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Book Review: Catching Fire

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First, check out the new “online poster” for the Hunger Games film! Cool, huh?

Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, essentially takes every single problem Katniss Everdeen had in the first book and makes them twenty times worse. It rules. You find yourself wishing she could catch a break, but not in the “Oh my GOD, what is WITH this universe and WHY IS IT PICKING ON THIS ONE GIRL?” way that seems disingenuous and is prone to happening in a lot of books about the Hero’s Journey. It makes sense that she should have to deal with these horrific circumstances, no matter how horrific they get, because everything happens very organically and on a level where you can understand this world’s absolute hate-on for her. This is why she’s a great heroine–shitty things happen, she either resolves her issues or doesn’t, but they never stop being important, and her character development is both obvious and not at odds with the character we fell in love with. Or maybe didn’t fall in love with? Whatever, I don’t know your life. Continue reading

Book Review: The Hunger Games

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In my never-ending quest to find and consume all media billed as “Twilight with [blank]” (aliens, battle royales, sharktopuses) to see if said media really deserves it, I picked up The Hunger Games.

Actually, I picked it up because people I trust have been recommending it to me since it came out, usually appealing to my yen for a) bloodsport involving children and b) epic teen angst. The Twilight series has teen angst, but it’s the opposite of epic, and there‘s no bloodsport to speak of. The Hunger Games has so much bloodsport that the whole plot is bloodsport. Even the movie Bloodsport didn’t have this much bloodsport.

And it was awesome.

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