Walking Dead – Season 6

Guys. Can I call you guys? We’ve been here through the seasons, pro-tips have been shared, Michonnes loved, Daryls admired, Caroles praised, Ricks both adored and chastised.

And… I can’t think of anything new to say. New nicknames? Ha, always, but nothing about this STORY, this relentlessly dark and–it has to be said–repetitive story. Look, I write stories as my day job. There’s a structure to this. And I know that in television there’s a bigger arc that I’m not privy to. But… I just don’t have it in me to keep recording like a stenographer the continued Bataan Death March in the hopes that there’s going to be something to root for.

There’s nothing to root for that’s new to say. <-- Read that again before you send me hate. There is nothing new to say. No new ideas, no new insights, just more this person is struggling morally, Rick, a glint in his eye and dirt on his brow, shows them that they must kill and push on; after all, he has a baby to raise and a Carl to get in the house. Wait, there is one new thing to say: CARL ORDERED SOMEONE TO GET IN THE HOUSE! Lori must be smiling from heaven. So feel free to use the comment section here to talk amongst yourselves. The FX are still cool, after all. And the normal HDJM rules still apply: don't be a dick, don't spoil, and don't be a dick. (I'm still watching, I just... I give up trying to be funny and insightful. The well has run dry, I'm afraid.)