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The Bridge 1.11 – Take the Ride, Pay the Toll

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Previously on The Bridge:  David Tate is such an efficient multi-tasker!  Who else could spend roughly 36-hours grabbing a collision victim and spiriting him away to a far worse fate, snagging a barely-in-recovery reporter to drug and kidnap him, and then lure his nemesis into accompanying him to a mystery destination under threat of killing his son?  Oh, and Charlotte didn’t let sappy prom memories keep her from taking out an old friend, while poor Sonya ignored bunches of debilitating injuries to try and find Gus.

“You ain’t smellin’ too good there, Tim-bo,” Ray the Skeevemeister Man-Toy LaDahBingBong tells his former pal as he drags him…somewhere.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.10 – Old Friends

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Previously on The Bridge: Though some of you may remember Charlotte being handy with a rake (yikes) and Steven Linder getting murder-munchies for a ham salad, I mainly recall wringing my hands, pushing myself further into the corner of my couch, and shrieking. MARCO! ALMA! HANK! SONYA, NOOO! Yeah, I think that covers it.

The huge shift in focus from the stark social divide between Mexico and the USA to the super duper personal grudges of David Tate continues as Tate calmly son-naps Gus Ruiz. Continue reading

The Bridge 1.09 – The Beetle

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Previously on The Bridge:  Sonya dismissed crazy Childress as the suspect and focused on a missing FBI agent Marco once knew.  Both Graciela and Charlotte realized Ray just might not be the right man to run their tunnels.  Ahem.  And a random highbrow benefit became the place where EVERYTHING EVER we thought we knew about the Bridge Butcher was violently shaken (much like Daniel Frye’s detoxing brain).

This week again opens with a series-shaping flashback.  “Kenneth Hastings”/David Tate pushes through a crowd to witness his dead wife and son pulled from their wrecked vehicle, viewing the horror through a prism of distorted lights on the bridge from Juarez to El Paso.  Continue reading