What On Earth is this place?

Hey, Don’t Judge Me exists for one reason only: to be a place where we don’t have to hide our love of fannish things anymore.  It’s a place to boldly pronounce to the world that we love both bad and good television, cheesy books and high literature, crappy 3-D movies (and really freaking great 3-D movies), and spending the weekend in our pajamas.

There’s a real lack of positive fannish space on the internet, and that is one thing we can promise you here: we do not allow any hate speech, shaming, derogatory or condescending tones, or anything that takes away from your (or our) enjoyment of the subject at hand. 

No, really.  We mean it.  This is a place where you can feel safe to just love what you love (because we do, too.)  This is not the place to belittle people for not knowing as much as you (because there’s not actually a prize for that).

So hold your head high, secret lover of Saved by The Bell: The College Years, you are no longer alone.  You don’t need 12 Steps to get over the addiction to Passions that you once had. A patch for weaning yourself off of Michael Bay 3-D movies?  I don’t think so. Tell those interventionists that you love every single iteration of The Real Housewives franchise and you’re not going to let them send you to get treatment because there is nothing wrong with you.

Fan-fen?  Welcome home.

(But if you’re into Two and a Half Men or Twilight, you’re on your own.  We have some standards.)