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Doctor Who 2.01 – New Earth

Let my love open the lid — to your jar! In New New York, the Doctor gets some face time with the Face of Boe.

With Rose outfitted like a real trekker outside the TARDIS, saying goodbye to Mickey and Jackie, the Doctor reacquaints himself rather lovingly with the TARDIS’s console.  Grinning, they take off for “further than we’ve ever gone before” and land in the year five billion and twenty-three on New Earth’s New New York (which looks quite like a space-age Oz with flying cars).  “Different ground beneath my feet, different sky!” Rose exults, jumping up and down as she tells the doctor, “Can I just say, traveling with you, I love it.”  “Me too,” he says, and we’re left to decide whether he loves traveling with her (probably) or traveling with himself (most assuredly).

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