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Teen Wolf – 1.04 – Magic Bullet

Beacon Hills, after dark. An SUV is driving down a street in an abandoned warehouse-heavy part of town. The woman driving hears a news report of animal attacks plaguing the locals, and turns it off with a disgusted huff. As she drives along the street, something big and fast darts behind her car. Soon it’s running along the driver’s side of the car – it’s the CGI RidicuWolf Alpha. The driver starts to get a creepy feeling that something is amiss, and almost has a head-on collision with a pickup truck as she turns to glance over her shoulder. Oopsie.

hey gurl how you doin

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Teen Wolf – 1.03 – Pack Mentality

Scott and Allison sneak out of the darkened high school for a super romantic interlude…. in the back of a school bus? They smile at one another foolishly for a moment or two before getting down to the sexy business. Suddenly Scott starts shifting uncontrollably. He pulls away from Allison in a panic and tells her to run away, but of course she doesn’t listen. Instead, she get an eyeful of his full-on wolfish face as he turns around to attack. This just isn’t her night, is it.


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Teen Wolf – 1.02 – Second Chance at First Line

Oh Teen Wolf. Bless you for opening this episode with a sweaty locker room scene. Scott drags his lacrosse gear off and throws it to the ground with a dramatic sigh, because his life as a hot wolfy duder is super difficult now that his gorgeous new girlfriend’s dad is apparently a werewolf hunter who wants to kill him.

Stiles notices his BFF’s sad puppy face (or possibly his shirtlessness) and stops to see how he is. He assumes that since Scott apologized to Allison and was given a second chance, everything is supercool. Of course it’s never that easy, Stiles. Scott explains about the hunter situation, and Stiles is rather uncharacteristically at a total loss for words. Yes, Stiles, it was Allison’s father! He shot Scott! In the woods! With a crossbow! Do you need a diagram?

….okay here is a diagram.

please don’t ask why derek is dressed in a french maid outfit

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Teen Wolf – 1.01 – Wolf Moon

I do not even know how I got here and I am scared. I AM WATCHING A SHOW ON MTV AND I AM WATCHING IT ON PURPOSE AND IT IS GLORIOUS. Hold me, fandom. Clutch me to your bosom whilst I objectify the hell out of some hot shirtless dudes. LET US EMBRACE.


The Beacon Hills, CA police department is investigating the scene of a crime. They’re prowling through the forest in the middle of the night, toting flashlights and leading agitated police dogs. Something is clearly afoot!


Elsewhere in Beacon Hills we zoom voyeuristically into the bedroom of one Scott McCall. He’s repairing the net thingy on his lacrosse stick, shirtless, because MTV loves us and wants us to be happy. Further evidence of this love appears when Scott starts doing shirtless pull-ups.

This is basically the best show ever.


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