Sleepy Hollow 2.03 – Root of All Evil

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Previously on Sleepy Hollow:  Ichabod and Abbie tried to stop a binding ceremony on Katrina; Frank Irving was treated wretchedly (I will never forgive anyone about this), and there’s a new sheriff in town.  For real.

This week!  It’s time for spooky DIY crafts! Oh look, it’s an adorable exact tiny replica…of Tarrytown Psychiatric. Interesting choice. Henry Parrish finishes painting the replica and smiles. Well, that certainly doesn’t bode well. 

“What does it say about my life that I know Tarrytown Psychiatric’s visiting hours by heart?” Abbie mutters as she and Ichabod arrive for a visit. Abbie, I want to bake you all the cakes. D: “Admitting a new patient?” the receptionist says cheerfully when she sees Ichabod. Hey, someone fire this person for extreme insensitivity!

“Hi!” a mental patient guy says over and over to Ichabod. That’s about all the greeting from a patient they’re going to get; they’ve been banned from visiting Frank Irving by his lawyer, Henry Parrish. “He assumed the mantle of war, and when he emerges it is not as a raging colossus but as an attorney,” Ichabod complains. Well, at least Katrina can tell them what’s up with Henry’s plans! “Yeah, I’m sure we’ll hear from her soon,” Abbie says skeptically.

I am having a REALLY HARD TIME not hating Sheriff Reyes, okay? The Sheriff drops by to tell Jenny the story of her dog who wouldn’t stop running away: “and one day he didn’t make it home.” “I just don’t want to see you end up like your mother,” she adds when Jenny starts off for her mandatory community service (as penance for all that gun toting from last ep). “I’m past all that now,” Jenny grits out. “Good. Prove it to me,” Reyes snaps. HEY, BACK OFF, LADY!

Abbie and Ichabod track the cab Henry took to Sleepy Hollow Savings & Loan. Ichabod is briefly scandalized by two men holding hands in a café — not because they’re men but because one of them is wearing a hat indoors. How gauche! We learn he’s totally hep to gay sex because he knew and trained under Baron von Stuben. “Also, I watched the finale of Glee,” he admits haughtily. Admit it, Ichabod; you didn’t just watch the finale, and you weren’t just fast-forwarding to get to the songs.

Though Abbie restrains Ichabod from going after Henry when he emerges (lots of Abbie physically holding Ichabod back this season, huh?), a gunshot in the bank soon has her running to the scene. “No police work,” she reminds Ichabod, who can’t follow.

Inside, Abbie finds the shooter is a teller who is well known for her kindness and loyalty to the bank and its customers. “You helped me set up my first savings account, remember?” Abbie appeals to her, asking her to put the gun down. Cripes, that totally got to me, because foster kid Abbie bravely setting up her own little savings account? MY HEART, OKAY?

But Abbie’s attempts to talk the teller down, though they initially seem to have touched the woman, get literally shot down when Sheriff Reyes arrives on the scene and kills the teller before she can shoot. Gah, my mixed feelings about Reyes! It seemed like the totally wrong response, and yet Abbie and the others were in danger! *tears at hair*

Wait, evil coin what now? The teller held a coin, and now we see a dazed looking man walking from the bank, his fist closed around something, shadows flashing over his face and skull. Soon after, Ichabod climes into the former Sekkrit Headquarters of the Abbie and Ichabod Are Apocalyptical Witnesses Club. He complains of “slinking through the tunnels like a guttersnipe” to avoid “Madame Sheriff.”

Okay, Ichabod spotted the teller on the security tape pocketing one of the evil coins Henry brought to the bank BEFORE ABBIE DID? Let me just nope right out of here for a second…

I'll defer to Ichabod's knowledge of dead languages and fun supernatural historical facts, but hi, Abbie is the trained detective.

I’ll defer to Ichabod’s knowledge of dead languages and fun supernatural historical facts, but hi, Abbie is the trained detective.

Okay, I’m back! Hey, a funny thing happened with evil coins when Ichabod was on a secret mission from General George Washington because of course it did. When Ichabod and his men repossessed a set of coins that he thought were part of a “fake currency plot, to render [American] coin worthless,” Benedict Arnold picked one up and became the famous traitor we all learn about in first grade.

