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Walking Dead 5.14 – Spend

Previously! Father Gabriel is setting up a new chapel. Alexandria found work for him, too. A gift of strawberries from someone named Rosemary has him freaking. He tears a page out, then more and more, ripping the book into shreds. DAMN SON, YOU LEFT HARD.

Father Gabriel Walking Dead,Walking Dead Father Gabriel, Seth Gilliam Father Gabriel

Fun fact! Rosemary mythologically is a symbol for remembrance of the dead. Can’t stop remembering the people you locked out of your church, Gabriel? And strawberries symbolize purity, passion and healing. I guess there won’t be healing as long as he can still remember his own dead, huh?

But enough about him. I came here to chew bubblegum and get turned on by Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle, and I’m all out of bubblegum. [dirty bass line] Continue reading

Walking Dead 4.15 – Us

AND BRING CONDOMS :D /sexy bass line

AND BRING CONDOMS :D /sexy bass line

Previously! In this penultimate episode, we had theories on dinosaurs, sad and lonely Tom cats, reunions, and no sign of Beth…OR WAS THERE? Also, you didn’t think I would go into this recap without telling you how to make a penny battery, did you? Oh, have I got protips for you. AND THEORIES. Let’s dive in. Continue reading