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Sleepy Hollow 1.03 – For the Triumph of Evil

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Previously on Sleepy Hollow:  Learn how to live a modern life, the post-it-note-reminder way!  Abbie revealed more about her history with Sheriff August Corbin; Ichabod’s wife Katrina warned him of a dark spirit; Andy Dunn witch-enabled some flesh-stealing of some of Sleepy Hollow’s citizens; and Ichabod killed an evil resurrection WITH FIRE.  Continue reading

Sleepy Hollow 1.01 – Pilot

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Redcoats!  Explosions!  Dreamy British turncoat spies who look fabulous even when firing a pistol!  Heeeyyyyy, it’s a battle in the USA — in Sleepy Hollow‘s 1776 series opener with British soldiers confronting colonial forces.  But who can pay attention to the scuffle when Ichabod Crane (played by Tom Mison) is just so ridiculously good-looking?

Lucky for us the focus soon shifts from the larger battle to Ichabod Crane’s confrontation with a creeper of a Redcoat who wears a Hannibal Lechter-esque leather mask obscuring his face and has a weirdly distinctive mark on his hand.   When a gunshot does nothing to bring down his foe, Ichabod Crane cuts off his freaking head.  Revolutionary battles were hard-core, y’all.  But Ichabod has also been hit, so when his enemy falls, he collapses in tandem with him.

Next we’re in a cave.  I don’t know; just go with it.  Continue reading