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Boardwalk Empire 3.05 – You’d Be Surprised

We open with a scene not for children that blows my mind in all the right ways… Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire 3.04 — Blue Bell Boy

We open this week with Owen in bed with Katie. I’d rather start with Owen in bed with me. But he’s shirtless, so I’ll go with what I can get. We learn that Katie has a pet name for his manhood — Mr. Poofles. That’s right. Mr. Poofles. I can’t make this stuff up. Nucky calls and interrupts them to tell Owen to read the paper.

Mr. Poofles. *sigh*  Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire: 3.03 — Bone for Tuna

If you don’t know the meaning of the title, don’t worry. Neither did I. But the writers tell us in the episode, so you’ll have to wait until we get there. This week opens with Nucky having a nightmare – he can’t reach Billie on the phone, he sees a young boy in front of him who he starts to cook up some back for and ends up shooting when the frying pan turns into a gun. It’s unsettling to me and worse for Nucky. Eddie wakes him to say Margaret’s on the phone, that the Bishop’s representative is there to go over the plans for his award ceremony and she’s not letting Nucky out of it. After hanging up with her, he asks Eddie if Billie has called and she has not. Foreshadowing? Maybe. Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire 3.02 – Spaghetti and Coffee

Sorry for the delay. There was Sunday Night Football. And replacement refs. And much crying.

We open to an unknown (and mostly unseen) man drilling a hole in a door and then dumping a fishbowl out into a sink. At the last second, he saves the poor goldfish flopping by the drain by scooping it into a glass of water. I have no idea what’s going on, but I don’t think he’s just cleaning the bowl.

It’s get out of jail free day for Eli. The only problem is that his ride home… is Idiot Doyle. Eli reluctantly gets in the car and one of the most realistic dialogue conversations ever on television happens: Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire 3.01 – Resolution

Last season (not necessarily in this order): Margaret slept with the sexy Owen Slater; Lucy had Van Alden’s baby and his wife Rose wasn’t very happy about it; Van Alden evaded arrest for murdering his fellow agent back in season 1; Jimmy tried to take over AC with the Commodore; Nucky made a slightly more honest woman out of Margaret; the beautiful Richard contemplated suicide and broke my heart about 50 times in only 12 episodes; Jimmy hired someone to kill Nucky, then intervened so he only got shot in the hand; Horvitz killed Angela and her lover when meaning to kill Jimmy; and Nucky shot Jimmy at the end (leaving poor Tommy to be raised by Gillian if Jimmy is indeed dead).

And now the season premiere… Continue reading