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The Bridge 2.13 – Jubilex

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge:  Marco tried to protect Romina while Hank and Sonya took on Eleanor and a larger conspiracy.

Though Hank tells Sonya to wait for back-up to pull over the van she’s following, he flags down the semi he’s trailing despite his injuries. When the driver escapes with a shotgun, Hank fires his gun. In one of the best shots this season, he peers under the truck to keep an eye out for his adversary, and sees a liquid dripping that looks to be gas or oil. When a limp hand falls down, though, it’s clear the dripping was blood. Hank is a scary badass, y’all.

The truck cargo? Of course it’s tons of drugs. But surprise, it’s also Steven Linder, somehow still twitching and alive despite being Robles taking him down at close range last ep. “Holy shit,” Hank says. Omg, Hank, SAME!

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The Bridge 2.12 – Quetzalcoatl

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge: Cartels! The DEA versus the CIA! Badassery!

Monte Flagman, the remarkably sanguine ear to the cartel lawyer, takes in his cowboy boots to get the murder blood cleaned off of them. Sheesh, he can only spare a few coins for Little Lupe who has leukemia? Surely you could stuff some dirty drug money dollars in that charity collection can, Monte.

After feeding the skeptical boot cleaner a lie about antelope hunting, Monte finds Eleanor waiting for him out back, fondling the shoemaking stabbing tools. Continue reading

The Bridge 2.11 – Beholder

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge, Marco and Sonya rushed to save Hank, Eleanor went from critical condition to creepy torturer, and Fausto got hold of something Sebastian wants to protect.

Fausto Galvan and his wacky assistant Obregon show us the banality and awkward humor of evil in a clever and uncomfortable opening scene. They fuss at each other while filming a threatening video for Sebastian Cerisola, showing his daughter Romina at gunpoint. Fausto’s menacing words about how Sebastian “forced me to remove my gloves and close my fist” are both undercut and made creepier by Obregon’s eager “accion!” at the start and comments on the props. Whoops, Fausto has an unloaded gun at first, haha! Let’s just replace that with a loaded pistol and aim that at Romina’s head, shall we? *shudders*  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.10 – Eidolon

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge, Marco rushed to save Sonya, and a simple business deal at the Red Ridge ended in a shocking outcome.

Eleanor opens the ep with an impatient conversation with a gas station attendant who is trying to get her to buy a 2-for-1 energy drink deal.  She just wants one, okay guy? “I prefer wet naps,” Eleanor says stiffly when he offers her a tissue for the murder blood on her collar (whoopsie). “Wet naps are awesome,” the guy agrees awkwardly.

Okay, odd, stilted opening, sure, but when Eleanor gets into the car outside, who is sitting next to her? Yovanni (he of the violent de-earing of DeLarge’s bank assistant). So we’re not just meandering around in the beverage aisles; we’re looping back to the season’s beginning, for more answers about Eleanor and context for the shootout that happened last episode at Red Ridge. *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this thing!  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.09 – Rakshasa

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge, Sonya made a deal with Agent McKenzie; Linder and Eva went all Natural Born Killers roadtrip childhood-trauma-style; and Fausto Galvan tightened his circle and went underground.

Cesar and Eleanor bond over vampire erotica and family talk (turns out Eleanor had a son “taken from me”; now there’s a season three seed if renewal is a go, right?). Cesar’s briefly insulted when Eleanor asks if he can use a machete (“Why, because I’m Mexican?”). But don’t worry; she’s not being racist. It’s only that she wants him to train Jaime to kill people in newer and more violent ways. Whew!  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.08 – Goliath

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge, everyone was a lying liar who lied.

Christ, is that Sonya’s mom about to shoot up in Homeless Tent Town? Sonya uncovers a keepsake box of her sister’s and removes a pendant with a lock of hair. “It’s over,” she says quietly, leaving the item in her unconscious mother’s hand. After watching Sonya leave, Eleanor takes the trinket and smells the hair, because Eleanor is creepy and terrifying lots of the time.  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.07 – Lamia

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge, Eva took matters into her own hands, Daniel and Adriana found a new lead on an increasingly dangerous story, and Sonya and Marco pushed for evidence by any means necessary.

In this week’s episode, we see Daniel Frye has kick-box-danced his way hard off the wagon, partying accompanied by his drunken RUSH-loving sponsor Gary. “You still got that hook-up with Secretary of State?” Daniel yells in between chest-bumps and lines of coke. Sure, Gary’s company does their IT, he confirms between swigs of beer. “You are a great American!” Daniel shouts. “God bless me!” Gary yells.   Continue reading

The Bridge 2.05 – Eye of the Deep

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge, DeLarge the banker felt the heat, Sonya and Marco got on the trail of Groupo CLIO and even more of Fausto Galvan’s shady dealings, and Eleanor reunited with a creepy pal.

After I pooh-poohed last week’s dull opening, I should have seen this one week’s abso-freaking crazycakes one coming. So violent out of the gate that it’s going behind a read-more, friends!  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.04 – The Acorn

the bridge 2 season 2Previously on The Bridge: Eleanor cleaned up her messes while Daniel and Adriana found out something stinks in Juarez.

On her stroll through desert land dragging file boxes, Eleanor stops to commune with a dead armadillo and build it a piled stone monument (as you do). “Is it safe?” she asks a man who stops in his van. Though he wants her to sit up front, “I prefer to sit behind you,” she says ominously. Wow, that was a weirdly anticlimactic opening.

“The ear will not be an issue,” DeLarge the bank manager mutters into a phone. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere! Back to money-laundering, scheming, and de-earing, whew. Continue reading

The Bridge 2.03 – Sorrowsworn

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge: Kyle became an object lesson for that old chestnut (don’t take home strange religiously delusional women just to cop a feel); taxidermy is considered a creepy practice for a reason; Marco starts to work Sonya’s case from both sides; and if a drag queen helps anyone on the side of the righteous, well, just draw your own Kiss of the Spider Woman mini-tragedy conclusions from that, okay?

Eleanor learns about the fun of discount shopping and takes a new spin on old school self-flagellation by ecstatically sticking pins into her tattooed chest and smiling at the blood running down. The extended time spent on this bit is a micro-encapsulation of this season so far: Eleanor is sinister and fascinating as she punishes her many and varied sins in the mirror, but where in this picture are Sonya and Marco fighting crime? Hey Eleanor, you get blood on that two-for-one blouse, you bought it, okay?  Continue reading