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Boardwalk Empire 3.04 — Blue Bell Boy

We open this week with Owen in bed with Katie. I’d rather start with Owen in bed with me. But he’s shirtless, so I’ll go with what I can get. We learn that Katie has a pet name for his manhood — Mr. Poofles. That’s right. Mr. Poofles. I can’t make this stuff up. Nucky calls and interrupts them to tell Owen to read the paper.

Mr. Poofles. *sigh*  Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire 3.01 – Resolution

Last season (not necessarily in this order): Margaret slept with the sexy Owen Slater; Lucy had Van Alden’s baby and his wife Rose wasn’t very happy about it; Van Alden evaded arrest for murdering his fellow agent back in season 1; Jimmy tried to take over AC with the Commodore; Nucky made a slightly more honest woman out of Margaret; the beautiful Richard contemplated suicide and broke my heart about 50 times in only 12 episodes; Jimmy hired someone to kill Nucky, then intervened so he only got shot in the hand; Horvitz killed Angela and her lover when meaning to kill Jimmy; and Nucky shot Jimmy at the end (leaving poor Tommy to be raised by Gillian if Jimmy is indeed dead).

And now the season premiere… Continue reading