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Doctor Who 7.special02 – The Day of the Doctor


The Day of the Three Doctors Bickering and Solving Everything

The Day of the Three Doctors Bickering and Solving Everything

Previously on Doctor Who: the mystery of Clara and what, the War Doctor, what?

Suddenly Clara’s a teacher at a secondary school.  Who knows where the hell that came from; let’s just head with her right to the TARDIS instead of prying for character development.  She and Eleven reunite to joke about cocktails on the moon and Ancient Mesopotamia, only to be abducted with a GIANT CLAW (aww, that old chestnut!) pulling the TARDIS to U.N.I.T. headquarters at the Tower of London.  Continue reading

Doctor Who 1.12 – Bad Wolf

Endure petty human drama *and* a comfy chair? *reels in horror*

The Doctor awakens somewhere unknown, falling into a flat that’s been hit with a Pop-Art stick. Three inhabitants regard him with varying degrees of welcome and suspicion. “They never said you were coming!” one exclaims. “What’s your name then, sweetheart?”  “The Doctor.  I think,” the Doctor replies (eep?). “You got chosen,” his guide informs him: he’s a new “Housemate” just in time for eviction. A robotic voice summons him to The Diary Room, explaining, “You are live on Channel 4400. Please do not swear.” The Doctor grips the sides of his funkadelic red chair and snaps, “You have got to be kidding!”

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