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Hannibal 1.13: Savoureux


Hannibal airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC

The proper French pronunciation of savoureux is actually save yourself.

PREVIOUSLY: [all of us collectively singing “danny boy,” crying with snot]

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Vikings 1.08 & 1.09

Vikings airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on The History Channel

PREVIOUSLY, ON VIKINGS: Ragnar invited King Aella’s unending hatred by murdering his brother, and Lagertha miscarried. That’s it.

Okay, full disclosure! This is an email I sent to Laura on April 23:

OKAY AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED I HAVE NOT FINISHED THE VIKINGS RECAP YET BUT. I have a problem. This past episode made me so fucking angry with every aspect of it that I know I definitely can’t be funny about it, and probably can’t even be impartial and do a dry basic “this is what happened” recap (which nobody would want to read anyway). It’s like they took everything I loved about the show and fucked it up in every possible direction and I don’t know what to do! I’ve been trying to write it for like two days, and I’m just so frustrated with it that I keep stopping. I know HDJM is supposed to be positive but I genuinely didn’t enjoy a single thing about the episode. WAT DO I DO HOW DO I WRITE ABOUT IT OMG. :(

At that point I also had what I can only assume was machupo, so I figured that maybe by the finale A) I would be better and B) so would the show. MAIS NON. Something terrible happened between episode seven and episode eight that turned a previously literally perfect show into a hideously-paced mess of destroyed characterization and nonsensical plotting. Laura emailed me back pretending to be Oprah and gave me a special dispensation to “write my truth,” so it’s gonna get complainy in here. I FULLY UNDERSTAND IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ FURTHER AS THIS WILL NOT BE A RECAP AND WILL PROBABLY NOT BE FUNNY. Just for completion’s sake, I wanted to put this down–because I did really adore this show, and will maintain that the first six episodes are worth it all on their own. Its downhill journey was just so fast and so furious that the only explanation is darck magicks.

The only other show I’ve ever felt like this about was Community, but that show had 3 seasons to make me fall in love with it and there was a discernible reason for why I can’t stand it now. I was sold on Vikings after the first episode, and I seriously have no idea how this disaster happened.

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