Hoarders returns!

Hoarders is not only back on network TV, but it’s back on A&E!

We’ll be here come Monday with new recaps and discussion posts, but I wanted to remind you guys that this website is not “the public’s.” Actually, it’s mine. There are no advertisements, no kickbacks from anyone. It’s just a site I built 5 years ago (almost to the day!) to have a space that was the opposite of every other forum.

I don’t want ugliness. I don’t want hate. I don’t want belittling and jeering, mocking, shitposting, none of it. Literally everywhere else has that.  Hey, Don’t Judge Me does not allow that, I will not keep those comments, and you better believe I mean it.

It’s not that you can’t have a different opinion, that would be ridiculous. It’s that you cannot leave a mean, belittling, angry, or outright cruel comment because you don’t have any manners. If you can’t understand the difference between talking like an adult to people and screaming down at people about how “stupid” or whatever it is you’re angry about, then this isn’t the place for you. Not until you learn the difference.

Besides, if that’s the way you prefer to do your blogging, then you’re going to be REALLY bored here, so I’m just saving you the agita and a whole lot of your time. You’re welcome. :)