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Big Love 5.10 When Men and Mountains Meet, Series Finale

I don’t think we need to do a line by line analysis, this was a pretty emotional and visceral episode. But first off, never underestimate the fans, right? We all totally called the Carl scene. (Then again, they laid the foreboding on pretty thick.) I will just say that my husband didn’t see it coming, but then, he’s not the most… observant of people, bless him.  Continue reading

Big Love 5.08 The Noose Tightens

It might just feel like it’s getting tighter from all the story lines that were crammed into this one, hoo boy. Are there really only 2 episodes left? It seems impossible. Also, the intro’s song seems more and more relevant as this show winds down: “Home – is this my home? Been starting over, bathe in the water.” I don’t know what baptismal font is big enough to wash all of their sins away at this point. Continue reading

Big Love 5.7 ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Bill Hendrickson’s “Home Plus” (“it’s us!”) reminds us that everything has symbolism. Bill builds homes. Not just that, he sells what you need to make a home. Nice touch, writers. And yes, I realize how dumb I am for not getting that until the final season. (Hey, did any of you get why they changed the intro and what it meant for their eternal souls? Didn’t think so.)

One nice touch I’ve noticed this season is the gender role swapping. Continue reading

Big Love 5.06 Bridge Over Troubled Waters

When pain is all around… Hooboy, this show is just becoming an exercise in sadomasochism. Everything is just dreary, hopeless, and unfair. But then as William Goldman wrote, “Life is unfair. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” Speaking of, would you like to join my Goji upline? Continue reading

Big Love That Special Relationship 5.05

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FINALLY. The show is finally back on track, and we’re at the halfway mark before it’s over. I did notice that this episode had a lot of LDS dogma in it, things that the average person wouldn’t pick up on. When you get why it was a big deal that Alby said “Alby-ite” and why the intro was changed last season, and you see how it all fits in, you realize how clever this show can be when they do their homework. Continue reading

Big Love: The “Divine” Role Of Women, aka, Where’s My Pot Pie?

Season 5 ep. 4, watch on HBO Sundays

Interesting that the dream Bill had about Emma Smith (first wife of the founder of Mormonism, Joseph) had her look and mannerisms set in the 1950s. The era of “Lysol douches” and “washing yourself so your family doesn’t hate you.” The state of Utah hit that 1950s mindset and decided to stick around.

Barb is trying to push this idea that women are equal to men, and if it wasn’t something I’d seen over and over in that state already, I’d root for her. It’s a lost cause, and she knows it, which is why she continually hides her new thoughts from Bill.

The past few episodes seem to be focusing on the whole patriarchy that is the LDS religion (don’t tell me polygamy is different, we’re going to redress that soon) and show what you get when you push for equality and do so in a closed society. Hint: it’s not going to be peaches and cream.  Continue reading

Final season of Big Love is…hmm. Are you feeling it?

Mormons, ERA, and Barb Drinking Booze

Big Love, Season 5, eps 1 -3

I caught up on this new season of Big Love yesterday and I have a big “meh” growing, even though there are some good things happening. 1) It feels reeeeaally forced in a lot of ways and 2) it seems like it is a midget practicing witchcraft away from being Passions. Oh, that there was a magical midget on this show. And of course the religious stuff they got wrong (or off in places) just bugged the hell out of me.

Lemme ‘splain. (And for new folks since the last season of Big Love, I am a former Mormon, my ex worked for Merril Jessop – he runs the YFZ Ranch in Texas, and my family was one of the first “out” polygamous familiess of SLC under the leadership of Brigham Young. Hit my “polygamy” tag for further reading, if you’re interested.) Continue reading

Big Love Season 4: JJ Theories

This post originated on another journal and is being added to HDJM canon.

I’ve gone on and on before about blood atonement, etc., so I’ll not revisit that. I did love having all of the “original” Hendrixes all together – all of the blood relatives, that is. We all know that Frank is an ass, Lois is wacko, Bill is self centered, and now we also have concrete canon on Joey also being self-centered. Ben is, too, to some degree, but I imagine growing up in a “normal” environment for the formative years helped him not be so self-focused. Also, his age has a lot to do with it. Continue reading

Big Love Season 4:The one with Alby and Dale

This post originated on another journal and is being added to HDJM’s canon

You should pretty much know that there’s going to be some pretty triggery stuff for people who suffered as closeted homosexuals. Also, I should throw in that I’m going to do some massive exposing (following along with the stuff the show said) about how the Mormon Church REALLY feels about lesbians and gays. (Trans people are straight up sinners in their eyes. Flat out, a person who is trans is barred from heaven, no ifs ands or buts to these dudes.)

Again, if you didn’t know that Alby was based on Warren Jeffs, well. He is. Continue reading

Big Love: Well that should explain why the LDS church fought Prop 8.

Season 4, Ep. 6 “Under One Roof”

If you didn’t know that Alby was based on Warren Jeffs, well. He is. Because Jeffs had rumors swirling about him for YEARS that he was gay. And that’s one of the reasons he was so brutal to women, because in his sick, twisted mind, that’s how you show your manliness. WHATEVER, the guy’s in jail getting taught daily (I’m sure) that same lesson.

This is going to be very blunt about the LDS’s treatment and views on Homosexuality, so be aware. Continue reading