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The Borgias 2.09 — World of Wonders

We begin with Lucrezia waking in bed, with the caged puma at the foot of her bed. That’s got to be an omen, right? As there’s no one else in bed with her, I’m guessing the puma was delivered/returned for some reason. Continue reading

The Borgias 2.08—Truth and Lies

The season is almost over. Just two more weeks after this one. And things are certainly heating up. Will Lucrezia sex up Rafaelo? What will come of Crazy Friar? Will taster boy take action? Oh yeah… and what of the cowardly Juan who limped off in the woods last week? Continue reading

The Borgias 2.05 – The Choice

Wow. I had a rough evening and day and this got away from me. Sorry for the delay everyone. In better news, The Borgias has been renewed for a third season. Woo hoo! Hopefully that means more of what we got this week — the hot, the  sexy, and the  surprising. And there was some religious stuff too. So come on in and see who banged whom this week (with pictures).

Continue reading

The Borgias 2.02—Paolo

Remember Paolo? Lucrezia’s baby daddy? I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say he’s involved in tonight’s episode given the title. I’m thinking there might be a little baby mama drama this week. Ooh, and in the previouslies we’re reminded of Ursula Bonadeo too. And looks like we’ll get a bit more of the Vittoria/o storyline and the teasing of Lucrezia/Cesare. So join me as I indulge again this week… Continue reading

The Borgias 201—The Borgia Bull

Last season lots of stuff happened. Pope Daddy cast aside the mother of his children and started banging Julia Fornese (who rocks, even though I do sympathize with Vanozza). Cesare seduced Ursula Bonadeo after her husband insulted his mother, then he banged Ursula, killed her hubby, and she ran off to a nunnery to rock the Sinead O’Connor look. Lucrezia was married off to vile and abusive Giovanni Sforza so Daddy would have a military alliance. But Sforza’s nasty so she banged the stable boy, asked him to kill her hubby (who instead only broke his leg), then ran back home where she gave birth to stable boy’s baby (after a battefield stop on the way to flirt with King Charles). Juan was offered marriage to the lovely Sancia, daughter of the King Ferrante of Naples, as another political alliance. But he said no, so they married her to youngest child Gioffre, with whom there was an awkward wedding night. But Sancia didn’t mind  since deciding after meeting her that she was bangable. (None of these three decided to run off anywhere.)

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