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Merlin 4.03 – The Wicked Day

This week we’ve got Very Bad News Indeed, jugglers, high end eyeshadow, Arthur tied up and tied down, Merlin riding Arthur like a cheap rented mule (not like that), a poisoned apple, and a wizard with a bladder control problem. What more could one ever ask for? Let’s get on this crazy train!

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Merlin 4.02 – The Darkest Hour Part 2

This week we find Merlin dead and Arthur in mourning. No, wait! Merlin’s not dead from being entered by a ghost (not like that), he just has hypothermia, like a polar bear dip into a tormented soul from Dementia 5. So now he’s dying slow as really cold molasses, and Arthur wants to go back to Camelot immediately so Gaius can save Merlin with his Medieval medical arsenal of 4 leaches and some lungwort. I’m not saying Arthur’s anxious to get help because he’s secretly in love with Merlin. Except I totally am. Continue reading

Merlin 4.01 – The Darkest Hour Part 1

Previously on Merlin…

There is no Previously on Merlin, beyotches. The producers just throw you in cold, and if you can’t remember what happened the last three seasons it’s your own fault for not caring deeply enough about a land a myths and time of magic to take notes for later. JUST LIKE THIS RECAP.  Brace yourselves! Continue reading