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Sleepy Hollow 1.13 – Bad Blood

SLEEPY HOLLOW BANNER 01 HDJMPreviously on Sleepy Hollow:  well, we got the first part of this twist-a-licious two-part season finale, the recap of which went up yesterday.  Check it out if you’re just tuning in!  And now onto Part Deux.

Henry Parrish wakes after a rush of visions, including Moloch summoning an evil, an eclipse, a Horseman galloping with a flaming sword, and that scary demonic growl translated to “Come and See.”  HOCRAP.

Gazing at the Hudson, Ichabod suddenly spies a woman with red hair running in colonial garb.  Is it Katrina, appearing to him in a visionary dream?  Oh my god, lolololol, nope: it’s a sassy Revolutionary War Reenactor/Cosplayer!  That’s not Katrina’s auburn locks you’re seeing Ichabod, but proper Fangirl Red.  Continue reading