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Doctor Who 2.11 – Fear Her

The Doctor and Rose sniff out a very stinky mystery!

A London 2012 Olympics banner stretches over a neighborhood where posters of missing children abound.  A grandmother-type urges some boys inside: “It likes when they’re playing!”  I watch through my fingers until it’s quite clear this isn’t a Very Special Pedo Bear episode.  Oh, thank goodness; instead, it’s a mean little girl singing “Koukaburra” alone in her bedroom and sketching kids until they go *poof!* from outside and end up trapped in her pictures.

Hey, I am so glad we stretched out that mystery to the end of the ep!  Oh, hell, we’re not even at the opening credits, are we?  “What do you want with our children?” the elderly woman cries.  Not to build suspense, I’ll tell you that much.

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