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Hoarders: Family Secrets 1.5 – Ricky, Cynthia

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We’re back! Thanks for bearing with me last week–I don’t get paid to talk about the shows I love, and there are times when this show hits a little too close to home. That’s when I need to take a breather. But we’re back, and my all-time favorite doctor returns as well. And as Dr. Michael Tompkins explains at one point, “Hoarding is very complicated. ┬áThere isn’t one thing that contributes to it; it’s many.” Continue reading

Hoarders 6.5 – Joni, Millie

A&E, Monday Nights, 9EST

To prepare for this particular episode, I’ll let you know that I have never seen more anger that had me worried someone was going to be hurt than I have in this episode. And we’re just seeing a 22 minute cut. Matt Paxton said that this was the episode that almost had him quitting the entire show. Not just walking away from a hoard, but quitting. It’s tough. (And there is anger in both stories, but allusions physical violence on the first, for those that need the warning.) Continue reading