Ahaha to Abbie’s mention she’s heard of Arnold, “A little bit, yeah.” You can just taste her desire to unearth one of her third-grade essays about why Benedict Arnold was a no good traitor to wave under Ichabod’s nose (I totally bet that essay got two gold stars, by the way). “It was as if he’d been fighting a great evil in his heart the whole time,” Ichabod says sadly. If Arnold hadn’t been thwarted, the coins might have been used in the supernatural efforts to turn the tide of war against America; now, Henry plans to use them to turn the tide of war in his favor.

It wasn't Benedict Arnold's fault, y'all.  EVIL COINS!

It wasn’t Benedict Arnold’s fault, y’all. EVIL COINS!

Over at Horsemen of the Apocalypse Central, Abraham complains, “Katrina was correct to ask why I am confined here, while you come and go freely.” Henry looks about ready to throttle Katrina for Yoko Ono-ing them (I love Yoko Ono, by the bye). “Do not attempt to complicate [Abraham’s] motivations,” he warns her, or “it will kill you”. Hey, she asks casually, you settling in at Fredericks Manor okay? You know, the place where I gave birth to you? And for all that Henry is War with a capital W, that’s a petulant adolescent door-slam.

“You two go ahead and stop the apocalypse; I’ll be hosing graffiti off a wall,” Jenny says breezily as she stops by Sekkrit Headquarters. She’s none too sanguine when she uses Abbie’s clearance and realizes Sheriff Reyes was the one who put their mother in Tarrytown Psych. “Reyes was doing her job,” Abbie says firmly (though she’s unsettled to learn just how involved Reyes was in the case). Plus, their mother “tried to kidnap us.” Jenny refutes this, saying, “She loved us!” and storms out.

Ichabod and Abbie head out to find one of Jenny’s contacts, Hawley, who has that arrogant surfer dude turned smuggler of rare supernatural items thing going for him (ugh, that type, right???). “Slow down, Shakespeare,” he tells Ichabod when he explains “we endeavor to learn what you know of a rare coin” with powers to cause the holder to betray their deepest loyalties. Once he gets the deal, he wants to come along and take the coin as payment. “I know his type. Privateer,” Ichabod grouses.

They walk off, but Hawley gives ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle, figuring out the coin is a Shekel from Rome or Tyre. Okay, we’re working with one of the thirty pieces of silver Judas was paid to betray Christ? Man, this thing goes deep! “Maybe by tarnishing souls Henry is trying to build his own empire here,” they realize.

The man at the bank who took the coin carefully builds a bomb, laying it in a florist’s box with roses over it. “He’s holding me back; he doesn’t care about me,” his voiceover says as dark shadows flicker over his face. Soon after, his father sees the card “Dad” atop it in their shop and opens it. The storefront blows out in a fireball explosion.

“Hello, sleepy hollow, time to wake up,” Henry croons to the miniature replica of the city he has created. If it weren’t for him using that to spread evil and death and war, it would be such a cool little tiny town! I bet that thing is definitely to scale! It could only be better if it was a cake (of pure evil, naturally).

Abbie and Ichabod hear the flower shop bombing suspect had a quarter in his pocket when he was booked. “The coin of Judas may be in the evidence room as we speak.” But before she can pursue that lead, Abbie is pulled aside by Reyes.

The sheriff demands why Abbie accessed her personnel files. “It must have been hard speaking up,” Abbie says calmly, explaining she knows Reyes is the one who put her mother away. “What happened after that was unfortunate,” Reyes says, referencing Abbie’s mother’s suicide at Tarrytown Psych.

Sheriff Reyes, you enigma of a potentially villainous law enforcer, you!

Sheriff Reyes, you enigma of a potentially villainous law enforcer, you!

I actually like how ambiguously Sakina Jaffrey (yes, daughter of that Madhur Jaffrey; can you imagine the amazing family dinners?) plays Reyes. She could be involved in something sinister influencing her present reactions to Irving and her past treatment of Abbie’s mother. Or she could just be an overly rigid law enforcement official.

