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Movie Recap: Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America! 

This film and Dan DiDio’s douchery during DC’s d…dpanel? at SDCC put me firmly on Team Marvel Movies for life. I wasn’t expecting to like Captain America: The First Avenger as much as I did–I haven’t read the comics, but I have seen Generation Kill and consumed a lot of post-September 11th pop culture, so Steve Rogers’s story–brave but physically unimpressive specimen becomes brave built superhero, loses none of his patriotic earnestness–made me worry that this was going to be on one side of the AMERICA! Spectrum, which looks like this: Continue reading

Robin: Year One pt 2

I had no idea I was going to have so many ~opinions about this book.  I guess I should have gone into Media Studies and written a dissertation on Batman.

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Robin: Year One (part one)

Let’s all get to know Dick Grayson, the love of my life.

This trade is too long to do all in one go, so we’ll do it part by part.

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Batman: Year One

This is one of the books that is rumored to be the seed for the final Christopher Nolan Batman movie. Rumor also has it that Christian Bale dines on the still beating hearts of virgins, so bring your salt shaker.

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New Feature: Comics Read Along

I’m a comics geek, let me show you how.

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