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Torchwood 1.01 – Everything Changes

Torchwood is Doctor Who’s post-watershed younger sister. It goes out and parties at night while Doctor Who reads books about space adventures to orphans. It brings strange men and women home with it and has loud, awkward sex in the next room. It giggles during church services while Doctor Who tries halfheartedly to shush it. It’s camp, it’s racy, it’s hilarious, it’s ridiculous, and it’s occasionally heartbreaking. It’s the best. And we’re going to watch it.

As Janey’s recaps of Doctor Who would have you assume, Torchwood picks up after Season 2 of DW, after the Battle of Canary Wharf in “Doomsday.” There are definite spoilers for Doctor Who seasons 1 and 2 in this season of Torchwood, so be warned! It’s a very well-tied-in spinoff, so it helps to already be familiar with what’s happened in the first two seasons of Doctor Who, as well as the third season, with which it runs parallel. But it isn’t strictly necessary. Where Doctor Who’s sweet, childish themes might not appeal to some people, Torchwood picks up the slack and runs off into the sunset with massive explosions and a few scenes you do not want to experience while sitting next to your elderly aunt. Or maybe you do! Maybe you’re into that! What I’m saying is, there were lots of viewers who forewent Doctor Who and dove right into Torchwood for its Shakespearean levels of blood and death and its lack of kid-friendly moral fiber.

So with all of that in mind, why don’t we start this thing off?

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