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The Bridge 2.03 – Sorrowsworn

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Previously on The Bridge: Kyle became an object lesson for that old chestnut (don’t take home strange religiously delusional women just to cop a feel); taxidermy is considered a creepy practice for a reason; Marco starts to work Sonya’s case from both sides; and if a drag queen helps anyone on the side of the righteous, well, just draw your own Kiss of the Spider Woman mini-tragedy conclusions from that, okay?

Eleanor learns about the fun of discount shopping and takes a new spin on old school self-flagellation by ecstatically sticking pins into her tattooed chest and smiling at the blood running down. The extended time spent on this bit is a micro-encapsulation of this season so far: Eleanor is sinister and fascinating as she punishes her many and varied sins in the mirror, but where in this picture are Sonya and Marco fighting crime? Hey Eleanor, you get blood on that two-for-one blouse, you bought it, okay?  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.02 – Ghost of a Flea

the bridge 2 season 2

Previously on The Bridge:  ill-advised hook-ups to beat the band, model homes bathed in light and blood, and lifehack tips on getting rid of murder splatter by taking free showers at truck loading zones.

“I’m out of here, dude,” says the smarter of two teen boys who happen upon Eleanor the Freaking Terrifying Former Mennonite hosing herself down and showing off her boss William Blake back tattoo in the process.  Continue reading

The Bridge 2.01 – Yankee

the bridge 2 season 2Previously on The Bridge, “A LOT OF THINGS CHANGED,” Marco says in flashback, and okay, yes, that’s as helpful an encapsulation as any before we dive right into the present moment. But I’ll ring those memory bells for last season’s characters and major plot points as we go along in this recap, never you fear!

As for our season premiere, we open with one of those heat-filters on Lyle Lovett (Monte) driving to and walking in a model house. Sheesh, you know, you try to look at some real estate, and you end up getting a ton of blood all over your fancy-schmancy snakeskin boots.   Continue reading

The Bridge 1.13 – The Crazy Place

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Previously on The Bridge:  Sonya hauled a drunk and grieving Marco back to sobriety and into a case Steven Linder brought up, while poor Eva Guerra met with nearly every stereotypical bad fate you might imagine.  Yeah, that one too.  Cripes.  Also, Charlotte, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

“She needs a hospital,” the jerkwad cop Hugo who kidnapped Eva in the second place tells a man we don’t get to see.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.12 – All About Eva

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Previously on The Bridge:  STANDOFF AT THE ACTUAL BRIDGE!  Oh, and someone got hefted over the bridge, Sonya and Marco came together and fell out, and god, just, freaking tragic things, y’all.

This week!  Steven Linder shows up at the Ranch of Sexy Endangered Women telling Pastor Killed-a-Guy he’s there to propose to Eva.  Wow.  Those of you who missed the creepy and deluded side of Linder, tah-dah!  Only one problem (ONLY ONE?): Eva left a week ago.  Well, if tilling arid fields and wearing hardcore Mormon dresses cowering in the middle of nowhere under huge-lettered bible verses didn’t appeal to her, there is just no pleasing her!  Linder takes off in his car to find her.

See, if the episode ever really found Eva, I would be freaking thrilled.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.11 – Take the Ride, Pay the Toll

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Previously on The Bridge:  David Tate is such an efficient multi-tasker!  Who else could spend roughly 36-hours grabbing a collision victim and spiriting him away to a far worse fate, snagging a barely-in-recovery reporter to drug and kidnap him, and then lure his nemesis into accompanying him to a mystery destination under threat of killing his son?  Oh, and Charlotte didn’t let sappy prom memories keep her from taking out an old friend, while poor Sonya ignored bunches of debilitating injuries to try and find Gus.

“You ain’t smellin’ too good there, Tim-bo,” Ray the Skeevemeister Man-Toy LaDahBingBong tells his former pal as he drags him…somewhere.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.10 – Old Friends

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Previously on The Bridge: Though some of you may remember Charlotte being handy with a rake (yikes) and Steven Linder getting murder-munchies for a ham salad, I mainly recall wringing my hands, pushing myself further into the corner of my couch, and shrieking. MARCO! ALMA! HANK! SONYA, NOOO! Yeah, I think that covers it.

The huge shift in focus from the stark social divide between Mexico and the USA to the super duper personal grudges of David Tate continues as Tate calmly son-naps Gus Ruiz. Continue reading

The Bridge 1.09 – The Beetle

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Previously on The Bridge:  Sonya dismissed crazy Childress as the suspect and focused on a missing FBI agent Marco once knew.  Both Graciela and Charlotte realized Ray just might not be the right man to run their tunnels.  Ahem.  And a random highbrow benefit became the place where EVERYTHING EVER we thought we knew about the Bridge Butcher was violently shaken (much like Daniel Frye’s detoxing brain).

This week again opens with a series-shaping flashback.  “Kenneth Hastings”/David Tate pushes through a crowd to witness his dead wife and son pulled from their wrecked vehicle, viewing the horror through a prism of distorted lights on the bridge from Juarez to El Paso.  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.08 – Vendetta

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Previously on The Bridge:  Hank, Cooper, Sonya, and Marco got caught in crazy Childress’s crossfire.  Deputy Stokes and Daniel Frye made me flail around in shock and worry.  In less heart-pounding plotlines, Linder found another way to put himself on Fausto Galvan’s kill list while Man-Toy Ray serviced multiple ladies because he loves a good tunnel (I’m not even sorry).

Let’s get some backstory for Daniel Frye’s coke-snorting stripper-club-frequenting decadent days of yore, shall we?  Continue reading

The Bridge 1.07 – Destino


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Previously on The Bridge:  Previously on The Bridge:  Charlotte handed over the tunnel to her pal Ray because apparently everything’s easier when men handle stuff and the women can go “la la laaaa, I don’t know anything about it; Gina Meadows’s life went from bad to seriously over; and Hank and Marco revealed some unexpected connections to other characters that made me spit out my seltzer in sheer plot-twisty delight.

Oh, Ray the Man-Toy Gun Runner Skeevemeister!  You think you have the upper hand with Graciela the tunnel queen, but boy, are you ever wrong!  Making an Erykah Badu joke about Graciela’s glamor turban isn’t going to bring her round to letting you haul weapons through that tunnel.  You’re going to have to throw in some A+ oral sex to sweeten the deal.  Continue reading