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Doctor Who 2.06 – The Age of Steel

In the escape van, the Doctor considers whether to start a-rockin’, to see if anyone will come a-knockin’.

When his pretend-surrender to the Cybermen fails, the Doctor uses his plucky bit of TARDIS to disintegrate the horde closing in on him.  Luckily the awesome and capable Mrs. Moore pulls the van round for an escape.  “Anyone inside that house is dead; don’t let her die for nothing,” the Doctor urges Pete when he hesitates to flee knowing Jackie’s inside.  “Never seen a slower getaway in my life!” Mrs. Moore complains as they finally flee the scene of Mass Deletions.

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Doctor Who 2.05 – Rise of the Cybermen

The Cybermen will make you yodel as they delete you!

In a super secret lah-bor-a-tory, a wheelchair-bound evil man croons to his newest creation, a being featuring a brain welded to an exoskeleton.  Calling it “my child”, he pooh-poohs his scientist pal’s insistence they tell Geneva about this.  I mean, screw them and their bioconventions!  How’s the scientist going to tell on him and his metal babies when he’s killed dead?  Yeah, I thought so.  Set sail for Great Britain!

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Doctor Who 1.08 – Father’s Day

And you thought maybe you had Daddy issues…

In a series of quick cuts, we switch back and forth between two key points in Rose’s timeline.  First, Jackie tells young Rose how her father Pete Tyler died on 7 November, 1987, the day of their friends’ wedding.  The victim of a hit-and-run, he never got to see his daughter grow up.  Next present-day Rose awkwardly asks the Doctor if it’s possible to see her dad alive.  After viewing Pete and Jackie’s strained civil ceremony, Rose implores the Doctor to take her to the day Pete died.  Someone ought to have been there for him, this man she’s heard was so clever and always having adventures.  Might it be her?  “Your wish is my command,” the Doctor says.  “But be careful what you wish for.”

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Doctor Who 1.02 – The End of the World

What a way to begin Rose’s journey, with the end of the world!

Right then!  It’s Rose’s first official TARDIS trip, so let’s get down to business before title sequence airs: does she want to go backwards in time or forwards?

At first she’s daunted, but she and the Doctor quickly dive into a teasing one-upsmanship.  Forwards it is — how about a hundred years into the future?  “That’s a bit boring; want to go further?” the Doctor asks playfully.  “Fine by me,” she answers, picking up the gauntlet.  Does 120005, the age of the New Roman Empire, catch her fancy?  “You think you’re so impressive,” she scoffs.  “I am so impressive!” he says, indignant, and cranks the TARDIS up until their hurtling-down-the-wormhole journey finally ends with the jaunty ringing of a shop bell (I really wanted Mr. Humphries to come out at the ding, declaring, “I’m free!”).  Continue reading

Doctor Who 1.01 – Rose

Those ears! That grin! Wouldn’t you run away to explore the universe with this sexy beast of a man?

From a wide shot of gorgeously blue Earth, we zoom in rapidly to an alarm clock going off in the pinkest room of all time (dear god, the various clashing shades, my eyes) to wake up along with our audience surrogate character Rose, whose hair looks much like mine in the mornings.

What’s Rose all about?  Well, in a series of rapidly changing quick clips, we watch Rose heading to work at the aimed-at-her-demographic clothing store Henrik’s (in a hoodie that is of course, pinkpinkpink), goofing around at lunch with her boyfriend Mickey as he does some hip-hop-happenin’ dance moves that are a cross between Michael Jackson and hackey-sacking (their love is clearly a love made of ginormous dorkitude), and generally going through her tedious, uninspired day up until the moment at closing time when she gets stuck with the task of bringing the lottery winnings to Wilson, the store’s electrician.  Nothing could possibly go wrong while she does that! Right?  Continue reading