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Walking Dead 6.4 – Here’s Not Here

How are we four eps in!?! It just started! Basically this is what I’ve been waiting for since EPISODE ONE. And that is Morgan. GUYS. Y’ALL KNOW I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HIS STORY. And know I’ve had an entire bottle of wine BY MYSELF in honor of last week. And also know that just because I wanted more about Morgan I didn’t necessarily NEED THIS EPISODE RIGHT IN THIS PARTICULAR SEASONAL LOCATION nor did I NEED ninety minutes of it. =/

Morgan Walking Dead Black,

Things y’all should remember about me: I’ve been interested in Morgan since Ep 1, I love that he’s in the woods in a sneeze guard and a Mel Gibson William Wallace stab sticks circle of protection* (technical name I’ve chosen), because that’s basically the light armor/temporary shelter I would choose.

Amazing things: guy in kidnapper ties as a Walker, skater shin guards as bite-protection, Morgan being US in the ZA. Things I don’t buy: ultra-dad being able to overpower Morgan.  I mean, come on. He’s a DAD. SORRY, DADS.  BUT HE IS THE DADDEST DAD AND PROBABLY ASKS MORGAN TO PULL HIS FINGER IN BETWEEN MOMENTS OF PHILOSOPHY. That is a man who has a lot of short-sleeve button ups, is what I’m getting at.

Never forget: the real problem in the ZA isn’t the undead. It’s the raiders and other living people. Am I going to have to link you back to the pamphlet made by church I grew up in? Because it’s pretty solid info, if seriously zionist.

And know this about me times a million: if it’s the ZA and I don’t know you and can’t tell immediately your usefulness, you ain’t gonna be hosted by me. No offense, and I’d expect the same from you. (But I’m sad about the goat! WAAAAAH, BABY.)

On one hand, it’s nice to have the reminder of humanity. On the other, YEAH. WE KNOW. Let’s move on to where we are in the narrative. 90 min?  JFC.  There’s a lot I want to know about Morgan, but… for some reason this episode isn’t entirely it. Maybe because it’s Margine’s husband? Hmm.  (Please know this reference.) GOATS DYING MAKES ME SAD. So. Give me your thoughts.


Walking Dead 5.14 – Spend

Previously! Father Gabriel is setting up a new chapel. Alexandria found work for him, too. A gift of strawberries from someone named Rosemary has him freaking. He tears a page out, then more and more, ripping the book into shreds. DAMN SON, YOU LEFT HARD.

Father Gabriel Walking Dead,Walking Dead Father Gabriel, Seth Gilliam Father Gabriel

Fun fact! Rosemary mythologically is a symbol for remembrance of the dead. Can’t stop remembering the people you locked out of your church, Gabriel? And strawberries symbolize purity, passion and healing. I guess there won’t be healing as long as he can still remember his own dead, huh?

But enough about him. I came here to chew bubblegum and get turned on by Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle, and I’m all out of bubblegum. [dirty bass line] Continue reading

Walking Dead 5.12 – Remember

Walking Dead Episode 12,Season five episode 12,Walking Dead Season 5,Walking Dead Remember

Please note Dr. Mullet standing with no weapon in the middle. He should fit right in!

Previously! We open with our group approaching the gate at Alexandria, which opens for them. Carl sees a young girl watching them from one of the damage houses at the entrance. Love interest, spotted! Also spotted: opossum in the trashcan, which Daryl quickly puts down, telling the guys at the gate, “We brought dinner.” Ahahaha. Continue reading

The Walking Dead 5.9 – What Happened And What’s Going On

I just like reminding everyone of how much I love Michonne. This is unrelated to the episode. ...OR IS IT?

I just like reminding everyone of how much I love Michonne. This is unrelated to the episode. …OR IS IT?

Hello hello!! Welcome back from the hiatus, the one where we questioned sticking with this ugly world, because everything good seems to get snuffed out. Well, at least we still have the moral compass that is Tyrese.

Whew. Continue reading

Walking Dead 5.2 – Strangers

Dynamic Duo! Seriously, there's nothing these two can't do.

Dynamic Duo! Seriously, there’s nothing these two can’t do.

Previously! We are moving at a fast clip into the next Big Bad. Well, except for all the slo-mo Hero Walking we did in the beginning. Plus, there were loads of scriptures sprinkled throughout this episode, which was fitting seeing as we’ve done added ourselves a preacher man to the group. Last, Dr. Mullet allowed me to use my most favorite quote of all time. So it’s a pretty big day for me. Let’s Hero Walk. Continue reading

Walking Dead 5.1 – No Sanctuary

"HEYYY, batter-batter-suh-WING, batter!"

“HEYYY, batter-batter-suh-WING, batter!”

Welcome back, survivors! [Previously] Oh, how I’ve missed being filled with utter despair… Which is to say, hooray for having our show back! If any of you are first-timers here, let me break it down for you: one, I cuss. A lot. I get excited, it can’t be helped. Two, this site is dedicated to shows we love. If you want to insult, tear down, or be snarky, this ain’t the place for you. The world is full up on negativity, and I just want to get excited about cannibals, Walkers, and proper weapons care with friends, okay? Okay.

And don’t think for a second that we’re not going to talk about Carol being the best of all of us, by which I mean that she is becoming Daryl Dixon. Conversely, Daryl? He’s becoming old school Carol. Let’s check in at Terminus. Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3.10 – Home

Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

Sorry, Venkman, I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.
(Get it? Because Ray [Rick] has gone bye bye.)

Boy, this season is not disappointing me in the slightest.  In this episode: Rick takes a trip from E Block over to Section 8, Andrea continues to be a Mad Libs of everything women should quit doing, Carol continues to become everything right with women, and I still love Daryl Dixon.

And the funniest thing said on this show ever is uttered by Merle in regards to why he won’t help strangers: “They ain’t never felicitated my piece, it’s my policy!”   Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3.9 – The Suicide King

No one will change my eye pad and it's dirty and smelly and I wanna lollipop and Merle was my friend FIRST.

No one will change my eye pad and it’s dirty and smelly and I wanna lollipop and Merle was my friend FIRST.

Friends, fellow survivors, MRE enthusiasts: welcome back.  Remember how things were falling apart for our group before the hiatus?  Well, they’re still hanging in the balance.  Thank god we still have Daryl and Michonne to hold–

Mrrphgrl. <– the sound of me jamming my fist into my mouth. Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3.4 – Killer Within

On AMC 9/8 EST

[Previously on The Walking Dead…] First, I want to ask TWD Fandom one question: well, are you happy now? You got what you wanted, and boy, did the writers want people to feel bad about it.

Second, holy sheep. How damn amazing is this season? There’s so much this episode, let’s just jump right to it. (Here’s last week, if you need the refresher.) Continue reading

The Walking Dead 3.3 – Walk With Me

Remember how last week we were all, “Dang, why no Michonne and her jawless, armless pets?”  Prayers = answered.  And I swear to the god of your choice, if you don’t love Michonne and think she’s the baddest bad that ever bad’d, then you need to reevaluate your life choices.

Oh, and the creepiest politician outside of a Stephen King novel makes an appearance.  I AM EXCITE. Continue reading