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Sleepy Hollow 1.11 – The Vessel


Previously on Sleepy Hollow, we learned the devastating history of Ichabod’s son, partly so Tom Mison could look beautifully vulnerable and please me greatly.  Plus Henry Parrish returned to Sin Eater the exposition of a story of witches and carnivals (seriously) and charm the socks off of me.  And now:

“Hell hath frozen over,” Abbie declares when Ichabod reluctantly parades around in, wait for it, his new SKINNY JEANS.   He doesn’t understand her “obsession with my finery” and why she wants him to change what he’s wearing.  Maybe because of some of the lingering cave grave damp, Ichabod.  *coughs delicately*  No dice, though, he’s back in ye olde duds a moment later.  Continue reading