Walking Dead 6.3 – Thank You

So… we all okay? Because you know (you comic book readers who have hatefully hinted to me to prepare for this since S2) that this is basically terrible.

Daryl Dixon Crying

We knew Michonne was okay. We KNEW it. Also, don’t tell anyone you twisted your ankle in the ZA. Suck it up, and move your buns. ALSO TIMES A MILLION, the pet store was hard for me. THAT WAS HARD. I don’t like thinking about creatures trapped in cages. That was some dark shizz.

BUT GLENN. Here is where you can vent, remember our most fabulous pizza delivery boy, whatever. WHAT. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL?? (Also: I toooootally thought Daryl was racing back to boyfriend best friend Rick and was shocked to see him returning to his mission. THOUGHTS??)