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Glee! 4.9 – Swan Song

This is in gross violation of the five second rule.

Before we get into the recap allow me to say a few things: when I was in LA in October, I watched Chris and Lea film the scene in their loft as they talked about the Winter Showcase and as the props department tried to make that record player spin (it wouldn’t).  This is interesting probably to no one but me.  The show is more like fanfic every day (which is fun) and Ryan Murphy laid out a pre-emptive strike against fangirls that are most likely up at arms about a new ‘ship that sailed this episode.

And Chris Colfer delivered – what I think – is in his top 3 performances, ever. Continue reading

Glee! 4.7 – Dynamic Duets!


First off, I want to say that I was in the choir room around the time of filming this episode, and saw the white board with “Dynamic Duets!” written on it, and was very excited. (And straight from here I went to the classroom where the Superhero Sidekicks meet, aka the Spanish Room.) So it’s like I’m a part of this episode, is what I’m saying. (I’m not really saying that.) Also, this is what Glee does best: post-modern Camp.

…everyone gets that Blaine’s costume is an homage to the love of his life, right? Because it both pleases me as well as breaks my heart. If I was a comic panel, I would be sad-faced and wincing with “SMASH!” in a bubble over my torso as the sound of my chest being split open. Doodle-ee-deedle-ee-dee! TO THE RECAP! Continue reading

Glee 4.02 – Britney 2.0

I just wanted to point out that this was inside Blaine’s locker this episode. <3

(Previously on Glee…)

The picture is grainy, but the sentiment is BOLD AND OBVIOUS.  Aww, our first episode with every couple split apart by distance…

But let’s first take a moment to thank Fox for moving the show an hour ahead, which is apparently Adult Sexy Times Hour. I am excite for potential. Also, Miss Rachel Berry? THAT WAS MAHOGANY. Continue reading

Glee 4.1 – The New Rachel

Well, well, well, Rachel. This certainly is new. And awfully pretty.

First impression of the episode: Burt Hummel is officially the world’s greatest dad. (It says it on the mug!) But he’s a terrible planner. Oh, Kurt, Sebastian’s curse came true. Well, 1/3 of it. Rachel, you need to hit that like a ballplayer swinging for the fences. Kate Hudson – good lord, she’s fit. Kurt – your coats are sublime. Tina, why are you being Sunshine-to-the-crackhouse-Rachel right now? Oh, Mike Chang. No Cohen-Chang-Changs anymore, and I sad face for hours.

And: HUMMELBERRY! That was my favorite part of the whole episode. Okay, let’s break it down fa reals. And remember: this happens with every first episode of a new season: a whole lot jammed packed to the point where they should have made this a Very Special Two Hour episode of Glee. But they didn’t. Here’s what we have instead… Continue reading

Glee! 3.21 – Nationals

This young lady...my goodness, is she a star.


It’s here, it’s here! Wait, I’m in Texas. It’s there, it’s there!

The Gleeks are once again at a Nationals competition, but there is little chance of the Kiss Heard ‘Round The Very Small Community of Show Choir YouTube Fans That Made A Link GO Viral Within That Small Community happening, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for our soon-to-be-departing Seniors…

Continue reading

Glee! 3.17 – Somebody to Love

Look at these gorgeous creatures!

Here’s the full recap! Just in time to serve as a reminder before tonight’s episode.

So…remember how Whitney Houston died a while back? Well, she picked a cruddy time to do so, because Glee went on hiatus, so they had to wait for a while. But they actually pulled it off (kind of) by making it be about endings and how most of the Gleeks are graduating and moving on. And not one with a crack addiction! (Too soon? Come on.)  Continue reading

Smash 1.3 – Enter Mr. DiMaggio

The cold open is anything but as Derek choreographs Ivy in some horizontal mambo (that’s right – I said mattress dancin’!). Well, he’s detail oriented; he’s only checking her lung capacity. Ivy sings his scales – so to speak, I’m sure there was all manner of humming and lip rolls and tongue trills involved – but when she wants to get together sometime and watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, or maybe have Derek listen to her read passages aloud from Legend: Marilyn Monroe or even just sit and stare wistfully at that Boulevard of Broken Dreams print, Derek reveals himself to be anything but a gentleman as he smirks and says that he considers their continuing romps between the sheets Marilyn 101. Oh, Ivy, you’ve been reading the essential Marilyn: you should have known [Broadway] is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. Continue reading

Glee! 3.09 – Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Their holiday is automatically better than yours. That's the real Chewbacca there!

It’s the one where they forgot the Gays and the Jews!  Pfft, what do they have to do with Christmas anyway, right?  Since I am sans computer, we’re going without a Special Cocktail today for this Special Episode, but if you pour a generous amount of rum in some eggnog, I’ll join you.

Continue reading

Glee! 3.08 – Hold On To Sixteen

They both just agreed to love me. I SEE WHAT I WANT TO SEE, OKAY?

Sectionals!  A veritable whiplash of story wrap up in a ridiculous amount of time!  But this week it’s all about hanging on to your youth, because once that’s gone, what do you have left?  Nothing.  Being young is everything.  EVERYTHING.  It’s the cat’s pajamas!   And so this week’s cocktail is the Bee’s Knees. Continue reading

Glee! 3.3 – Asian F

Mr. Chang explains how he's going to have to apply thumb screws if Mike doesn't bring his horrendous 3.89 up to a 4.0.

Best Glee Ever!  Or so they told us.  Over and over again.  Well, there were definitely some amazing moments, and we can thank Mike Chang for that.  This episode’s cocktail is based on the title and Mike Chang’s mother’s love for Dim Sum and all things good for you and for his waigong back in China rooting for him: Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? Continue reading