he’s taking a job to stay in the area and be near her. UN-MIX YOUR MESSAGES, YOU TWO!

Back in Juarez, Adriana’s contact, a tattooed priest, leads Adriana and Daniel Frye to put on black hoods (creepy) and meet with a professional assassin (hardcore creepy). He wants to confess his sins to god and the world about his 243 killings. While Daniel visibly blanches in posture, Franco insists, “but I was gentle at the end,” and “wiped their tears, “let them have their moments.” Awfully sporting of you, old chap.

Why did Franco contact the journalists? Oh, a friend in common, “Chuchito,” the dude Daniel and Adriana unzipped from a duffel bag. “No, no, no,” he insists when they panic and start to tug at their hoods. He only knew Chuchito as “a courier” and seems unaware of any connection to Fausto Galvan. He also surprisingly knows nothing of Millie Quintana and the stash house they discovered, but the same person who ordered Chuchito’s death also ordered Yusanda’s (AKA Raul Quintana).

Sonya and Hank go on a tip from Chip Diaz, the realtor for the model home that was bathed in blood — hey, that dude lived? I was sure he was one of the victims! — and visit Red Ridge View. On the way, they bicker about Sonya continuing to see Jack Dobbs. “I’m not asking for permission, Hank,” she snaps after he professes concern. “Fair enough,” he allows.

At the properly they see Fausto’s stamp (a scorpion) on the tile, and try to figure out how Eleanor’s visits to “a taxidermist, a bank, and this house,” are all connected to Fausto Galvan. Outside, Cesar from the Charlotte Millwright C-Plot phones someone to inform them cops are checking out the place.

Abelardo The Earnest Prosecutor’s bodyguard is, of course, willing to sell him out to the crooked cops. “Business is business,” he says once Abelardo has been hauled into a van in broad daylight. Then the cops kill the bodyguard while Abelardo watches in horror. Yeah, there’s no way this will end in anything approximating the general concept of “okay”.

Back at the Ranch for Sexy Endangered Women, Eva discovers Alejandro, Bob and Linder’s severely tortured unwilling informant. She runs to Linder, who begrudgingly explains Alejandro gave them the names of everyone who attacked Eva. “But I have a statement,” she protests; she wants to go by the legal channels. “You should have told me he was there,” she says stiffly as she leaves.

206 eva & linder

When will these two crazy kids get a script that lets Eva Guerra become a character in her own right?

Pfftt, Eva, why on earth would you need to know your rapist/stalker is on the premises at your safe house? Silly billy! Can’t she understand Linder will handle everything, because she’s there to give him a storyline instead of inhabiting her own narrative? Tsk tsk!

At Groupo CLIO headquarters, Adriana and Daniel Frye get a “polite cock-block” as they wait to question Sebastian Cerisola, the CEO (say that name and title ten times fast!). “They’ve all got blood on their hands,” Daniel dismisses the so-called legit businessmen when Adriana doubts CLIO would be involved with Fausto Galvan’s ilk.

After sticking his gum on the fancy water feature/logo, Daniel urges Adriana to leave with him; it’s better for them if Sebastian won’t confirm or deny the hot story they’re about to publish. Meanwhile, Sebastian wants every bit of info his men can gather — but on Adriana, not Daniel. Noooo, be careful, Adriana! You’ve barely gotten any lines this season aside from expositional-ly-backing Daniel Frye! I can’t have you die on me now!

“There’s been an accident,” Capitan Robles tells Marco when he arrives at the station. “I need you to investigate this quietly…Remember, it’s lucky you have a good friend!” Taking the dig that he’s indebted to Fausto Galvan silently, Marco urgently calls Sonya to meet him.

The cops claim “a delivery van hit him crossing the street,” but Sonya can see at a glance that Abelardo was tortured to death. Oh crap, if they got to him, they got to Eva’s statement!

“That shit right there is hot,” Daniel says with a grin as he lays his cheek on Adriana’s shoulder. They are the super cutest journalistic BFFs that ever were; if I could have more Adriana characterization this season, I would be wiggling my toes in delight right now. While she’s wary, he insists “we’re balls deep on this thing and the only protection we got is publishing that piece.” He offers to take her name off it, she decrees it’s “too late, so it’s time to grow a pair,” so they send the story off to their editor. “Next stop, Pulitzer Station,” Daniel says gleefully.

