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Merlin 4.13 – The Sword in the Stone Pt 2

We’ve got Merlin getting dirty like you’ve never seen him (not like that), death, destruction and moldy bread, handcuffs and naked chests, puh-lenty of pretty boys and girls for your pleasure, a surprise albino guest star, and a certain iconic sword in a certain iconic stone. All this and an extremely sad good-bye, this week on Merlin. Continue reading

Merlin 4.12 – The Sword in the Stone Pt 1

We’ve got breasts aplenty, Arthur battling the royal Freshman 15, Arthur trying to be king in very silly clothes, Arthur doing dishes (!), Arthur apologizing (!!), a palace coup, a reconciliation, and lots of sweaty slow-mo fighting. Whee! This week on Merlin. Continue reading

Merlin 4.11 – The Hunter’s Heart

A sexy ninja pirate dude, a beautiful burping princess, and Snape’s patronus visit Camelot, Merlin is mean to a girl, Arthur is nice to a girl who isn’t Gwen, and a Royal Wedding is announced (but it’s not who you think)—this week on Merlin. Continue reading

Merlin 4.10 – A Herald of the New Age

We’ve got enchanted lingerie, stew face, a creepy leaky dead kid, Arthur says he’s s-s-s…s-s-s, and Elyan wets himself more than once. This week on Merlin.

Continue reading

Merlin 4.09 – Lancelot du Lac

Arthur has something Very Important to ask Gwen, a thrilling yet tragic yet naked guest star shows up, betrayal, angst, and heartbreak come calling, lances shatter most sexily, and someone loses an eye…both eyes…and most of her teeth—this week on Merlin.  Continue reading

Merlin 4.08 – Lamia

We’ve got the knights being super mean to Merlin, a rogue octopus from hell, Arthur wrestling with his feminist side, and a creepy girl who’d like to suck all the boys to death (not like that). All that and Gwen getting her sword skillz on, this week on Merlin.  Continue reading

Merlin 4.07 – The Secret Sharer


This week we have Arthur naked in bed, dragged naked out of bed, naked as he gets dressed, surprised naked in the night; basically he’s naked the entire episode. Yay! Also, we get the father of a certain dancing icon, Gaius roofied, Merlin crying pretty tears, Morgana and Agravaine as contestants on The Amazing Race, and Merlin’s secret finally revealed! All that and a burning ring of fire, this week on Merlin.  Continue reading

Merlin 4.06 – A Servant of Two Masters

This week we have naked!Arthur (notice I put that one first), Arthur carrying Merlin over his shoulder, a big bowl o’ endless snake heads, dead pigs but not like in Carrie, Morgana getting all up in Merlin’s personal space as he hangs by his wrists from her ceiling, and Gwen knocking Merlin out with her jugs – twice! All sorts of fun and games this way.  Continue reading

Merlin 4.05 – His Father’s Son

This week we’ve got a sexy redheaded queen, Arthur doing the unthinkable to Merlin (not like that),  a flaming sword of doom, a royal kiss-off, Merlin the Knight of the Round Table,  and someone calls someone a cabbage head. Full steam ahead!  Continue reading

Merlin 4.04 – Aithusa

This week we have hot older men with god complexes, Merlin in bed with Arthur, snail porn, Merlin in Arthur’s pants, an arrow to the knee, a baby Pokemon (I choose you, Aithusa!), and a Raiders of the Lost Ark tribute. Yay!  Continue reading