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Game of Thrones 8.5 – The Bells

Previously! {Edited to add: I am UNSULLIED. We don’t talk book knowledge at all here, if you’re new. Show only! Thank you very much!}

Me, for the hour and change of this episode.

As has become my norm, I wrote this as I watched, so you’re getting my gut reactions to moments, but I promise I end with some thinky bits. Also, as a fan of Metallica’s old (prime) bits, THIS SURE REFLECTED FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. (Time! Marches! On!)

“If you think you’re getting a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” I mean, we were told this a while ago… Continue reading

Game of Thrones 8.4 – The Last of the Starks



Hey so that was stressful and suspenseful and also FILLED WITH DRUNKEN, HORNY JOY and then LOTS OF GASPING IN HORROR. Let’s get straight to it. Continue reading

Game of Thrones 8.3 – The Long Night


Alexa: beer me strength.

key and peele

WHO’S READY? I have my wine open, my laptop precariously placed on my lap, and I’m going to write this AS IT AIRS. What could go wrong?

…Alexa: Prime me some wine stain remover. [Preemptive move.]

AND NOW MY WATCH BEGINS. Continue reading

Game of Thrones 8.2 – A Knight of Seven Kingdoms

Me watching each week:


I would like to remind all that I love Tormund Giantsbane, aka Gjödkr the Bær Fücker with all my heart. And I thought I wanted something, but when it happened… Well. Gah.

IF YOU ARE NEW HERE: I am Unsullied. I know, preposterous, right? And yet! No book talk. None. Plenty of show to talk about, so you. Are. Good! ANd how fun is it to watch me get things wrongs? SO FUN. To the episode! Let’s press on.

Continue reading

Game of Thrones 8.1 – Winterfell

The night is dark and full of spiderlords…



First off, hello and holy smokes, have I missed you, the show, the discussions, all. of. it.

NOTE: If you’re new to this site, welcome! I’m a mess! I’m also Unsullied and have sworn a vow not to read the books until the show is over (I know. I know. And what you want to tell me—you’re not the first. I’ve literally owned the books this entire time and had to wait. Pure torture, let me tell you.)

So we have a rule here: no book talk. No, not even about that. You’re old enough to know that there are things in the books that didn’t make it to the show (yet?) so be a dear and shut up. Only show talk, no spoilers! Bless and thankee sai.

TO THE SHOW. Continue reading

Game of Thrones 6.10 – The Winds of Winter

[Previously!] Jon was reborn through the Army-Vag, Sansa took care of business, Bolton died a fitting death, Dany and Yara eye-boned like the world wasn’t coming to an end, Cersei creeped closer to losing her gott-damn mind, and Arya got out of her promise to the House of Black and White. I think. Yeah? Yeah.

Loras Tyrell high Sept

The moment we’ve been waiting all season for! Well, kind of. We all kind of remember Loras, right? Erm…

AND NOW… [crams fists against mouth] JUST CLICK. (Remember: I AM UNSULLIED. NO BOOK TALK. I have also been waterboarded by Cersei’s wine glass it seems…)

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Game of Thrones 6.7 – The Broken Man

Edmure Tully Blackfish Frey


[Previously!] Hey there! We’re jumping straight into it, both the recap and the show, evidently, so there’s your warning. Also: NO INTRO?!? Instead of my familiar sweeping game board, it’s Ian McShane (!!) leading the construction of… who knows this early but HOLD THE DAMN PHONE. THE HOUND ISN’T DEAD?! The Hound? HE IS ALIVE.

Okay, this season is throwing out the old playbook. Instead of the characters we’re most interested in dying, SOME OF THEM ARE TURNING UP ALIVE. Glory Be! And oh, okay, there’s my intro, and it’s almost anti-climactic after that shocker. (But I clapped and hummed along, because of course I did. Are you new?!  Wait…are you?)

HI, NEW PEOPLE. I am Unsullied. We take it seriously here. No book talk. You literally have everywhere else, but this place is Show Only because you guys get to laugh at how emotional I get. WHEE!  (No seriously, it’s fun. I get super emotional; it’s totally ridiculous.) Continue reading

Game of Thrones 6.5 – The Door

[PREVIOUSLY] Guys, this is going up early. I’ll catch typos and put more images in after I’ve had a good, hard cry. YOU KNOW WHY. Not saying above the cut to spare anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

game of thrones children


Good hell, this season just. Gets. Better. Warning: EMOTIONS AHEAD. Also: EPIC POETRY FOR THAT ONE CHARACTER. (Stick to show talk, not book talk, I’m Unsullied, etc etc., thankee sai.) Also, for any new folks: I literally have a few glasses of wine and watch the show, writing as I watch. Fun!  Continue reading

Game of Thrones 6.3 – Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones

You’ve got to pick a pocket or two, boys…

[Previously!] The show started with Ned Stark beheading a guy for breaking his Oath, young Jon at his side. And it ends with… Well, keep reading.

REMINDER: I am NOT a book reader. I am Unsullied and took an oath (hurr) to stay that way, AND MY WATCH HAS NOT ENDED. Every damn week I get someone who wants to laugh and explain that, ha! We’re all on the same boat now, so it’s not like I can be spoiled, right? So anyway, in Book 3…

WRONG. First off, why do you want to be that person? Why? Don’t be that person. Yes, you can still ruin things for me because not everything in the books made it to screen yet. Just stop. Stop. If you think you have some kind of tic where you just can’t help yourself when it comes to talking about the book, you literally have the rest of the internet to talk about them. This is not the place for you.

Just… it’s tiresome. Cut it out. Stop trying to prove this horse-pucky to me, because all you prove is that I won’t like you very much. I’m a nice person and I don’t deserve this. Ahahaha. Ahem. HEY LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS AMAZING SEASON SO FAR! Continue reading

Game of Thrones 6.2 – Home

Hodor Game of Thrones

Hodor? HODOR. …h-Hodor! I did like that he, like Hagrid, is part giant.

[Previously!] SO NOTHING HAPPENED HERE. Nope. Not a thing. Bor-ing, eye-roll inducing lack of–

lies, filthy lies. Okay, so we’re getting into the whole magic/mythos of the world. FINALLY. It’s just been, you know, 6 seasons… (Don’t mind me, I’m just antsy because there was a LOT that happened.) Remember, who has two thumbs and is Unsullied? THIS GAL! No spoilers be found, so thank you kindly for being a bro and helping me enjoy the whole discovery thing.

PYKE IS BACK ON THE MAP. I stood and cheered, y’all. We’re friends. I can tell you this, right? I just love this show, you guys. Warts and all, I love it. I LOVE IT. I’m a ride-or-die kinda gal, and you need to know this about me. Continue reading