206 harvest of souls at ranch

Marco and Sonya, in a startling bit of police transparency with a witness, arrive to tell Eva everything’s gone to hell in a handbasket

Sonya and Marco travel to the Ranch for Sexy Endangered Women to tell Eva about Abelardo and how her statement is in the hands of the corrupt cops. “I don’t want your help anymore,” she tells them scornfully when they offer to patrol the road to the ranch and keep her safe.

Marco broods about how “Abelardo was one of the good ones. He was totally alone, trusted no one.” Do you see what trusting no one can lead to, though, Marco???? Will you freaking tell Sonya what’s going on? Marco is sure there were backups of Eva’s affidavit; they head to the hotel Abelardo was secretly staying at last to investigate.

Eva grabs an axe to menace Alejandro, insisting that “you didn’t touch my soul,” when he raped and attacked her. He alternates between calling her a whore while telling her awful details about her rape, and pleading for her to have mercy. At first she’s thrown by his words, but finally she snarls, “Keep begging,” and slams the axe into him. Linder quietly stands in the doorway until Eva turns away from now-dead Alejandro, her face spattered with his blood.

At the El Paso Times, Daniel and Adriana are furious their editor spiked the story. While Daniel mocks the editor, claiming that Groupo CLIO must have intimidated him with their goons or taken away advertising (and calling him a “failed cockspirt” for good measure) the man retorts he must be high and insists Daniel take a mandatory drug test.

Daniel Frye, being the lovable asshole reporter that he is, whips his dick out right there in the newsroom to pee in a cup in front of the shocked roomful of journalists. “You can’t fire someone for this,” he claims when the editor orders him out. But “that is why you fire someone,” he says coolly before he pours his piss all over the floor. So for anyone who doubted Daniel has a “huge set of nuts,” there you go!

Sebastian visits Fausto Galvan at a pool hall to exchange a few pleasantries before declaring mournfully, “when a Federal prosecutor dies, is murdered, business suffers. My business, your business.” “It wasn’t me,” Fausto shrugs. “It was Robles, and Robles is your problem,” Sebastian corrects him. You know what else is sticking in his craw? That gang of teenagers Fausto had murdered. Gosh, it’s soooo awkward when murderous cartel lords and incredibly corrupt oppressive institutions get in bed together, right? *wrings hands*

“He is a fascinating man,” Sebastian enthuses when Fausto unwraps the gift he’s brought him: a book about the man who opened England’s opium trade with China, who made a fortune for the British Empire and is honored with statues. “Power is best wielded with a gloved hand, not a clenched fist,” Sebastian lectures. Fausto throws the book to the floor despite Sebastian imploring this isn’t “the right time to start killing people.” “How do you want me to fix this?” Fausto asks ironically of their problems with the bank in Texas. “Gloves or fist?”

“You need backup,” Sonya insists when Marco stops at Abelardo the Deceased Prosecutor’s hotel. “I can’t use that here,” she says of the gun he hands her. “But you can carry it; come on.” Since Abelardo never checked out, they go through the things he left in his room. Outside, a police car pulls up, crap! Just as Sonya and Marco find the deposition, the cops shoot out the lock and burst in.

In the fracas and panic, Marco shoots one cop in the leg, but Sonya shoots the other. “We need medical attention,” Sonya says, terrified. But if they call for help, other cops, likely just as corrupt, will fly to the scene. “I’ll take care of it,” Marco insists. Sonya rushes to the hallway and immediately hears two gunshots; Marco has killed the cops.

Linder and Eva bury Alejandro. When Linder gets on a motorcycle, she climbs on behind him and they ride away from the ranch. I’m sorry that Eva had to kill Alejandro; the blood on her fact earlier seemed such an undermining of her hopeful declaration that the attack on her hadn’t touched her. But I am cautiously optimistic that we’re seeing her character act on her own, not merely acting as an attractive touchstone for Linder’s character challenges.

The blood from Eva’s encounter is echoed in the blood on Marco’s face after he’s murdered the crooked cops. “This is bad,” Sonya says, freaking out. “I shot a man, in Juarez, and you –” “I said I’ll take care of it,” he interrupts. “It’s on me, it’s my problem. You were never here, you understand?” AND YET SHE WAS, MARCO!

Will Marco take Sonya into his confidence more now that she has her own secret of culpability? Will the investigation of Capitan Robles stall now that Abelardo the Earnest Prosecutor has become Abelardo the Deceased Prosecutor? And are Eva and Linder fleeing to safety, or going on a killing spree of the men who victimized her? Also, what the ever loving hell is going on with Eleanor the Freaking Terrifying Former Mennonite? Tune in with me next week for episode 7 of The Bridge, “Lamia” and let’s find out together!