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Real Housewives of New Jersey – 3.10 There Arose Such A Clatter

Melissa can't believe it when someone tells her Kim G is actually 237 years old. That's a good surgeon she has!

Bravo reminds us of last week’s holiday party with amped up tension music and loads of shots of a plastic-faced Kim G. Monica Chacon, the attorney suing the Giudices, is quietly escorted to the door, and Teresa is appeased. Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey – 3.09 Twas The Fight Before Christmas

Re: Holiday decor, Kathy will do as she do do and there's no doing anything about it

Kim G shows up. So basically this is gonna be a loooong night. And I would like to state for the millionth time that money doesn’t buy you class (isn’t that a song by one of the housewives from another show?) And Exhibit A is Kim Granatell, aka Kim G. Let’s dive right into Tacky Christmas!  Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey – 1.08 Holidazed and Confused

Lookin' fa the Italian Cirque du Soleil

Time for Tacky Christmas! Who doesn’t love Christmas in July? I mean, besides Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, Jehovah’s Witnesses…. Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey – 3.02 “Drop Dead Gorgas”

My husband can even make a dress sexy! Kinda!

There’s a missing comma in the title, I wonder if the editors/producers noticed? Also, I read that Melissa (Jesus Spice) and Bro Joe hired a Michael Jackson impersonator at their baby’s christening. Who else but a famewhore would think that was a good idea? Shamone! Oh, and the Gorgas five year old daughter, Antonia, performed a special “dance” for her baby brother. Is this a thing? Do people do this at christenings? OK, I admit I’m not familiar with Christian rituals like this, but still. I MEAN, OPEN BAR FOR A CHURCH SERVICE. Really? Continue reading