“The Flower Shop perp lawyered up,” Reyes says, and Abbie sees Henry Parrish giving her a gloating smile. Yes, he’s building an evil army of coin-befuddled minions, but I just love all of his tweeds and ties, okay? “Your son’s a lawyer; you must be very proud,” Henry taunts Ichabod in the hallway. When Ichabod launches into an awkward speech about how “I was not the most involved father,” Henry mocks him asking if he’s going to take him fishing next.

“You underestimate the good in people, I’m afraid,” Ichabod retorts when Henry claims the Judas coin reveals the darkness in someone rather than causing it. “You haven’t begun to know fear. Or sadness,” Henry shoots back. “Well, if you ever need an attorney, look me up. I’m building quite the client list, but I can always make room for family,” Henry adds smugly. God, I love everything about the way John Noble portrays this character.

Reyes cuts off Ichabod before he can follow Henry, emphasizing he’s not supposed to be near police work. Ichabod gives her a flowery speech about liberty, ending with, “I’m well within my rights” to be at the station. Is he? Because she can’t find records he actually exists. He hedges that he’ll provide identification, and she gives him twenty-four hours. “Cheers,” she adds, possibly to make fun of his English accent, but I think really because we should all make “cheers as a goodbye happen in America. Let’s all get on that.

Abbie soon figures out Henry already absconded with the Judas Coin from the evidence. Then while poor Jenny scrubs walls, the coin is tossed on the sidewalk. She hears a buzzing whispering soundtrack as she picks it up. “She’s never been on my side. Time to take her out,” Jenny’s voice says as Henry walks away smiling.

Hawley meets Abbie and Ichabod in a pub, where Ichabod scoffs at seeing an image of Paul Revere on the Sam Adams beer bottle and rants at the waitress about his lack of identification. “Then your needs will remain unmet,” is going to be my new catch-phrase for whenever someone asks me for something. Hawley explains Jenny showed up to borrow a gun and disappeared with a high-powered rifle. “My sister’s going to kill me,” Abbie realizes. I think she’s going to take aim at Reyes, but we’ll see.

Ichabod and Hawley head off on an adventure to steal some “consecrated glass” that will protect them against the Judas Coin. To distract a priest, Ichabod pretends he wants to confess and rails, “Well, my son abhors me, my wife is living with another man, and I must confess to feeling a growing hatred in my heart” for Hawley. Damn, that is a laundry list of issues. In the church beyond, Hawley breaks the glass, and Ichabod hurries off.

Abbie gets someone at the station to track Jenny’s GPS on her vehicle, and realizes Jenny’s headed to Sterling Forest, where Reyes has just gone on a hunting outing. “Maybe she’s hunting too!” the perky deputy offers, and yup, Jenny really does have it in for Reyes.

On the lookout for Jenny, Ichabod pulls Abbie aside to complain about Hawley, but Abbie protests, “Give him a chance; our ranks of allies are getting thin.” They can only count on one another. “And Katrina, of course,” Ichabod adds. Abbie’s Skeptical Face is becoming a thing; she doesn’t believe “a mother will turn against her son,” and Ichabod might have some food for thought about which man in his wife’s life he might want to worry about.

Just to back up Abbie’s suspicions, Katrina tells Abraham that Henry, “wants a connection to me,” and that’s why he moved to Frederick’s Manor. Um, what is Katrina’s game here? Is this her convincing Abraham another reason why she might stay with him? Or does she have another motive for sticking around, not only one that involves spying on the Horsemen? I get that she thinks Henry can still be saved and reached, but it’s interesting to see how archly Katia Winter plays this scene.

Hawley spots Jenny first. She’s clearly already got a clear shot to Reyes, who is hunting wildfowl from a ditch. Ichabod throws a pinecone to distract Jenny! Hawley runs to get to Jenny! Abbie throws herself in front of the rifle!

Can I just pause during this tense moment to say I think Hawley is totally Abbie’s new love interest? He has a very fun self-interested arrogance thing — well, I think it’s fun, seeing as how everyone else is all Good versus Evil, and he’s all, “How much moolah can I get for these cursed shekels?” Ichabod’s ready jealousy of him predicts future scenarios of him not liking Hawley being around Abbie. Who wants to take a bet on this one? We’ll play for Patriotic Cupcakes!

