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Hoarders 8.13 – Celia, Nathan

hoarders mental illness reality

WARNING: This week features Celia, an animal hoarder, but I promise it’s not the level of animal hoarding we’ve seen in the past. (And all of the animals have since had medical attention with the vast being adopted out, thanks to the local SPCA.) Continue reading

Hoarders 8.12 – Sandy, Len

hoarders mental illness reality

“This behavior is self-abuse.”  This week’s episode features two people who are lost in their loneliness, their hoards serving as their companions. Continue reading

Hoarders 8.11 – Sybil, Ron

hoarders mental illness reality

A reminder that this website is not affiliated with A&E, nor is it an “official” Hoarders board. I expect people to treat this site like they’re guests in my house (because that’s essentially what you are) and to be respectful. Thanks.

Two very different people with similar reasonings for hoarding: they’re both banking on having things other people could want. One wants them to donate, the other to sell. The big question is: is there any value in these beleaguered items?

Continue reading