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Laura Stone says if you don’t like nachos, then you’re wasting her time. Because they’re the perfect food, that’s why. She’s a full-time writer and amatuer wine hog. Connect at her personal website, Twitter, or Tumblr. Go ahead. Get your stalk on.  Head Writer, Owner

Josie Morin thinks life is too short to be unhappy. Dude. Let’s laugh. Also, she loves McDonald’s. [Editor: Be nice; she’s Canadian.]

Sam H  breaks hearts and jaws every Tuesday night at the fight club behind Taco Bell. [@allighater and tumblr]

Liz B is an enigma, and most of us aren’t sure if she’s even real. First rule of knowing Liz, you don’t talk about knowing Liz.  Will allow direct eye contact from Tom Hardy and subsists on a steady diet of puppy slobber, tacos and Red Velvet cake. [Tumblr]

Janey Ford sensibly fled the heinous constraints of academia so she could follow her true loves:  writing, pie-making, American Dad episode marathoning, and pretending to look for real work.  She credits Charles in Charge and  Mr. Belvedere for her unreasonable desire for a snarky manservant with whom to have madcap adventures, and hopes one day to post a recap as popular as Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog. [@heyjaneyford]

Hillary Pasternak is an aspiring cult figure. Her interests include pop culture, cheap wine, and YOU. Find her on Long Island sometimes, in Montreal others. [Twitter]

Vinnie Chaffee was raised on Yan Can CookThe Frugal Gourmet, and Perfect Strangers.  She is now a Liberal Arts major. Who works in a cosmetics store. Glamour girl by day, nerd by night, she watches enough genre television to cause people to side-eye her at parties. Sketchy TV is acceptable, however she will not indulge your desire to wear periwinkle eyeshadow and fuchsia lipstick simultaneously. [@nottheribbons]

Sophie writes how she talks: be warned. Her hobbies include historiography, gay detectives, and wincing psychological insight. Sophie is small and scholarly, and likes hooting at the television. If Jeremy Hardy proposed, she would say yes. Have some Twitter. [@clamorousvoices]

5 responses to “Our Writers

  1. Found your blog through Bing. You know I will be subscribing to your rss feed.

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  3. I love your site – especially the Big Love and True Blood recaps. Has anyone taken a look at the new Showtime Series “Homeland”? It’s the best series on TV. The creators were interviewed in Mother Jones Magazine and mentioned they used Timothy Weiner’s book, “Legacy of Ashes” as an influence on their portrayal of the CIA. Would love to hear your writers’ take on it.

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  5. OMG!!! Have you seen GCB? It started as Good Christian Bitches but we all know THAT wouldn’t fly for long, so now it’s Good Christian Belles. The premis is, a woman’s husband dies in a car wreck because he’s distracted by the BJ her best friend is giving him while they are fleeing with 5 mil he stole in a Ponzi scheme. She has to move from Cali back to Dallas to live with her mother and face the girls she was a Mean Girl to all those years ago. It’s GREAT!!!

    Hulu it, see what you think!