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Orphan Black 5.1 – The Few Who Dare

Previously! Everything sucked for the clones (except for Rachel, she’s like on top of the world and all it took was stabbing her unloving Mother!) and I was confused because all the bad guys keep dying and I don’t know what faction is what or who!

Actual representation of how the clones’ world is burning around them

Welcome back, Clone Club! Who knows what this, the final season, will bring us? Will our eternally constipated Detective Art Bell finally smile? Will ginger Gracie show up and be useful by maybe using her ginger anger and trying to smother that Westmoreland guy? Will we ever see Gemma and Oscar again or will they forever be ‘visiting Grandma’? Will Sarah Stubbs jump into a scene and sing a line or two from ‘Pippin’? Will our favourite college student/drug dealer Ramone show up on the island with some underground penicillin for Sarah? Cause she could really use some right now. Will Hot Paul make a deus ex machina and show up with tears in his eyes and kill like all the bad guys and then sweep me into his arms and oh wait. Right. Recap.

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