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Glee! 4.6 – Glease

You are supreme! The chicks’ll… what will they do? Rhymes with cream…

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I adore Grease. I love to laugh at it (it’s just ridiculously dirty in places, and yet high schools all over the country perform this every year), it’s silly, and yet. Frenchie! John Travolta before he became creepy! Every sleepover I went to in grade school featured this as our late night movie (on VHS, even).

And I learned while watching this episode with my husband that he – a former heavy metal drummer – knows all the words to the songs that aired. Let’s just slow clap that out, shall we? Continue reading

Smash 1.8 – The Coup

Sam and Ivy wonder if, post unseasonably warm workshop, the show is dead. They’re both determined to be stiff-upper-lippy for each other, though. Cut to Julia, who has no need lie to herself or others, taking to her bed and moaning that the show is dead. Frank assures her that it was just a first step; it’s a long, long way to Broadway! He fires up the Xbox and strums some “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Ugh, Frank, really? Even infidelity doesn’t deserve the Cocktail soundtrack. Besides, it’s Rock Band – Floyd’s “The Show Must Go On” would have earned you more points. Continue reading

Smash 1.7 – The Workshop

Michael and Julia meet on the street outside the rehearsal hall and share a heavily laden look as they clasp hands. New York may be a city where you can get lost in the faceless masses, but not so much right outside the place where you work. Derek and Eileen walk up and Julia and Michael quickly pretend to be debating the merits of going off script. Continue reading

Smash 1.6 – Chemistry

Ivy primps in front of her mirror and does a breathy run through of “Let Me Be Your Star” before her voice cracks. Derek, asleep in the bed behind her, harkens at the first sound of pitchiness. Ivy assures Derek she’s fine and they snuggle.

At the rehearsal hall, Julia attempts to rearrange scenes like a harried florist with a particularly recalcitrant Rhododendron.  Derek harrumphs that it’s a musical, dammit, not a high school science project (which is a good thing; I don’t think Julia could even get a Chia pet to sprout at this point) and Julia counters that it’s a workshop, and a first workshop at that. Derek is baffled at Julia’s naiveté and points out that it’s a workshop investors are coming to see, and there’s no discernible story for 25 pages. (I, myself, would have called that a teen-baiting homage to Twilight, but something tells me Derek’s not a fan.) Continue reading

Smash 1.5 – Let’s Be Bad

Eileen calls her assistant to go over her calendar and finds out that he now works for Jerry. Yeah, that’s beyond awkward. Jerry’s grabbing at anything he can take from her – soon she’ll have nothing left but her knock-off Marilyn earrings and a Degas she’ll have to go Nick Jonas’s apartment to see.  Continue reading

Book of Mormon: The Musical, on Broadway

The coolest cast on Broadway, the lamest book on my shelf.

Hello! My name is Sister FeatherStone, and I would like to share with you the most amazing play. That is…actually a musical. A musical that is now in the top five musicals of all time for me. Read that again. Book of Mormon: The Musical is one of the five finest musicals of all time. It’s up there with Les Miz. With Gypsy. Starlight Express. (Aha ha.)

In case you need a refresher, last year I posted a two-part review of the soundtrack, not thinking I would get the chance to see the show on Broadway or see it with the original cast. Well, I’ve now done both and am a better person for it.  My thoughts on the music is mostly the same as it was last year, with a few positive changes in perspective now that I’ve seen the production.  The “steak knives” line works in context. So I take back my earlier “meh” and raise it to a “ha.” Continue reading

Glee 3.05 – The First Time

I'm sorry, can't speak. Heart exploded from perfect Klaine moment.

Have we all stopped sobbing?  EH MEH GHED, THEY ARE THE SWEETEST.  Okay, just be warned, I’m going to be squealing in dolphin noises, so.  I mean, the MUSIC.  They busted out the Roxy Music.  Cannot. Deal. With all the emotions!!  But let’s get our drink out, because I need one to calm my nerves.  (And HA, world, I stayed unspoiled!)  Tonight’s drink is in honor of…well, a certain special thing. Pink Pucker.  (I can’t help who I am, okay?) Continue reading

Glee! 3.2 – I Am Unicorn

The three stars of McKinley High battle it out.

Guys, we’re getting trashed this episode. Just… I need a drink. I would like to make a plea to RIB, the show runners/writers of Glee: you are a bunch of canon-wrecking, ret-conning jerkfaces. Now, because I’m thinking you need to drink, too, let me tell you that today’s recipe will get you wrecked if you actually drink a whole one every time I say “Drink.” So don’t be dumb. You now the drill, get your backup livers lined up and an ambulance on speed dial. Today’s drink is Unicorn Glitter Gun. Yep, it’s a shooter.

Continue reading

Glee! 2.22 – New York

NYC: The City of Love. (Wait, isn't that Paris?)

A true cocktail that captures the essence of New York City would be a few parts horse piss, decaying garbage, smog, all shaken with taxi cab air freshners and then thrown in someone’s face that pissed you off. But in the spirit of the glamorous dreams of NYC, today’s cocktail is the Holly Golightly. Continue reading

Glee! 2.05 – Rocky Horror Glee Show

Sam as Rocky makes it all better. Bless that young man.

I might lose some of y’all over this one, but I have to be honest: I hate Rocky Horror. Hate. I promise to make it better with the cocktail for today, if you’ll stick with me.  The Surgeon’s Balls, it’s under the cut.

I think people like RHPS because the experience of seeing it en masse is fun for them, but ugh. Understand that I love parodies and I love ‘out there’ comedy. It’s nigh on impossible for me to be offended by stuff, so it’s not because of any of the ‘boundaries’ pushed. It’s the story. Oh, the redonk story! Thumbs down. It’s like watching one of the “Vampires Suck!” style parody movies, but with singing.

However. Continue reading