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X Factor USA 1.16 – Top 10 Results

Not so fastAre you ready for some outrageous drama? A shock elimination? A rogue contestant refusing to perform? Hold on to your attractive headgear, because you get all this and more, tonight on X Factor USA.  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.15 – Top 10

It’s Rock Night, and you know what that means! That means the rockers who make up the Top Ten will finally get their chance to shine. Rockers like…um…that is…ahem…Josh Kracjic when he’s drunk? Oh, this is gonna be good. And by good I mean GLORIOUSLY BAD.  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.12(2) – Top 11 Results

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching someone have a nervous breakdown on live TV? Other than every other thing ever, I mean. Read on to find out who put the awk in awkward tonight.  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.12 – Top 11

This week’s theme is “Movie Music”, all the better to shamelessly flog Adam Sandler’s new movie entitled Artistically Bereft. The Top 11 get to meet him and dutifully squee over his comic genius. “That was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen!!” declares Drew. Well, at least it isn’t in 3D. Small mercies, right?         Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.11(2) – Top 12 Results

Hottie McHottiepantsEverything’s been a cake walk up to this point, people. It’s time to face the music — or so the freakishly chirpy voice-over tells us. They should have had Denis Leary do it. I’ve never watched X Factor before this season, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen. What crazy rules apply? Even better, what mishaps will occur? I don’t have to wait long to find out. Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.11 – Top 12

Welcome to the Top 12, where your vote finally counts. Who was forced to dress up like the four seasons this episode? Has the show been picked up for next year? Which act gave me honest-to-goodness goosebumps? Why did Simon have to say he’s s-s-s…s-s-s…? All these and many more questions will be answered, tonight on The X Factor USA!  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.10 – Top 17

The gloves are off and it’s time for the live shows. What does that mean for us, the semi-loyal viewers? It means the judges are no longer a team, they’re now blood-thirsty competitors who are going to spend the entire show at each others’ throats trying to piss off and psych each other out. Yay!  Continue reading