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Hoarders: Family Secrets 1.3 – Michelle & Yama

You all know the drill by now: Hoarding is a mental illness, and we’re respectful of the folks who put themselves out there for public scrutiny in their attempt to better themselves, their families, and their lives. It’s incredibly brave what they’re doing, and we here at HDJM want to encourage them (and anyone reading) on that path to wellness by being kind and thoughtful as they take that journey.

hoarders lifetime mental illness,Matt Paxton Service Masters

Full episodes of Hoarders can be viewed on Lifetime TV. Hoarders airs on Lifetime at 9pm EST, Thursdays.

“This is never what I intended for my kids. Intellectually I know it’s wrong; I just don’t know how to fix it.” And that, in a nutshell, is the heartbreak of this disorder, isn’t it? Let’s meet Michelle. Continue reading

Hoarders 6.8 – BG and Lee, Chris

A&E, Monday Nights, 9EST

This episode has one of the most tragically beautiful homes in the show’s history, absolutely hoarded to the gills. And we also had another tender-hearted man that let his things separate himself from what he wants most: a relationship with his family.

Continue reading

Hoarders 6.7 – Susan, Michael

A&E, Monday Nights, 9EST

This was the episode for people with horrifying backgrounds. It was also a reminder that shopping addicts are some of the toughest hoarders to work with – there’s not a clear path to the emotional connection with an object to address. Continue reading

Hoarders 6.5 – Joni, Millie

A&E, Monday Nights, 9EST

To prepare for this particular episode, I’ll let you know that I have never seen more anger that had me worried someone was going to be hurt than I have in this episode. And we’re just seeing a 22 minute cut. Matt Paxton said that this was the episode that almost had him quitting the entire show. Not just walking away from a hoard, but quitting. It’s tough. (And there is anger in both stories, but allusions physical violence on the first, for those that need the warning.) Continue reading