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SouthLAnd 4.1 – Wednesday

John Cooper gets a new partner.

The best show on television is back on my screen, and I couldn’t be happier. And once again, they haven’t pulled any punches, they haven’t let the tempo drop, and they haven’t dumbed anything down for the audience. For that alone, I thank you, Amy Biderman and crew.

We open with Sammy and Ben driving through the neighborhood where they see some douchebag beating up a young woman. They light it up, Ben jumps out and races after him (I wonder if they fight over who gets to run? Because they both are runners, and damn good at it.) Sammy drives around front to try and cut the guy off. As Ben jumps up on a tv to hop the fence and the action pauses, we hear:

“Cops wake up every morning different from the rest of us. Our worst nightmare is just their Wednesday.”  

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