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X Factor USA 1.06 – Boot Camp Part 2

Here we are again, willing passengers on the SS Boot Camp of Doom. Hold on tight as we’re sprayed with the cold tears of rejected contestants, and tossed against the rocky cliffs of the judges’ criticism. Okay, I’ll stop now before I start talking about narwhals or something. It’s the second half of X Factor boot camp – on with the show!  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.05: Boot Camp Part 1

Welcome to boot camp, maggots! All the acts we instantly loved and/or hated during auditions are here, as pumped as a tank of gas. They’re thrilled to see the judges again, but I’m not sure why, seeing as how the judges are going to make them all start secretly cutting their arms again after they perform for a second time.  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.04 – Newark / Everywhere Else Auditions

This round of auditions is being held in Newark, NJ. And why is that, you ask? Because Simon likes Jersey Shore, no lie. This makes me laugh and laugh. I’d say that people from Jersey aren’t actually like that, but I’ve seen the other audition cities and if there’s one thing this show brings out of the woodwork, it’s the fringe elements. Yay! So we’ll see how many Situations show up to wow the judges.  Continue reading

X Factor USA 1.03 – Chicago / Seattle Auditions

You have to wonder how the X Factor judges tell one city from the next, what with the endless string of  luxury hotels, fawning personnel, and nervous contestants. Maybe Simon has a system of T-shirt colours for each state? If so, he’s picked white for Chicago, followed by black and then fifteen different shades of gray.  Continue reading

X Factor USA – The Pre-Game Show

Welcome to the pre-game show of X Factor USA here at Hey, Don’t Judge Me! We’ve got one week before Season 1 starts, and I thought it would be a good idea to take a peek at the show now so you can be fully prepared when you’re immersed in the awesomeness that is…THE X FACTOR. So pull up a chair, grab a virtual beer, and let’s get ready to rock n roll all night and party every day! Or whatever the heck kind of music they sing on this show. Let’s maybe also get ready to put our drinks in the air! Or ride a cowboy!  Or whatever Susan Boyle sings about! WOOT!  Continue reading