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Teen Wolf – 2.02 – Shape Shifted

Isaac Lahey is sitting at the dinner table with his creepy dad, nervously enumerating his current GPA while his dad eats dinner. Unfortunately, when it comes to chemistry class, Isaac doesn’t really want to be too specific about his grades, and his dad picks up on the deflection right away. Isaac goes from nervous to outright scared at the falsely affable tone in his dad’s voice. After a bit of back and forth, his dad proceeds to outright threats – does Isaac want to take this conversation “downstairs”? Finally, Isaac is forced to admit that his grade is currently a D. Welp.

ANGST: it’s what’s for dinner

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Teen Wolf – 2.01 – Omega

In the middle of the forest, for no apparent reason, Jackson seems to be taking a swim in an artfully ripped shirt. I’m not going to argue with this filming decision because UNF but I am definitely going to lol a little. He’s got a bite on his side, in pretty much the same area that Peter bit Scott, so I think it’s safe to assume that Derek has given Jackson the bite.

I’m sure this will turn out really well for everyone involved, aren’t you?

that is a masterful fashion statement, jackson

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Teen Wolf – 1.12 – Code Breaker

Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Scott’s just revealed his entire wolfy secret not only to Allison, but to Chris Argent and his hunter buddies. Allison, still stuck inside the school bus, is horrified, crying steadily, her eyes only on Scott. She and Scott share one more anguished look before Scott leaps off the hood of Chris’ SUV and runs off into the night.

this is prolly not what allison was expecting on prom night

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Teen Wolf – 1.11 – Formality

Allison’s driving along in the rain, thinking about what she saw that evening in the basement: Derek being a werewolf; Derek being tortured; Kate being crazy and unstable and really really enjoying herself while torturing Derek; just the kind of things that you don’t really want to be concentrating on while driving at night in the rain. Oh Allison. She’s barely able to keep from sobbing really wretchedly, because how is this even her life?

allison is having a bad day

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Teen Wolf – 1.10 – Co-Captain

Let’s get real for a minute now, shall we? I think we all know that the most unrealistic thing about this show isn’t the werewolves or other various marauding creatures of the night. It’s not the ridiculous ignorance of the rest of the town in face of an ever-changing variety of freaky goings-on. It’s not the blindness of local law enforcement to the presence of crazily armed-to-the-teeth murderous hunters in town. It’s not even the fact that an adorable hotass like Stiles Stilinski is still single. No, it’s the fact that we’re meant to believe that an entire town full of people could ever be this wildly excited about winning a high school lacrosse game. COME ON.

no one on earth has ever been this excited about lacrosse before

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Teen Wolf – 1.09 – Wolf’s Bane

Mr Harris is alone in his classroom, tidying up before going home for the evening. As he’s about to leave, he picks up a crumpled note off his desk – it’s a list of other people with the surname Harris, and each one of them is crossed off except for him. Mr Harris stuffs the note into his coat pocket nervously.

Behind him, a hideous claw-handed creature clenches its hideous clawed fist and growls menacingly – the Alpha! YES EAT HIM ALPHA EAT HIM. Mr Harris hears the growl, shivers a little, and without even turning around, begs it not to kill him.


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Teen Wolf – 1.08 – Lunatic

Stiles and a pretty grumpy and reluctant Scott are heading out into some local campgrounds to get nice and drunk, because that’s what you do when your beloved girlfriend dumps you in the high school parking lot—get hammered with your BFF! Half a bottle down and Stiles is flopping around hilariously, but poor Scott’s wolfly powers are keeping him awfully sober. Stiles is my new favorite drunk, as he is both adorable and delightful.

everything about you is a delight, stiles

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Teen Wolf – 1.07 – Night School

Picking up where we left off last week, Scott and Stiles have hidden themselves in the empty high school to hide from the ravenous crazy Alpha. They’re totally weaponless and unable to lock the doors behind them, which is surely not the best of situations. Stiles spots the discarded bolt cutters on the sidewalk outside and darts outside to grab them while Scott flails with dismay.

Just as Stiles has tiptoed dramatically down the short flight of steps toward the bolt cutters, the CGI RidicWolf Alpha creeps out from behind Stiles’ jeep. Scott sees it and immediately starts banging on the door and shouting Stiles’ name, totally distracting him and WASTING PRECIOUS ESCAPING TIME. The Alpha charges at Stiles with a hungry snarl.


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Teen Wolf – 1.06 – Heart Monitor

Weighed down with a bunch of grocery shopping, Scott walks out into a multistory parking garage and realizes he’s on the wrong floor. He heads up one more flight in search of his mom’s car, but it’s still nowhere to be seen. Scott eventually resorts to clicking the alarm button on the keychain in hopes that the car will make itself known.

How did people even find their cars before those keychain things were invented? It is a mystery.

bloop bleep

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Teen Wolf – 1.05 – The Tell

A neckbeardy dude is up on a ladder changing a flickering fluorescent light bulb in the video store one evening as Lydia and Jackson pull up outside. They’re arguing about what video to rent—well, Jackson’s arguing; Lydia’s just shutting him down like a boss. And the boss wants to watch The Notebook. Jackson is surely no match for the manly allure of Ryan Gosling, and he knows it.

jackson is no match for the duckface

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