Okay, back to the action. “You want to shoot her, you’re going to have to shoot through me first,” Abbie says. When Jenny won’t stand down, Abbie changes tacks: “Let me take the shot.” “How is this talking her down?” Hawley asks Ichabod. Ichabod has the utmost faith in Abbie but just out of curiosity… “Hair trigger,” Hawley confirms of Abbie’s rifle.

“I lost my mother too,” Abbie goes on, and it’s a fantastic, lovely little heartbreaking scene we get here even if it’s only a slice of the larger picture of how Abbie buries her hurt and sadness while Jenny wears hers defiantly on her sleeve. “If either one of us gives into our anger,” though, Abbie explains, “we’ll never know what really happened to our mother….I need you to use that rage to beat” the forces of evil that keep them from knowing the truth.

When Jenny hesitates, Ichabod dives to take the gun. Abbie is momentarily transfixed by the coin, but before we can hear what form her evil voice in her head takes, Ichabod kicks it away from her. Hawley nabs it on a glass sandwich of stained-glass window pieces. When Jenny slumps to the ground, Abbie hugs her whispering, “I’m always on your side.” Around them in the forest, the birds of prey take flight.

Ichabod prepares to eat crow and thank Hawley for his help, but when he turns, Hawley has already gone. Ichabod’s indignant face is a thing of beauty (and I bet there are fans out there already slashing Ichabod/Hawley with snarky sexy tension).

Back at Tarrytown Psych, Ichabod circumvents the ban against seeing Frank Irving by, what else, visiting with The Hi Guy! I actually kind of love The Hi Guy, and hope he never ever is turned evil. I probably just jinxed it, didn’t I? *cringes* Ichabod murmurs to Irving when he arrives (“you may need a moment for this”, haha!) that Henry is his son, and the Horseman of War. “He’s getting me out” of here, Irving protests. “My family, they need me!” “If he wants you out, the safest place you can be is in here,” Ichabod answers firmly.

*wrings hands*  I'm so worried about Irving, you don't even know!

*wrings hands* I’m so worried about Irving, you don’t even know!

Poor Captain Frank Irving, my sweet babboo! He looks so sweaty and unsure, and he still doesn’t know he signed an evil, possibly soul-stealing contract with his blood! And honestly, it’s hard for me not to feel a bit, like I know Jenny has felt about Abbie, that Irving has been relegated to the back burner in confinement while Abbie and Ichabod deal with more pressing issues of evil.

In a fascinating turn for Reyes’s characterization, she hands over to Abbie “your mother’s records from Tarrytown.” Back at the pub with Ichabod, Abbie reads how her mother feared “the demons” who followed her, and wanted to protect her daughters. “My mother was tormented, literally tormented,” Abbie realizes, “Until she went crazy protecting us.” Gah, Abbie ALL THE CAKES AND PIES FOR YOU! DDDD:

Hawley shows up, so that Abbie can promptly muscle him into a chair, and I can crow in delight because she’s so tiny, and look at her strong-arming him like that! *snaps* He’s holding on to the coin, because “imagine what someone would pay…for the complete set,” of Judas Coins. Okay, crazy sauce; you go and collect those soul-killing coins!

Awww, Hawley made up false IDs for Ichabod? I swear, there is already slash fic of those on AO3 by now. “I fear no good comes from owing a man like Hawley a debt,” Irving says. The only currency now with any value is their trust in one another. “All other forms are too easily counterfeited,” he says as he spins a regular coin.

“On which side each of the players fall remains to be seen,” Ichabod’s voice continues as we see Frank Irving pacing and looking at the business card Henry gave him. Back at Fredericks Manor, Henry glares at the frame of the bed where Katrina gave birth to him. He looks unsettled and even disgusted before flinging out a hand that sets the frame afire. As the bed burns, we watch the flames reflected in his glasses. Okay, huge huge HUGE mommy issues, and I’m actually excited to see how the show plays out this anger and tension between Henry and Katrina.

OMG, we’re getting the Pied Piper next week; I am stupidly excited for that one! Join me then for “Go Where I Send Thee…”, and definitely PIPE UP (you see what I did there?) to tell me what you thought of this episode in comments! Virtual Patriotic Cupcakes await you as rewards!