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Glee! 2.01 – Audition

Well, hello there, new boy!

OMG, you guys, what did you do over the summer? I totally had a boyfriend from Canada, you wouldn’t know him, but we were like, so in love. So like, we have a new school year and we are going to rule the school. Junior year, hells to the [SLUSHIED.]

In honor of guest star Charice, our drink for the day: Sunshine’s Crack House!

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Glee! 1.13 Sectionals

"Noah, you're looking as well as can be expected, but Jacob Ben Israel Cohen Bernsteinmann Silverberg, why are you wearing an homage to Mork from Ork?"

The lovely Miss Emma Pilsbury has a bit of the plot focused on her, and so today’s drink is in her name:  The Jilted Ginger.

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Glee! 1.09 Wheels

Aw, you guys remembered me!


There’s a new format so those of you that wanna get your inner Martha Stewart on can have printable recipe cards.

You’re welcome.

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Glee! 1.06 Vitamin D

Bottom's up! (Am I right, Santana?)Drugs and Drinking, sounds like Friday at my place, whoo! (I’m just kidding, Mr. FBI man, we go to church on Fridays and thank the Lord for Republicans.)

…is he gone? OK, back to the getting krunked. Tonight’s cocktail is: Burn At Both Ends (because they’re burning their candle at both ends, see, and – well, you’ll get it), and the kicker is, it’s not a cocktail but a shot. Grab your ankle, pump your leg, ’cause this is how we do it. Continue reading

Glee! 1.05 – The Rhodes Not Taken


April Rhodes' definition of a three-way.

Your card, and tonight’s cocktail is Ms. Chenoweth’s personal favorite Big Girl drink, the Cosmopolitan. I’m putting a twist on it to fit the episode, it’s the Almost Cosmopolitan. Continue reading

Glee! 1.04 – Preggers

No, dad, I'm not gay, what gave you that idea?

Get your bingo card ready, we’re getting a little Misty here tonight for our featured cocktail: The Single Lady (and she’s a tough one, don’t go thinking it’s all pink and bubbly.) Single Malt Scotch cocktail, my friends. Continue reading

Glee! 1.03 – Acafellas


"We sold all 17!"

Bingo card and tonight’s cocktail, which is the Pensive Father:

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Glee! 1.02 – Showmance


I miss the pamphlets, comedy gold.

Bingo card is here. Tonight’s cocktail is Lie To Me (because honey, this drink will lie about how tipsy you gone get.)

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Glee! 1.01 – The Pilot

"Always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!"

While we cool our heels waiting for season 3, I thought a rewatch of the whole series this summer would be fun. Especially the way I have planned for us. First, there is a Glee Bingo Card, and we’ll be taking drinks every time one of the card items appear. Don’t worry, I don’t have anything like “when Rachel wears something terrible,” or “Sue says something mean” – we’d be trashed in the first five minutes. Second, there will be a featured cocktail of the night, recipe included, and I’ll be [drinking like a fish] sipping along with you.

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The Book of Mormon: The Musical! Soundtrack – Act 2

BoM:The Musical OBCR is now available on iTunes and at Amazon.com.

“Hello! I would like to share this book about Jewish Naval Indians with you!”

Lights flashing, time to get back in our seats. (Did you miss Act 1?)  There’s a song in this act that absolutely and completely changed how I feel about my old religion.  Long-time readers know that I’m no longer Mormon and have written extensively about why.  My family is still devout, I have good friends that are still devout, but I held a lot of what the church stands for in contempt.  Well, I still do as far as the leadership is concerned (and some of their hate speech couched as the “loving word of God” – see: Prop 8 for starters) but bless the member’s hearts who just want to be good people.

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