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Agent Carter 1.1: Now is Not the End & Agent Carter 1.2: Bridge and Tunnel

AGENT CARTER airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC

AGENT CARTER airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC

HEY WHAT’S UP Y’ALL. LONG TIME NO SEE. What better time to come out of my recapping hermitude than for the premiere of Agent Carter, aka SHIELD: Origins, aka HYDRA: The Prequel.

THE SHORT OF IT: yes, this show is awesome, definitely watch it. Fun, exciting, well-paced, well-written, worthy of Peggy Carter herself.

THE LONG OF IT begins, as always, under the jump!

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The Bachelor; Season Sean; Episode 7


Well, somehow, we made it through last week and Sean never removed his shirt. Sadly, there was goat milking as well. Good riddance, Montana. Hello, St. Croix and more Shirtlessness…. Continue reading

The Bachelor; Season Sean; Episode 4

Okay boys and girls! Who’s ready to watch Sean hang out in his boxer shorts while he looks for just the right shirt to wear…eventually?
sean undies

Well, we’ve seen him in the shower, working out, sauntering on the beach and now, in the closet. Hmmmm. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. I wonder if maybe we are focusing on the wrong gender? ABC? Are you sending us subliminal messages that this fine, young, upstanding, sexy-chested-shirtless man might be gay? I mean, he was rather willing to take kissing tips from Arie, so who knows? Continue reading

The Bachelor; Season Sean; Episode 3

Woohoo, it’s Shirtless Sean time! Seriously, is he contractually obligated to a certain amount of time on the show to be shirtless?


Mr. Overpaid visits the ladies and earns his paycheck by advising them to “Use their time with Sean wisely.” Well done. Cha-CHING! Continue reading

The Bachelor, Season Sean, Episode 2

Sorry for the late posting gang. Inclement weather in Arkansas shut us down, so I wasn’t able to finish watching and writing til today!

Sean may be one of the most boring Bachelors in the history of the show, but who cares as long as he never wears a shirt.

And that’s how we start episode 2…a shirtless Sean exercising his mind arms and legs. Then we follow him into the shower…seriously. Not that I’m complaining…
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The Bachelor; Season Sean; Ep. 1


We’re baaaack. And so is the crazy! This episode was  84 minutes and 22 seconds of wow. (And by “wow”, I mean, where do they find these people??) Continue reading

The Bachelorette; Season Emily; The Finale & After the Final Rose

These episodes are now referred to as The Sleeping Pill. There is no way you could stay awake watching them. Continue reading

The Bachelorette; Season Emily; Men Tell All

Here’s the thing about the Men/Women Tell All episodes: They have about 15-20 minutes of moments that are worth watching. The remaining 100 minutes is spent reliving all the best and worst moments of the season. (on camera and off). Continue reading

The Bachelorette; Season Emily: The Final Three

We arrive in Curacao where we see Emily looking ever so perfect being the king of the world on her own private boat ride. She’s very excited about being in Curacao and can’t believe three of the greatest guys she’s ever met are on their way just to date her. Continue reading

The Bachelorette; Season Emily; Hometown Dates

Hello my friends of the internets! This week’s recap is late because I have been without the internets since Sunday! WHAT? How have I survived? I’m not gonna lie, it was tough. But the wine helped.

So this week Emily visits with the final four and meets their families. Sometimes the family meetings are fun, and sometimes…eh.
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