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The Bridge 1.04 – Maria of the Desert

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Previously on The Bridge:  Charlotte buried her husband Carl, slept with masculinity-issues Marco for extra infidelity points, and lost a prize horse to a hella-scary senora who wants her to re-open her ranch’s immigrant smuggling tunnel (how Charlotte finds the time for Pilates and manicures, I’ll never know).  Sonya and Marco hauled in Steven “Creepy Mutton Chops” Linder, who seemed both oddly sympathetic and crazy suspicious.  Adriana took Daniel Frye to Juarez, where he got drunk, saw a guy shot, and pried into her family and personal life.  And Maria, the on-the-run illegal, escaped death only to get kidnapped and duct-taped to stakes in the desert.

“Whose idea was this internet horseshit anyway?” Hank barks over at CAP El Paso.  Hank, I have been wondering that FOR YEARS.  But Hank’s focused on live-feed of poor Maria, which Tim Cooper explains has “gone viral”: twisting in her duct-taped bonds (with the standard, but frankly lower-key than I’d have anticipated, chest-thrusting and squirming focus on the female victim’s body).

Wow.  That’s horrible.  And I’m a bit freaked out how impressed I am that our mystery killer got such a good signal for his nefarious live-feed in the middle of the freaking desert.    Continue reading