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Bossypants, by Tina Fey

To say that Tina Fey is important to funny women (and women writers) everywhere is like saying that Barbara Walters is kinda a big deal in tv news. We all know who Tina is, we all appreciate the work she’s done, and while she’s stood on the shoulders of the funny women before her (Jane Curtain, Madeline Khan, Jan Hooks, Bernadette Peters to name some of my favorite) she’s done what none of them could do: lead the bad boys of comedy into a smarter, more equal world of laughter.

I know it’s something we all say about the celebrities we hold in high regard: “We would totally be friends!” And then it starts to get creepy when you realize the regular person actually means it. But I mean this, truly. Tina and I would be such good friends. Continue reading

Ozzy: The One Upper Cure

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I  have this neighbor, and I realize that we all know this person somehow, but this neighbor of mine is just a shameless one-upper. Like, he’s been the Pope, that kind of one upper.

At first I just thought it was new in town swagger, they’re from Canada and moved to Texas, home of the Bravada. Nope, he’s just a dick hole. You get a car, he’s not only had that very car, but “traded it up” for something “good.” Any story you may have about something crazy you did, his is crazier. You drove the wrong way home after drinking a bottle of Jack, he flew a plane upside down after drinking Everclear. He’s totally the guy that brags about drinking Everclear. That kind of asshole. Continue reading